Get Idea About The Immense Health Benefits of Laxmivilas Ras


What is Laxmivilas Ras Good for? How Is It Beneficial for Our Health?

Ayurveda is something we can’t even imagine the overall benefits of. It not only treats our health issues but gives us immense calmness, confidence as well as everything else required for living a healthy and fit life also. There is no other form of treatment available in the whole universe that can treat you in such a magnificent way. Moreover, being the oldest form of treatment, it possesses everything that we humans need. Ayurveda is said to be the treatment of God that has been mentioned thoroughly in Sushruta Samhita and Charak Samhita.

There is one more really interesting fact about Ayurveda, i.e. we have today ayurvedic medicines for almost all the health issues, but, we are still very far from Ayurvedathe ultimate of Ayurveda. Shocking! But true! We can neither even imagine the beginning and end of Ayurveda nor is it possible for us to reach the end in even the next many years. And, in other forms of treatment, we have already reached almost the end and now going through the limitations of them too. Now, I believe you can think how much vast Ayurveda is.

Anyways, we’ll not go that much deep in the history and future of Ayurveda because it is too vast to explain in words. Let’s jump direct to our today’s topic and that is about the ayurvedic medicine “Laxmivilas Ras”.Yes, today we are going to talk about this amazing and extremely beneficial ayurvedic tablet or powder that can work towards dealing with a number of health problems.

Laxmivilas ras (Nardiya) is an exceptionally brilliant dealing with a variety of health issues starting from the head to toe. Of course, all this is possible due to the presence a variety of immensely beneficial herbs or other ingredients. So, at the very first, let’s talk about the highly powerful ingredients of Laxmivilas Ras.

Ingredients of Laxmivilas Ras:

Laxmivilas Ras is made up of overall 16 herbal ingredients that are very beneficial for our health and body. These ingredients are:

  • AbhrakaBhasma – Purified and Processed Mica
  • ShuddhaParada – Purified Mercury
  • Abhrak BhasmaShuddhaGandhaka – Purified Sulfur
  • Karpoora – Camphor
  • Jatiphala – Nutmeg (fruit)
  • Jatikosha – Nutmeg
  • Vriddhadaru – ArgyreaSpeciosa
  • Dhattura – DaturaMetel
  • Bhanga – Cannabis Sativa
  • Vidari – PuerariaTuberosa
  • Shatavari – Asparagus Racemosus Root
  • Nagabala – GrewiaPopulifolia
  • Atibala – Abutilon Indicum
  • Gokshura – Small Caltrops (TribulusTerrestris)
  • Kuchula – StrychnosNux Vomica
  • Nagavalli – Pipal betel (juice extract)

So, all the mentioned above are the ingredients of Laxmivilas Ras. The fine powder of each of these is taken in 10 gm quantity and then triturated with liquid for next three days. After this duration, the paste is prepared as a whole using all of them and at last tablets are made out of the paste.

We have, till now, discussed about the ingredients of Laxmivilas ras that make it so potent in eradicating our mild or chronic health issues. But, what are those mild or chronic health ailments that can be taken care of by Laxmivilas Ras. Let’s move further to this point.

Health Benefits of Laxmivilas Ras:

Skin Diseases

Benefits of LaxmivilasRasSkin diseases or skin disorders can vary from person to person along with different symptoms and severity level. They can be painful or painless and mild or chronic. Some common skin disorders are moles, acne, chickenpox, eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, warts, skin cancer, hives etc. Some of them can have very less effect on you while the others can be life-threatening. But, laxmivilas ras is capable of dealing with all these types of mild or chronic skin disorders.


Diabetes or diabetes mellitus, is a really chronic disease that can effect a person both physically as well as mentally. It is a disease where the person suffers from high blood sugar. This may happen either due to the inadequate production of insulin or because of no proper response to the insulin from the body’s cells. The people suffering from diabetes may show symptoms like extreme thirst and hunger as well as frequent urination. But, laxmivilas ras can be of real assistance in dealing with such chronic disease too.

