arshoghni bati

Suffering from hemorrhoids or piles? We understand that you need instant help and this is why today we will talk in detail about arshoghni bati. Arshoghni bati is an ayurvedic medicine which is made up by combining a variety of rare and common herbs and the final product is not only effective in hemorrhoids, but it is also safe to use. Most of the medicines you use in hemorrhoids or piles give you temporary relief and even after surgical procedure, piles tend to reoccur. Imagine what it would feel like when even after undergoing the painful and awkward surgical process, you once again find yourself in the same trouble? This happens with a lot of people and we still think that surgery and allopathic medicines are the only healing methods. Despite the presence of effective ayurvedic healers like arshoghni bati, we use allopathy for temporary treatment. What can be the reason behind this? Once it was blind faith on allopathy, but today, everyone on this planet is aware of all the possible side effects of using allopathic medicines. And in case you aren’t, better check them out so that before taking your next pill, you may give it a thought.


These side effects are contributing to the increasing number of people showing interest in living a life with ayurveda. Also, the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines like arshoghni bati is pulling people towards this magnificent science. And if still someone is using allopathy, there are chances you believe that living a life with ayurveda is not that easy. Well, this was past, and today, just one phone call can help you in getting consultation from the best ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi and you can also get free home delivery for all your orders. We will tell you in a short while about it, but before that, let us see the ingredients which are the key behind the effectiveness of arshoghani bati in hemorrhoids and then we will see all the help we can receive by using the ayurvedic formulation.


Nimba (Neem) or the fruits of Azadirachta indica, the seeds of Mahanimba – Melia azadirach, Khunakharaba – Exudate, Trinakanta Pishti (Kaharuba) and Shuddha Rasauta (Rasanjana or the aqueous extract of Berberis aristata) are the primary ingredients of arshoghni bati. Out of all these herbs, the aqueous extract of berberis aristata is used in maximum quantity and hence we can say that the medicinal properties of arshoghni bati are governed by this herbal extract. Berberis extract has been long used for healing purposes, but today, we believe on what is backed by scientific evidences, right. So, let me tell you that many of the studies conducted on berberis extract have shown the presence of magnificent healing properties present in the herb. For instance, “Salient features of Berberis aristata and Berberis asiatica: A comparative pharmacognostical study” published in scholars research library have also given a green signal to the use of this herb as a medicine. In this detailed study, the berberis extracts and decoctions demonstrated significant antimicrobial activity against a variety of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, helminths, and Chlamydia.


This was just one example and there are a dozen of studies testing the use and benefits of berberis extract and all of them have discovered a new surprising fact about the herb. In fact, we should say the studies have validated what was claimed by ayurveda centuries ago. Yes, this is amazing that what science is busy proving today was written centuries back in ancient ayurvedic texts. The people of those times happily lived their life with ayurveda and the people today once again are showing interest in ayurveda. This is because with time, people have started realizing that a life with ayurveda is better in all the aspects. Whether it is about being health, or it is about living longer or living with a new ray of energy by defying age, a life with ayurveda always is disease free and better. So, let us see what the benefits of using arshoghni bati are and how life with ayurveda is better than that without it. We will analyze why exactly everyone is running after a life with ayurveda, but before that have a look at all the benefits of using arshoghni bati in hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoid or piles refers to a condition in which the veins around the anus and the lower rectum swell as a result of which the patient suffers from extreme pain. Hemorrhoids are very common, but that doesn’t make it bearable. Those who actually go through this difficult condition only know how much painful the situation is. Usually the patients suffering from hemorrhoids experience extreme itching on the area around the anus often accompanied by severe pain. And all this makes it a really annoying and disturbing condition. But don’t worry as arshoghni bati is there with us. With this one ayurvedic medicine, you can get rid of every symptom of hemorrhoids. Starting from hemorrhoids without any symptoms to hemorrhoids with lumps, there are varying degrees of pain a hemorrhoid patient is exposed to, and arshoghni bati can be used in all the cases.


Sometimes hemorrhoids are present without creating any trouble in your body and they disappear on their own, while the other times cause extreme and unbearable pain. Yes, it is definitely true that hemorrhoids in most of the cases can heal with time on their own, but bearing them is next to hell even for a shorter period of time. And you never know when the hemorrhoids develop lumps, and if you wait for the magic to happen, you might land in hospital because of these harmless but deadly painful lumps. Not only this, even when the problem don’t grow bigger, even small hemorrhoids can become a trouble if you continue to ignore them. So, better don’t ignore this critical problem and use arshoghni bati in hemorrhoids to get immediate relief. This ayurvedic formulation is capable of decreasing the size of pile mass and to stop bleeding, in case of bleeding hemorrhoids. And while doing this, this ayurvedic medicine also makes sure that it doesn’t occur again. This is what we call a holistic cure, right? Let us see how we can use this ayurvedic medicine to get rid of one of the most annoying problems of your life.


The usually prescribed dose of arshoghni bati in hemorrhoids is between 125 – 250 mg. That is, you can simply take a tablet or two every day. The maximum safe dose of arshoghni bati in hemorrhoids is 4 tablets in a day. But this may vary according to the intensity of your problem and your medical history. For these reasons, we recommend you talk to an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course of arshoghni bati or any other ayurvedic medicine.


Yes, this is important for many reasons, and here, we are only providing you with the usually prescribed dose of arshoghni bati. So, it is must you talk to an ayurvedic doctor and in case you are unable to find an ayurvedic doctor you can trust, call paramanand ayurveda and they will allow you to talk to their ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi for free. And this is just one thing you are going to get free with paramanand ayurveda, and for complete list, wait for a while. Let us now see the precautions one should follow while using arshoghni bati in hemorrhoids.


The first precaution is to consult an ayurvedic doctor and only then start using arshoghni bati. In fact, this is a universal precaution that one has to follow with every ayurvedic medicines. Secondly, arshoghni bati may not be suitable for people with diabetes and hypertension. So, these two class should mention this to their doctor and tell everything else related to their medical history. Apart from these two precautions, it is all safe to use and there are no side effects of arshoghni bati if you use it right and strictly according to the prescription.


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