Allopathy was once the mostly used science but gradually people from all over the world are gradually turning their heads from this. Are you also in search for a better healing science? What do you mean by better and what are the parameters used for judgment? Today, we will try to explore in detail about bangeshwar ras, but we will also try to see who the winner among allopathy vs. ayurveda is and how actually the winner is decided. Bangeshwar ras might be your primary concern, and we will try to give every bit of detail about it, but it is also crucial to know why should use it. Why should one trust ayurveda? Your body and health might not be in a position to bear any more side effects and hence there is no scope of trying and testing. So, whatever you choose between allopathy vs. ayurveda, should be holistic and harmless enough that you can trust it for the rest of your life, right? In an attempt to give a holistic healer that meet the needs of your body, we will try to see various parameters on which the comparison between allopathy vs. ayurveda can be done. And if you think ayurveda is expensive, we will also tell you some tips to save your money. With the increasing demand, it is now possible to buy ayurvedic medicines online and with attempts from companies like paramanand ayurveda, you can also get them at your doorstep.


We will tell you the entire process to buy ayurvedic medicines online, but, first you should be sure that what you want can be provided by ayurveda. First of all, you should understand that ayurveda is a science of life. It doesn’t treat a disease, but it treats your entire body to make sure that you stay disease free for the rest of your life. On the other hand, allopathy is quoted by many as a science of symptoms as all it worries about is treating the symptoms. And while masking the symptoms, it also leaves many side effects. These side effects are temporary as well as permanent. Ayurveda also leaves some additional effects in your body, but thankfully, all these effects are for the betterments of your immune system and your health. These are some major arguments that make ayurveda a clear winner among the fight of allopathy vs. ayurveda. There are many other differences and we will see all of them one by one. For instance, by looking at the ingredients and preparation of bangeshwar ras, you will realize that ayurveda is based on the healing power of nature.


vang bhasamVanga Bhasma (tin calx) is the primary ingredient and one of the bhasma which are a part of bangeshwar ras. As mentioned in analytical study of Vang bhasma, a study published in International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicines, Vanga Bhasma is organometallic compound comprising of Sn-C bond and tin oxide (SnO2) as major phase. The processing for the preparation of Bhasma adds into it various micro elements essential for the body. Several other studies have shown in detail the XRD analysis of vang bhasma and some others have talked about the effectiveness and safety of the drug. In short, scientist have worked a lot on vang bhasma and all the studies have concluded with a positive note about the effectiveness of this amazing ayurvedic product. Vang bhasma in itself is an ayurvedic medicine which is capable of dealing with several health ailments. But to enhance its effectiveness, it is combined with many other powerful and safe bhasma and natural ingredients.  Shuddha Gandhaka (herbal purified sulphur), raupya (rajata bhasma – bhasma of silver), karpoora (camphor), Abhraka bhasma (purified and processed mica), swarna bhasma (bhasma of gold), and mukta bhasma (bhasma (Calx) of Pearl) are some of them. If you are not new to ayurveda, you might have an idea about all of them as each one has an irreplaceable position in ayurveda. Apart from these bhasma, the juice extract of bhringaraja eclipta alba is also taken in quantity sufficient for grinding for seven times.

All the above listed bhasma are blended well by mixing all of them and grinding seven times. All these bhasma do not need a proof for effectiveness and you can imagine what the end product would be like when all of them are mixed together. The end product indeed is going to be tremendously effective as well as health enhancing, right? As you can see clearly by looking at the ingredients, ayurveda is a drug free science the effectiveness of which is totally based on natural ingredients. Since these natural ingredients are better accepted by our body, ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines also can be easily absorbed by our body. This is a strong point proving ayurveda as a winner between the battles of allopathy vs. ayurveda. Let us now see the benefits of using bangeshwar ras so that the difference gets even clearer.


Bangeshwar ras for strength

bhangeshwar ras for strengthBangeshwar ras is one of the best tonics to improve strength and raise your immunity. Unlike allopathic medicines, all ayurvedic medicines including bangeshwar ras are capable of influencing the disease fighting capability of human body. By making it strong and disease free, you are ensuring that your body has a lot of energy. Also, because bangeshwar ras is made up of so many healthy bhasma, it is also a great way to meet the nutritional requirements of your body. By giving your body what is not available in the food you eat today, bangeshar ras for strength becomes the best, natural and safe alternative for a healthy life.

Bangeshwar ras in sexual debility

bangheswar ras for Sexual problemsBangeshwar ras for strength is used by many and this also includes those who use it for attaining sexual strength. Bangeshwar ras is the right and safest source of more sexual power to those suffering from sexual problems. Because of the presence of so many bhasma and natural ingredients that can increase sperm production, bangeshwar ras is also used by many as a treatment to infertility.

Apart from using bangeshwar ras for strength and sexual debility, it is also used in treatment of frequent urination and diabetes. Many symptoms of diabetes can be treated using bangeshwar ras, but you are required to take it in combination to some other ayurvedic medicines to get rid of the problem completely. Your doctor would tell you in detail about it and we can only help you reach a good ayurvedic doctor while sitting at home. Yes, now you can get consultation from an ayurvedic doctor by just making one phone call and you are not even required to pay anything for this. We will talk about this too, but before that, let us see how you can use bangeshwar ras.


consult with ayurvedic doctorYou can get bangeshwar ras and buy ayurvedic medicines online by calling paramanand ayurveda. With this ayurvedic company, you can get free home delivery for all your orders and they also provide highest discount on ayurvedic medicines. So, immediately after consulting an ayurvedic doctor, simply place your order and get it at your doorstep. Usually the doctors prescribe 125 – 250 mg of bangeshwar ras for strength and other issues once or twice a day. It is advised to be taken along with goat milk, cow milk or curd.


You can use bangeshwar ras and it is not going to harm you in any way if you use it within the prescribed limits and for the right amount of time. It is usually prescribed for a period of one month and because of the presence of many strong bhasma, its use should not be extended beyond that time.

Yes, bangeshwar ras for strength is the best answer to all types of weaknesses, but one should use it cautiously because it is one of the strongest medicines. It is best avoided in pregnancy, lactation and in children. These were some of the precautions or you can say some safety measures. With these in mind and bangeshwar ras in hand, you are soon going to get a healthier, stronger and disease free body. You now have all the information necessary to use bangeshwar ras for strength and all other health complications and the only thing we would discuss is the right source to buy bangeshwar ras from.

There are many ayurvedic medicine stores online and offline and with the increase in the demand of all ayurvedic products, availability is also not an issue, but there are certain factors you should keep in mind while buying ayurvedic medicines. First of all, you will get the same ayurvedic medicine manufactured by different brands. The rates as well as quality may differ because of the variations in the process of manufacturing. So, it is better you buy bangeshwar ras from companies like paramanand ayurveda where you can get all the ayurvedic medicines manufactured by different brands. Here you can compare all of them and select the best one for you. Also in case of any doubt regarding the medicine, or your health, you can get free online consultation from paramanand ayurveda. To avail all these offers and to get huge discount with free home delivery, you just have to make a call to this ayurvedic company. So, get bangeshwar ras and buy ayurvedic medicines online with ease while saving your money as well as health with paramanand ayurveda and move towards a healthy future with the right use of quality ayurvedic medicines and other ayurvedic products.