Urinary Tract Disorders

urinary tract infectionThe urinary tract infection or disorder may cause immense pain in one or both kidneys, one or both ureters, the bladder or urethra. In men, it may affect the prostate, one or both testes, or the epididymis. Until they reach the peak, they don’t show symptoms frequently. So, the symptoms, if appear, are kidney failures, tumors and stones that don’t block the urine flow. In the elderly people, the feeling of malaise, loss of appetite and above all the mental confusion are the symptoms of kidney failure. Laxmivilas ras, like every other health issue, treats this too in a really effective manner.


sinus infectionSinusitis is the common problem among people that may or may not be that much harmful for you, but surely affects your mornings. It is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. There are several factors that may lead to causing sinusitis in you, i.e. common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, deviated septum etc. The main symptoms of sinusitis include pressure and pain in the sinuses (in different areas of face or behind the eyes). The yellow or green discharge from nose, sore throat, headache, fever etc. are the severe symptoms of sinusitis. Here also, laxmivilas ras can work really effectively for you.


When excessive amount of fat accumulates in your body affecting the health negatively, this medical condition is called obesity. Being overweight or obese creates a feeling of embarrassment. Along with that, it makes our immune system weaker and make us lazy inviting a number of health issues.The main cause of obesity or overweight is the imbalance between the calories one consumes and uses (burns). This imbalance may be possibledue to either by an increase in the energy giving foods that are highly rich in fats or by decrease in the physical activities. Taking the daily doses of laxmivilas ras can work efficiently in this situation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid ArthritisWhen the protective immune system all of a sudden and accidently attacks the joints, the situation created is called rheumatoid arthritis. Due to this inflammation is caused which further leads to thickening and swelling of the tissues that line the joints and causes pain in and around the joints. If this inflammation is left unchecked, this may cause further troubles to the bones and tissues associated with the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis most commonly affects the joints of the hands, feet, wrists, elbow, knees and ankles. Using the ayurvedic medicine “laxmivilas ras” can give the perfect results in treating rheumatoid arthritis.


When the liver stops working as it is supposed to and fluid builds up in the abdomen, the condition is called ascites. The fluid generated at this point of time fills the lining between the abdomen and the organs. This is most often caused when the pressure inside the liver’s blood vessels increase, known as liver scarring. The other reasons may include ovarian, pancreatic or liver cancer, heart or kidney failure, tuberculosis etc. There are several reasons that can tell you that you are now suffering from ascites, i.e. sudden weight gain, swollen abdomen, abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, nausea and vomiting etc. Laxmivilas ras, like every other health problem, can give you fabulous results here too.


 headache One of the most common medical complaints that all the people experience at some point of time regardless of the age, gender, race etc. It’s a common as well as a frequent condition too for some people. Well, one may experience a headache due to a variety of reasons like stress or emotional trauma, eyesight problem, migraine or high blood pressure, anxiety etc. This can sometimes give birth to other health issues too. Although, it is not that much serious to worry until it causes some severe effects on your body like a chronic migraine has the tendency to even keep you devoid from your work or school. But, here too we have a solution in the form of laxmivilas ras. Consuming laxmivilas ras on daily basis can provide great relief in headaches too.

Gynecological Disorders

Gynecology deals with the treatment of women health problems, mainly the reproductive organs of the women. The gynecological disorders are said to be the health conditions that affect the reproductive organs of a women like breasts, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva. Sometimes it may really easy to treat, but some conditions may become really severe and treating them becomes difficult. They may even lead to severe to condition that can make them incapable of bearing children or may threat their life. Some of the diseases included in the list of gynecological disorders are chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical, ovarian, vaginal or vulva cancer etc. And, here also laxmivilas ras has the ability to provide you relief from your mild or chronic sufferings.

