Ayurveda has gifted us with so many beautiful and amazingly capable ayurvedic formulas that if you choose ayurveda to deal with your day to day problems, you won’t need anything else as ayurveda in itself is enough to give you a healthy body and a long life. Today, we are here with a new ayurvedic medicine- siddha makardhwaj. Siddha makardhwaj is an ayurvedic solution to many problems relating to your liver, respiratory tract and some sexual problems. It contains many herbal and metallic components by the right combination of which we get an astonishing ayurvedic medicine. There are many ayurvedic products, still for some set of problems, the doctor recommend only siddha makardhwaj, have you ever wondered why?

Don’t worry, in a short while, you will get to know everything about siddha makardhwaj, which is necessary if you are thinking about using this powerful ayurvedic medicine. Starting from the ingredients and a long but interesting process of preparing siddha makardhwaj, we will explain all the possible uses of the same. Then we will tell you the right, safe and effective dose of this ayurvedic medicine. And at last we will tell you some significant differences between ayurveda and allopathy. By the end of this article, not only you will get to know more about siddha makardhwaj, but will also be more familiar to the ancient science- ayurveda,

Ingredients and Preparation of siddha makardhwaj

GandhakaThere are many variants of makardhwaj, and siddha makardhwaj is one of the strongest and surely the best of all. This difference is primarily because of the ingredients present and the quantity in which the ingredients are mixed. Gandhaka (purified and processed sulphur) is the major component of siddha makardhwaj. Apart from this, it also contains mercury in processed and purified form as well as extremely beneficial gold bhasma. All these ingredients are processed in either aloe vera juice and sometime other herbs are also included. But siddha makardhwaj inherits most of the medicinal properties from the gandhak and gold bhasma.

To prepare siddha makardhwaj a process called “Kupipakva” in ayurveda is performed. Although you are probably here to get the details about siddha makardhwaj for sexual problems, or because you are interested in knowing the details about siddha makardhwaj for liver problems, but you would find the preparation of siddha makardhwaj really interesting. So, we will tell you everything about the use of siddha makardhwaj for liver treatment and for many more health issues, but before that, have a look at the preparation of siddha makardhwaj.

gold and mercuryThe two elements – gold and mercury in processed form are mixed together and ground or triturated. While doing this, gradual but constant addition of Shuddha Gandhak is also done. The process of grinding continues for at least a week and it can be extended up to 15 days. Based on the duration, the addition of shuddha gandhak is varied to keep the total addition constant. After that, the mixture is treated with Aloe Vera juice for 2 more days. The resulting mixture is kept in a bottle and this bottle is subjected to varying levels of temperature. These variations in temperature are continued for one more day and the reddish fumes inside the bottle indicate the successful preparation. Heating is followed by natural cooling for several hours. The interesting part is that it is accumulated at the neck of the bottle and is collected solely from the neck and swrana bhasma is found in the bottom of the same bottle. You might be aware of a different process of manufacturing of swarna bhasma, but this also is one way to extract ashes of gold from purified gold.

Uses and benefits of siddha makardhwaj

Fatty liver disorder

Fatty liver disorderSiddha makardhwaj for liver problems is and ayurvedic solution to many major and minor problems relating to your liver. The main function of liver is to digest, absorb and process food in assistance with some other organs. Apart from this, it also detoxifies your body by eliminating the waste. Any minor problem in liver can either result in elimination of useful substances, or absorption / storage of harmful toxins inside the body and both are equally chronic. So, for proper digestion and detoxification of your body, it is important that your liver is healthy. And for this too, you can either trust your age old science- ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, or go for those instantly effective allopathic medicines. We have discussed allopathy vs ayurveda concisely in the coming sections, and for now it is enough for you to know that ayurvedic siddha makardhwaj is capable of treating some major and minor liver diseases.

One such disease is fatty liver disorder. Siddha makardhwaj for liver is particularly used for the treatment of fatty liver disorder, a condition in which excess of fat builds up in the liver. Some fat is already present in the liver, but when it exceeds the limits, it can disturb the basic functionality of the organ. It is best you soon take help from siddha makardhwaj. It will help your liver get rid of excess of fat and will also ensure that it starts working properly soon.

Siddha makardhwaj in respiratory disorders

makardwaj gutika for RESPIRATORYWhenever we talk about respiratory problems, cough, cold, and asthma are the few names that comes to our mind. But chronic respiratory problems are something even more serious that these. Sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are two examples of such respiratory issues. We usually wait for the cough to clear on its own and don’t pay attention that its control on our airways is increasing. Gradually, the cough takes the form of a suffocating blockage that doesn’t allow us even to breathe. For some it is occasional and hence they can afford to ignore it, but for many others, this has become a common problem.

