Infertility cases in both men and women are rising every day. Thanks to our lifestyle, eating habits and other unhealthy activities that lead to cause the same. Moreover, thanks to the strong drugs that people intake in the form of medicines. But, there is no benefit in blaming one or the other factor for these health issues. It’s time to talk about the treatment methods for the problem.

The best and holistic treatment methods for every health condition have been given by our oldest medical science, Ayurveda. For the problem of infertility, the solution is Phal Kalyan Ghrita. This ayurvedic option is exceptionally brilliant in dealing with number of sexual issues. What exactly make this ayurvedic medicine so potent are the ingredients of the same. So, in the upcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss about everything related to phal kalyan ghrita and its health benefits for us.

Ingredients of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

The ingredients of Phal Kalyan ghrita make it more than just being worthy for treating the health ailments. If we talk about the ingredients list of this ayurvedic medicine, it includes numerous constituents like:

  • Manjishta – Rubia Cordifolia
  • Madhuka – Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  • Kushtha – Saussurea Lappa
  • Triphala – Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica, Phyllanthus Emblica
  • Sharkara – Sugar
  • Bala – Sida Retusa
  • Meja – Sida Cordifolia
  • Kakoli – Fritillaria Roylei
  • Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera
  • Ajamoda – Carum Roxburghianum
  • Haridra – Curcuma Longa
  • Daruharidra – Berberis Aristata
  • Hingu – Asa Foetida
  • Katukarohini – Picrorhiza Kurroa
  • Utpala – Nymphaea Caerulea
  • Kumuda – Nymphaea Stellata
  • Draksha - Raisin
  • Shwetachandana – Santalum Album
  • Raktachandana – Pterocarpus Santalinus
  • Ghrita - Ghee
  • Shatavari Juice – Asparagus Racemosus
  • Ksheera – Cow Milk
  • Lakshamanamoola - Ipomoea Sepiaria

This medicine is made up of herbs only having ghee as the base. During the preparation of the medicine, herbs are blended using shatavari juice, cow’s milk etc. and at last in cow’s ghee. Cow’s ghee is basically the base of the medicine, hence giving the name “phal kalyan ghrita”. Now the question arises, “Why only cow’s ghee?” Well, the answer is here.

Cow’s ghee or clarified butter possesses numerous healthy and essential nutrients. Some of these include high calories, fat, lower amounts of protein, vitamins A, E and D etc. It doesn’t contain carbohydrates, sugar or dietary fiber. Cow’s ghee is said to be safe even for the people who are suffering from lactose intolerance as the lactose is almost removed at the time of clarification.

Researches mention that consumption of cow’s ghee is very essential for prevention against cancer as well. The best part is that ghee can last for months and years that simply point out something really interesting in it. If we talk about certain health benefits of ghee, these include energy boosting, reduction in allergy and inflammation, eliminating free radicles etc. Moreover, ghee is a perfect immune booster and caretaker of our heart health.

So, we do have many reasons to do regular consumption of cow’s ghee. And that is why ghee has become a vital and undeniable part of Ayurveda as well. So, what health benefits one can gain from Phal Kalyan Ghrita having cow ghee as a base? Well, let’s talk further about the same.

Health Benefits of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

After discussion about everything else, it’s time to talk about the health benefits of Phal Kalyan Ghrita. Talking about every health benefit won’t be much possible as it will go long without ending. But, we can have glimpse at some of the major health benefits of Phal Kalyan Ghrita.


Treats Infertility

The inability to conceive even after number of unprotected sexual attempts in one year duration is called infertility. It can be either due to no proper contribution from the male partner or due to inability of the female to conceive. The factors leading to infertility may include:

Factors in Males:

  • low sperm count or low sperm mobility or abnormal sperm problem in males.
  • Genetic factors or inflammation of the testicals
  • Radiation therapy or some health condition like anemia, diabetes, thyroid etc.

