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Doctors believe that certain behavioral trends in childhood may lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction and other such sexual issues. Some other therapists will give you some other cause probably creating trouble in your sexual life, but where is the solution? Can’t we have a simple solution for all problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, oligospermia etc? For many other diseases, you can simply eat a medicine for a few days and relax, but this sexual condition requires efforts from your side, this is what you might have been hearing from your doctor till today. We will talk about everything that can contribute to making your sexual life normal, but right now we will tell you exactly what effort is required from your side.

say no to allopathic medicinesYou just have to throw those ineffective and harmful allopathic medicines and shift to ayurveda. Yes, when no other healing science has an answer, ayurveda comes to the rescue of human health and in this case also, we are lucky to have ayurvedic formulations like musli pak for erectile dysfunction and all other sexual disorders. This, like many other ayurvedic medicines heals us holistically and without giving any undesirable side effects to human body. We will today see how ayurveda ensures that musli pak and all other ayurvedic medicines help us stay healthy and is a healing science without any side effects. Apart from this, we will also try to explore some other uses of this magnificent ayurveda formula. Yes, ayurvedic musli pak for erectile dysfunction is quite famous, but it has many other uses too. So, we will see those uses and how we can use this ayurvedic medicine to get best results.

In the end, we will tell you about an ayurvedic company in Delhi which is providing free online consultation for all over phone. This is good, isn’t it? Yes, it is good for all, but for cases like sexual problems it is great because you don’t have to face the doctor and can get the prescription. Since it is your very personal problem and disclosing it itself is a challenge, it is better you get it treated from this ayurvedic company in Delhi which can provide you with ayurvedic medicines at lowest price, free online consultation and various other money and health saving offers. We will see the details about this ayurvedic company in Delhi, but before that, let us see the ingredients if musli pak which are the real source of power of this ayurvedic formulation.


INGREDIENTS OF MUSLI PAKSafed Musli is the primary ingredient of musli pak and the medicine has received the name from this herbal ingredient. Shweta Musali (Chlorophytum borivilianum (CB)) is a traditionally used herb for its benefits in male sexual and general health. In the recent past, the herb has attained much commercial significance, both in domestic and international markets. Sometimes safed musli is also referred to as White Gold due to the coloration and medicinal properties it carries. It was once traditionally used for healing purposes, but today the herb is in high demand because of what scientists have to say about this. In an experiment done on rats, safed musli appeared to be quite an effective aphrodisiac and pro-erectile agent that was slightly less effective than Viagra. If you have used Viagra, let me tell you that Safed Musli is also sometimes called Herbal Viagra. This is because you can get the result same as Viagra, sometimes even better, while eliminating the side effects.

A study “Clinical evaluation of root tubers of Shweta Musali (Chlorophytum borivilianum L.) And its effect on semen and testosterone” published in AYU- An International Quarterly Journal of research in Ayurveda assessed the natural product for its role in various sexual problems be using the extract of safed musli. Experiment was done based upon Semen (Volume, Liquefaction Time, Sperm Count, Sperm motility) and Serum Testosterone levels parameters. Significant improvement was noted in all the parameters listed above after administration of CB extract in comparison to Placebo. Hence it was concluded that the trial drug was effective in improving male sexual health. But safed musli is not the sole ingredient of musli pak.

INGREDIENTS OF MUSLI PAKGo Ghrita, Sonth (Dry Ginger), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), Pippali (Long Pepper), Sthula Ela (Greater Cardamom), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Tejpata (Bay Leaves), Shatavar, Chitrakmula, Gokhru, Ashwagandha, Haritaki, Lavang, Jaiphal, Javitri, Taalmakhana, Khareti Seeds, Kaunch Seeds, Semal Gond, Kamalgatta, Vanshalochan, Akarkara, Makardhwaj and Bang Bhasma are also added to make musli pak. There might be slight variations in the ingredients as many companies also add some ayurvedic bhasma to increase the strength of the medicine. But the base of musli pak is herbal and this is how this ayurvedic medicine and all other ayurvedic medicines are free of any side effects. Since they are made up of all natural ingredients, there are no harmful impacts of ayurvedic medicines on human body.


Musli pak in weakness

weaknessSometimes, you don’t really suffer from any disease, but there are dozens of internal problems making your weak day by day. Muscle Weakness and fatigue are some signs of something going on wrong inside your body. Emaciation is another such issue and all these do not allow your body to gain proper weight. Because there is no particular disease you are suffering from, it is a foolish idea to seek help from allopathic medicines. Rather, it is better you look forward to ayurvedic medicines like musli pak because they have all the health enhancing properties you require. So, if you feel physically or sexual weak, talk to your doctor about taking musli pak.

Musli pak for sexual problems

Musli pak for sexual problemsThere are a number of sexual problems that the male adults of today suffer from. With lack of proper treatment in allopathic, and the embarrassment associated with discussing the issues, millions of Indians are struggling to live a happy sexual life and many others have difficulty in having their own child. You might have heard of musli pak for erectile dysfunction, but you can use this ayurevdic medicine in all other problems like male Infertility, Oligospermia, premature ejaculation etc. Some biological factors causing sexual problems and infertility in males may include certain thyroid problems, inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra, inherited traits and nerve damage from surgery or trauma which is rare. And in all of these cases, you can take help from ayurvedic musli pak.

Musli pak in Leucorrhoea

LeucorrhoeaLeucorrhoea is referred to the vaginal condition that causes abnormal white discharge from the female genitals. It is also known as Vaginitis. It can be easily detected when there is dirty white or yellowish discharge that is slimy and foul smelling, from the genitals. It is easy to detect this problem, but it isn’t that easy to treat it. And the reoccurring nature of the problem makes it even more difficult for the allopathic medicine to tackle with it holistically. But, you can seek help from ayurveda in this case too. Musli pak for erectile dysfunction is extremely effective, but form women who are struggling to get rid of leucorrhea permanently, this ayurvedic formula is nothing less than an elixir.


consult a doctorYou are required to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course of musli pak for erectile dysfunction or any other sexual problem and here we will tell you the usually prescribed dose of musli pak. Because your body is unique and you might have a medical history that makes you a special case, you must talk to the doctor to get the exact amount of musli pak you should take. Generally, you can take this medicine 5-10 grams once or twice a day with lukewarm milk. In case of children, the dose will be lower and the ayurvedic doctor will also tell you some other safety measures to be taken. So, first of all talk to an ayurvedic doctor and only then start taking musli pak for erectile dysfunction.

The world we live in today is full of stress and everything is goal oriented. We rush to achieve a goal and even before reaching it set a new goal for ourselves. Then there is pressure from the society too. This entire combine to compel us lead a stressed life not only in office but also at home. Our mind is never free, and this is the major cause of sexual troubles both in men and women. So, better we first change this and live a happy and stress free life. If you are able to bring in this change, rest everything will automatically fall in place with the use of musli pak for erectile dysfunction and other such ayurvedic medicines.

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