We often blame it on the environmental pollution and sometime on the changing season. But actually, we need to build immunity against these kinds of infections. Here also you can count on siddha makardhwaj. This ayurvedic medicine has the power to deal with not only diseases relating to major organs like liver or stomach, but it is a powerful way to fight with chronic respiratory disease like asthma. If you have asthma your airways are always inflamed. They become even more swollen and the muscles around the airways can tighten when something triggers your symptoms. Siddha makardhwaj acts as a natural anti inflammatory agent and brings ease and relief to the suffering bronchial tubes. And while doing this, it takes care of all the other effects of the infection in lungs too. This is obvious because you are treating your body with ayurveda, you will get a holistic treatment only.

Siddha makardhwaj for sexual problems

Siddha makardhwaj is an excellent treatment for all the sexual problems. It is primarily used by males to deal with issues that affect their sexual life as well as fertility. One of those problems is premature ejaculation, which uncontrolled ejaculation right after sexual penetration or before the act. You can use siddha makardhwaj as ayurveda has a solution to premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction and general sexual debility can also be treated with ayurvedic siddha makardhwaj. In fact, siddha makardhwaj for sexual problems is famous among men since a very long time now. It is used in many aphrodisiac therapies directly and indirectly.

sexual problemsThese were some of the uses of siddha makardhwaj for which the ayurvedic product is famous, but there are many other benefits of this ayurvedic medicines. One of the most general, yet important benefit of using siddha makardhwaj is fighting from tiredness, fatigue, malaise. Sometimes it is because of excess of work stress, while on some other day, lack of sleep may be the reason. But when you don’t have a reason to explain why you are tired, use siddha makardhwaj and it will eliminate all the possible causes of fatigue. It is used as a source of rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment, hence you can expect some additional benefits too. Apart from this, siddha makardhwaj is also a natural cardiac stimulant. So, you can keep your heart young and fit for long with the regular use of siddha makardhwaj.

And the list of uses and benefits of siddha makardhwaj is too long. But we will wind it up with only a few other medicinal properties of the ayurvedic formula. Siddha makardhwaj is effective in improving the functioning of liver, and hence it has benefits for your digestion too, but it also is a digestive stimulant. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties also kill some of the infections that might be dwelling in some part of your body.

How to use siddha makardhwaj

The average dose of siddha makardhwaj, that is also the safest is 125 mg to 250 mg. depending on the severity of your condition and age, you can take a tablet or two everyday where the weight of one tablet is ideally 125 mg. but, this is a general dose and consulting your doctor before starting the course can help you get the exact amount needed by your body. People use siddha makardhwaj along with milk. At the same time, many ayurvedic doctors recommend using the ayurvedic medicines with sweet honey, ghee, milk cream, butter and sometimes betal leaf juice. The combinations are unusual but they enhance the effectiveness of the ayurvedic medicines.

Precautions and Possible side effects of siddha makardhwaj

consult an doctorSiddha makardhwaj is ayurvedic and hence it is free from side effects, but since it contains metallic ingredients, it should be taken in strict control of dosage. First of all, you need to keep it away from the reach of children and pregnant ladies should also not take it in any case. It is not considered safe for those who are either expecting baby or are breastfeeding the baby. Secondly, you have to be cautious about the dosage and even a slight overdose may cause tremors, dizziness etc. Although in most of the cases, these are temporary, but if any of these symptoms persist for more than a few hours, it is better you consult a doctor immediately.

These were the two most common risks associated with siddha makardhwaj, and last but not the least- siddha makardhwaj is for everyone except some people with following conditions. If you are a kidney patient, have high blood pressure, or problematic faster heart beat, then you should not take siddha makardhwaj. Siddha makardhwaj is also not for those who have some sort of aggressive behavior disorders. Apart from these, the ayurvedic medicines like siddha makardhwaj are extremely useful and beneficial. Talk to your doctor and get the key to your health in the form of ayurvedic siddha makardhwaj soon. By the way, do you know you can now get it at your doorsteps by paying only for the medicine?

free home deliveryYes, some companies like parmanand ayurveda are offering free home delivery for all ayurvedic medicines. So, you just have to choose which one you need and availability is no more an excuse to waste on allopathic medicines. Allopathy vs ayurveda is a hot topic for debate these days because ayurveda is gradually replacing the established science because of the weaknesses of the healing method. By the way, if given an option, which one would you choose- Allopathy vs ayurveda? Okay, to make the answer easier, we will give you a fair comparison between the two. Each one is a science of healing, but ayurveda is much more ancient while allopathy is modern. Ayurveda is ancient, yet it has solutions to many chronic health problems that are incurable in allopathic medicines till date. This makes ayurveda ancient, yet sufficiently modern science. Ayurveda is holistic healing technique that takes care of your health, while allopathic medicines are just a medium to suppress the symptoms. And these are many other such points on which if you compare allopathy vs ayurveda, ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines will come out as a simple winner. Ayurveda is not just an healing science, but it is a life changing experience that will redefine healing and treatment. So, you need not get into it; simply trust ayurveda and it will do the needful.

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