Factors in Females:

  • Age factor plays a vital role in the case of females.
  • Smoking or alcohol consumption can also lead to cause infertility
  • Being obese or overweight or underweight

Improves Fetus Health

Giving birth to a physically and mentally healthy child is something considered every parent’s dream. And, this is the most critical stage of women’s life and health. Every three month pregnancy period is called a trimester and the fetus grows and develops in every trimester. Here, the proper mental and physical growth of the fetus is very important to be noticed and taken care of. As it is the time of the development of the fetus, regular checkups are done on regular intervals.

Phal Kalyan Ghrita can be a brilliant way to solve all the fears related to the fetus health. It works to improve and support the physical and mental health of the fetus along with taking care of mother’s health.

Improves Hormonal Balance

A major part of our overall health is influenced by the chemical secretions going on in our body. We call these secretions hormones. The different glands in our body secreting hormones are thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas. And our endocrine system works enough to balance and control the level of hormones and it circulates them throughout the body.

The problem in this system leads to cause the hormonal imbalance in the body, hence, impacting numerous activities and performances. If we talk about the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, these include:


  • Infertility and irregularity in the periods
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Hair loss and digestive issues
  • Low libido etc.

Treats Ovary Defects

The ovary defects are altogether called premature ovarian failure if they occur before the age of 40 years. It majorly causes infertility and hence, affects the ability of conception. The ovarian defects can result in many consequences like hormonal problems, scarred ovaries, premature menopause, follicle problems etc.

The symptoms of premature ovarian failure include:

  • Irregular periods and hot flashes
  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Night sweats
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks
  • Decreased sexual desire along with vaginal dryness

The major causes of ovarian defects include:

  • Certain toxins
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Genetic factors
  • Multiple ovarian surgeries etc.

These health issues can be efficiently taken care of by using Phal Kalyan Ghrita. Phal Kalyan Ghrita is considered very effective in balancing the tridoshas, i.e. vata, pitta and kapha simultaneously. The women facing repeated abortions are given this ayurvedic medicine to help them conceive without any trouble.

So it was all about the health benefits of Phal Kalyan Ghrita. Now, what comes next is the dosage of the same.

Dosage of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

The dosage of Phal Kalyan Ghrita is really easy to understand. You just need to take it quarter or half a teaspoon with lukewarm water. This medicine is usually recommended to be taken before meals, once or twice a day, but it will be better to consult the ayurvedic doctor. Here are some standard points that you need to keep in mind before consuming Phal Kalyan Ghrita.

  • Don’t ever do self-consumption of the medicine as it may show certain harmful effects. It must be taken only under strict medical supervision.
  • The higher dosage of this medicine can lead to the consequences like diarrhea, indigestion etc.
  • The people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol level, heart diseases, high BP etc. must look for some precautionary measures while consuming phal kalyan ghrita.


If you take care of these points, you will be only gaining the health benefits from Phal Kalyan Ghrita and no side-effect can impact you. Yes, if you intake the medicine for the suggested time duration in the adequate amount, Phal kalyan ghrita or any other ayurvedic medicine, will never give any kind of side-effect. But, this is not the case when it comes to the pharmaceutical medicines.

No matter how much careful you are while taking the allopathic medicines, they will for sure give you the ill-effects after a period of time. Moreover, your body can even become resistant to these medicines. If we talk about the ayurvedic medicines, these will never give you any side-effect provided you follow the recommended medicines only in the prescribed dosage.

Well, there is no comparison between Ayurveda and other medical sciences. Many studies and researches have already proved that Ayurveda is the best medical science ever. It has been recognized as the only medical science that can treat and even cure number of diseases that are said to be incurable by our modern medical science. The efficacy and brilliancy of Ayurveda can be judged by the fact that the Ayurveda books written years ago possess the solutions for most of the health ailments we are facing today. And this best and most productive medical science is once again growing and spreading its roots worldwide.

Now, it’s time for you to accept the reality and stop relying on the harmful pharmaceutical medicines. If you are going to follow the same way of treating yourself as you were doing till date, you’ll get the same solution; may be worse. But, just a change in perspective related to Ayurveda and adopting Ayurveda in your life can change a lot of things and situations. No medical science, other than Ayurveda, can give you the best possible health and disease-free life. The choice is completely yours.