GYNECOLOGICAL DISORDERSAlong with dealing with all the above-mentioned health problems, Laxmivilas ras is beneficial in taking care of all types of fever, all types of cough, asthma, coryza, sinusitis, lungs pain and inflammation, congestion, pneumonia, influenza etc. Apart from these benefits it takes care of premature ejaculation as well as sperm disorders along with curing various diseases related to head, skin and genito-urinary system. Moreover, Laxmivilas ras is an amazing cure for the people dealing with lower hemoglobin levels and weaker immune system.

Time To Talk About The Dose of Laxmivilas Ras:

Till here, we have discussed about the ingredients that make laxmivilas ras potent ayurvedic medicines and its uses. And we saw how much beneficial it is in dealing with a variety of health ailments. But, being familiar with only the benefits part will never work for you. You need to learn about the dosages of laxmivilas ras too because knowledge of the doses of any medicine plays a vital role in gaining the maximum benefits of that medicine and keeping the negative effects at a bay.

The dose of Laxmivilas ras goes this way:

milkAt the very first, I would suggest you not to take the medicine without your Ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation. After that, you should take 250 mg of the medicine once in the morning before or after your meal as recommended by your doctor. The doctor may recommend you to intake it along with buttermilk, meat, curd, milk, alcohol or fruit juices.One can use this medicine easily for next 1-2 months, but only after doctor’s prescription.

One can consume the medicine for the prescribed period without getting any negative effect. He should have to take proper care of the dosage. This medicine is purely side-effects free. It is made up of only natural ingredients, but you still need to take care of some things like:

  • Don’t ever plan the intake of this medicine without doctor’s consultation.
  • Avoid this medicine in the cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • keep it out of reach and sight of the children.

To have the best positive effects of this medicine, you must follow the points mentioned above. You can see yourself how much we can gain from Laxmivilas ras in the form of health benefits. One more thing that I want to highlight is that no ayurvedic medicine provides you any side-effect. You just need to follow the recommendation about the dose and every other thing thoroughly. We are talking about the health benefits of Laxmivilas ras only; is there any limitation also?

Is There Any Limitation of Ayurvedic Medicines?

Boost ImmunityWell, yes, there is a limitation of all the ayurvedic medicines, i.e. they show effect slowly. But, this can’t be exactly said to be the limitation because the ayurvedic medicines provide long-term effects. This you all must be familiar of that everything which has permanent of long-term effect performs slowly. Yes, the fact lies true in case of Laxmivilas rasor all the other ayurvedic medicines too. The ayurvedic medicines always work to cure the disease from roots and hence it takes time in curing it. But, the later on results will be amazing. It will surely insist you to follow whenever you get caught some disease.

Moreover, almost all the ayurvedic medicines are prepare by using the natural ingredients work to boost your immune system too. And you must already be familiar with the impact of a boosted immune system on your body. Not only it can fight off the current disease, but take care of the further invaders also. At least some of you must have already understood about what Ayurveda can give us and our overall health. Now, before moving forward, I want to ask you a question.

Can Non-natural Products Based Treatment Methods Do This Favor to You?

ayurveda naturalCan you even name an allopathic medicine or any other form of treatment apart from the ones based on natural methods that can cure the hidden health issues along with treating the current health condition? I am sure none is there to claim this way. Well, no need to get confuse. You must already got the idea in the column of health benefits of Laxmivilas ras. That it is potent enough to cure more than one disease at a time. This is the same in case of all the ayurvedic medicines. All the ayurvedic medicines are potent enough to treat the other hidden health problems along with treating the one you are taking these medicines for. Click here to know about more Ayurvedic medicines and their uses.

I may face lack of my words and pages while singing the praises for ayurvedic medicines. But the health benefits are so vast. They will not complete even with my last words about the ayurvedic medicines. Now, no more praises because I believe you are now able to see the reality. Now, it’s time to accept the reality from the core of our hearts and follow the same. What will you say friends?

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