Ayurveda is gaining reputation as a healing science that has fewer side effects and gives necessary pharmacological actions. More and more people today are preferring ayurveda over allopathy and they have not just one but several reasons behind choosing the ancient yet modern science against allopathy. Today, we will talk about an ayurvedic tonic that can treat everything from cysts and tumors to minor infections. Khadira is the name of an herb that is used in many ayurvedic medicines and arishta is a specific type of ayurvedic preparation. It is stated again and again and several researches that Asava and Arishta are included under Sandhana Kalpana (evolved during the vedic period). And if you are new to ayurveda and have no idea about the ayurvedic texts, simply keep in mind that these are self -generated herbal compounds prepared by natural fermentation procedure. Asava and Arishta both are also quite popular among the community of Ayurvedic physicians due to their actions at the cellular level of the body. The liquid dose creates an easier way for ingestion to all age groups and leads to a healthier life.

So, the tonic we are talking about today is strong enough because of the presence of herbal khadira and many other such herbs. Adding to it is the power given by the basic nature of arishta. In short, khadirarishta is an extremely powerful ayurvedic formulation that helps is fighting with some common and some severe diseases. Since it is ayurvedic, all the ingredients involved and the process adopted for manufacturing are natural. There are some other astonishing facts about ayurvedic khadirarishta that we will talk about today. Although ancient ayurvedic text “Sharangdhara Samhita” has described about its ingredients, method of preparation, therapeutic indications and mode of action in detail, we will also see what science has to say about this amazing ayurvedic formulation. Exploring its natural ingredients and all the benefits of using khadirarishta and other ayurvedic medicines, we will move on to see some precautions that one should follow while using khadirarishta. We will also tell you about an ayurvedic company in Delhi which is the right place to buy ayurvedic medicines from giving so many reasons behind it. Let us see the ingredients of khadirarishta to know your ayurvedic medicine better.


As the name suggests, khadira is the primary ingredient of khadirarishta, but this alone cannot generate the strong effect and khadirarishta is made up of many other such powerful herbs taken in variable quantity.


khadiraKhadira is the primary ingredient of khadirarishta and it is also known by the name Acacia catechu. According to research conducted by chakravarthy in 1983, a flavonoid isolated from ethanolic extracts of central wood of Acacia catechu showed hypoglycemic activity. Yet another research concluded that the ethyal acetate extract of Acacia catechu is reported to possess hepatoprotective activity. Its use in leprosy and its effectiveness in many skin diseases have been studied by many scientists including Dr. Ojha back in 1969.


devdaruThe second most crucial ingredient that determines the medicinal activities of khadirarishta is devadaru. A research article published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology in 1973 proved the anti-inflammatory action of this component too. The stem bark extract showed significant anti-inflammatory activity in rats, and after that, several human studies have also been conducted to see the results. By digging deeper into the research conducted on herbs all around the world, it is found that we have more than sufficient such evidences proving both- the safety as well as efficacy of the herbal components of khadirarishta.

Seeds of Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia), Darvi (Berberis aristata), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) and Amalaki (emblica officinalis) are also included in the formula given by ancient ayurvedic texts. First of all, all of these are taken in specified quantity and a fine powder is made by crushing all of them. This coarse powder is then added with a large quantity of water and boiled till the quantity of water reduces considerably. The solution we get after boiling is then filtered and is added with Makshika (honey), Sharkara (Sugar candy). Fine powder of the flowers of dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa), fruit of kankola (Piper cubeba), nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea) and seeds of jatiphala (Myristica fragrans) is also added to get the final product. Apart from all these, some spices that we commonly use in kitchen are also a part of the preparation of khadirarishta. Lavanga (clove), Ela (cardamom), Twak (Cinnamon), the leaves of patra (Cinnamomum tamala) and krishna or Pippali (long pepper) are the commonly used herbs and spices.

All these ingredients are proven to be beneficial in one way or the other for your health. Some are strong in action and heal your body whenever it is needed to be, while others have health enhancing properties. And the final product with all the medicinal properties inherited from the natural herbs and self generated alcohol, has a lot of specific and general benefits. Following are the health benefits of using khadirarishta.


The benefits of khadirarishta range from the treatment of skin diseases to heart to intestinal worms. Thanks to so many ingredients involved and the completely natural process of preparation followed in the manufacturing of khadirarishta. Have a look at all the benefits of khadirarishta for skin diseases and all other health related issues.

Khadirarishta for skin diseases

Khadirarishta for skin diseasesSkin diseases like leprosy are still common in Asian countries, and hence we need a mechanism to deal with it. Leprosy affects the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves. Discoloration of the skin and lumps on the skin are common symptoms of leprosy and, in severe cases, disfigurement and deformities can also follow. Allopathy does not offer much to leprosy patients and for just playing with the symptoms, choosing a medicine that is full of side effects not a wise idea. Hence we recommend the use of khadirarishta for skin diseases like leprosy. If you too have any skin problem, simply talk to a good ayurvedic doctor and he will guide you on how to use ayurvedic khadirarishta. Although we will tell you how you can gain maximum benefit from this ayurvedic product, if you are thinking about using khadirarishta for skin diseases, a consultation from an ayurvedic doctor is must.

Cardiovascular problems

khadirarishta for cardiovascular diseasesKhadirarishta is a tonic for heart which saves your life by strengthening your heart muscles and making your cardiovascular system strong enough. Heart diseases are a bit different from all other health problems because in most of the cases, you don’t have much time to act. To avoid these painful situations, if you feel your heart is weak or are suffering from any cardiovascular problem, choose khadirarishta and live long with a healthy heart.


khadirarishta for ANEMIAAnemia is a condition in which the hemoglobin levels are considerably low and this condition is a reason behind fatigue, weakness and lack of disease fighting capability. In short, anemia is a condition that invites many other problems if you do not treat it on time. There are many people who take supplements to treat anemia, but if you are anemic and are searching for a natural but string way to get rid of this problem, better start using khadirarishta. Khadirarishta is good for anemic people as it is a natural source of iron, and at the same time it is free from all the side effects.

Apart from treating minor skin problems, khadirarishta can also be used as a treatment for tumors and cysts. Common infections like cough and the infections that hit your skin affected by any type of wounds can also be cured with the use of khadirarishta. Not only this, if your gut is infected with intestinal worms or you are struggling with the problem of asthma or ascites, khadirarishta is the best ayurvedic medicine for you. As you can see now, khadirarishta for skin diseases and for many other internal and complex problems can be used without thinking twice, it is also important to know the right way of using this ayurvedic medicine. Let us now see the best possible way to use khadirarishta and also the precautions one needs to take while using this ayurvedic liquid.


dose of balmritKhadirarishta and many other ayurvedic tonics are not good enough in taste, but the tremendous health benefits will automatically make you love it despite its bad taste. Those who try it once never ever use anything else to get rid of anemia, tumors and all other problems khadirarishta claims to treat. Usually the ayurvedic doctor’s prescribe 12 – 24 ml of khadirarishta once or twice a day. It is usually advised to be taken after food. One cannot do much about the taste but adding equal quantity of water may improve the taste by reducing the bitterness. And adding water in no way reduces the medicinal capabilities, hence you can go for it.


Yes, it is true that all ayurvedic medicines including khadirarishta are free from any kind of side effects and if at all these ayurvedic medicines do anything else except treating a specific problem, it is just a few more additional benefits for your health. But, you have to take care of certain points:

  • cunsult a doctorNever take khadirarishta or any other ayurvedic medicine without consulting an ayurvedic doctor. If you cannot find a good ayurvedic doctor near your place, call paramanand ayurveda an ayurvedic company in Delhi offering free online consultation.
  • Be precise about the dose and other information associated with the particular medicine. Ayurveda heals you holistically, but you have to take care of your food habits to get the desired results. Hence it is best you talk to the doctor about what you can eat what you should not eat.
  • Very high dosage than the prescribed may cause burning sensation in stomach. If you mistakenly take a higher dose of khadirarishta than prescribed and symptoms like disturbance in the stomach persist, better seek help from an ayurvedic doctor.

The ayurvedic formulation you are using is capable enough to provide you effective outcomes and with the above stated precautions, you can ensure a safe treatment as well. In short, nothing can beat khadirarishta when it comes to treating complicated heart problems, pathetic skin diseases and sever infections. Khadirarishta is just one example and we have so many other ayurvedic medicines in the form of liquid, powder and tablets. This healing science has solution for almost everything that can become a threat for human health. Adding to it is the holistic healing that makes it a must try alternative.  And gone are those days in which ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines were not easily accessible. Today, we have companies like paramanand ayurveda which has free home delivery, heavy discounts on the MRP of every medicine and also free online consultation from an ayurvedic doctor. This ayurvedic company in Delhi is not only making ayurveda easily available for those who really want to have a healthy future, but it is also making our lives better by giving us an opportunity to use the holistic healing.

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