It’s Easier to Deal with Numerous Health Issues with Jaimangal Ras (SY)

jaimangal ras

The Impact of Jaimangal Ras (SY) (जयमंगल रस (स्व. यु.)) on Our Health

If you are dealing with any type of fever and are fed up of feeding on the pharmaceuticals from your pocket, Jaimangal Ras (SY) is the ultimate answer for your concerns and worries. Yes, this is a brilliant ayurvedic medicine which can efficiently deal with all types of fever, hence, taking care of our physical and mental health. Every benefit Jaimangal Ras (SY) is gifting us is because of the certain factors it carries along with. But, it is not that Jaimangal Ras (SY) can do well for your fever only. There are many other roles as well that it can play in an effective manner. Sounds interesting! So, let’s today talk about this interesting topic in detail! We’ll one by one go through each and every factor contributing to the same.

Ingredients of Jaimangal Ras (SY) (जयमंगल

रस (स्व. यु.))

It is the very first factor making Jaimangal Ras (SY) an ultimate solution for several health issues. The ingredients list of Jaimangal Ras (SY) includes:

Shuddha Parada (शुद्ध पारद)Purified and Processed Mercury

Shuddha ParadaShuddha Parada is prepared by the purified and processed mercury. During the process, the shodhan karma is done to mercury in order to make it consumable for us. The process works to reduce the side-effects and toxicity of this mineral. As per Ayurveda, mercury is extracted from the Cinnabar (सिंगरफ). The mercury that we extract from cinnabar is at first processed with either of Garlic Juice, Betel leaf juice and triphala decoction. Then parad is washed in the Kanji water (चावल का पानी) in order to obtain the shuddha parad. It is used to treat the skin infections, laxative, vitiligo, microbial infection etc.

Tankana Bhasma (टंकण भस्म) – Calx of Borax

Tankana BhasmaTankana Bhasma or calx of borax is found by the calcination process done to borax powder or suhaga. The chemical name of borax is sodium borate and is also known as disodium tetraborate or sodium tetraborate. Various beneficial properties of Tankana Bhasma like expectorant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, digestive stimulant, diuretic, antispasmodic, fat burner, antimicrobial etc. make it capable of dealing with several health issues like bronchitis, dysmenorrhea, dandruff, foul-smelling urine, urinary tract infections, chest congestion, productive cough, abdominal pain etc.

Shuddha Gandhaka (शुद्ध गंधक) – Purified and processed Sulfur

Shuddha GandhakaAccording to the Ayurvedic rasa shastra principles, Shuddha Gandhaka is prepared from the purified and processed sulfur. After the process, the toxicity, side-effects and the after effects are reduced from Shuddha Gandhaka. While preparing shuddha gandhaka, four ingredients are used, i.e. gandhak (sulfur), two iron vessels, cow’s ghee and cow’s milk. This further becomes a holistic remedy for treating cancer, oral cancer, inflammation and other health conditions. It is the effectiveness of Shuddha Gandhak that makes it a vital element in various ayurvedic medicines.

Vang Bhasma (वंग भस्म) – Bhasma or calx of tin

It is its major component, i.e. tin, that makes it capable of becoming a successful element in numerous ayurvedic medicines contributing to their effectiveness. Vang bhasma is prepared of tin using the calcination process that involves shodhana (शोधन), mardana (मर्दन) and marna (मारण) karma. The health ailments that can be efficiently dealt with via vang bhasma include obesity, premature ejaculation, anemia, asthma, cough, cold, bronchitis etc. Vang bhasma is known to balance the kapha dosha in our body. As the medicine contains tin as a component, you must intake this medicine under strict medical supervision.

Tamra Bhasma (ताम्र भस्म) – Bhasma or calx of copper

Tamra BhasmaThis wonderful ayurvedic medicine is made up of the tamra or copper. This bhasma mainly takes care of the spleen, liver, stomach, intestines, skin and muscles. The various health issues that can be treated by this medicine include spleen or liver enlargement, anemia, piles, high cholesterol, ascites, parasitic infections, certain neurological disorders etc. It has the tendency to remove the residual poison in case of food poisoning. Tamra bhasma is very-well known to maintain the balance of pitta and kapha doshas in our body. Tamra bhasma works effectively to clean and heal wounds if applied with honey.

Saindhava (सैंधव) – Rock Salt

rock saltSaindhava lavan or rock salt is usually considered to be the best among all the salts. Due to its immense health benefits Ayurveda suggests to consume it on regular basis. The other names of rock salt include sheetashiva, sindhuja, naadeya and manimantha. Saindhava is usually available in two types – Shweta Saindhava (श्वेत सैंधव) and Rakta Saindhava (रक्त सैंधव). Rock salt is widely used in Ayurveda because of it being highly rich in the minerals along with the cooling, sweet and easy to digest properties. This form of salt is said to be beneficial for our eyes.

Makshika Bhasma (माक्षिक भस्म) – Bhasma or calx of copper and iron pyrite

copper and ironThis ayurvedic bhasma is made up of the powdered form of copper and iron pyrite. It becomes beneficial for us due to the presence of aphrodisiac and anti-aging properties. There are several health issues like jaundice, heartburn, bleeding piles, anemia, nausea, vomiting, headache etc. that can be efficiently treated using makshika bhasma. Along with all these mild health issues, makshika bhasma can work for you by treating certain chronic health ailments as well. These chronic health problems may include leucorrhea, diabetes, skin diseases, urinary tract infections etc. Makshika Bhasma is considered to be a perfect companion while balancing the kapha and pitta doshas.

Maricha (मरीचा ) – Black Pepper

Black PepperMaricha or black pepper or piper nigrum is the black colored fruit of the plant cultivated in the western ghats of India. It is not only a spice to give taste and flavor to your food, but it can assist you enhance your overall health also. This small fruit possesses certain properties that assist it dealing with the various health issues like dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, colic pain etc. Apart from these ailments related to the digestive system, it works effectively in dealing with the respiratory problems like cough, cold, chest congestion etc. as well.

Swarna Bhasma (स्वर्ण भस्म)  – Bhasma or calx of gold

swarna bhasmaThis exceptionally brilliant ayurvedic medicine is made up of 24 carat pure gold and this makes it gift us the magnificent healing effects. Swarna bhasma is a very potent ayurvedic bhasma and you can easily hear it as an ingredient in most of the ayurvedic medicines. The rejuvenating properties of Swarna bhasma promote longevity and hence, delay aging. It is considered to be a perfect strength and immunity booster and works as a boom even to those lying in ICCU. Swarna bhasma is very-well known to balance the vata, pitta and kapha doshas in the body.

Loha Bhasma (लौह भस्म) – Bhasma or calx of iron

lauh bhasmaLoha bhasma is the ayurvedic medicine prepared from the powdered iron. This is prepared by the performing calcination process to iron under high temperature. The certain properties of lauh bhasma include haematinic, hematogenic, fat burning, astringent, digestive stimulant, emmenagogue properties etc. Lauh bhasma is known to enhance the immunity, strength, skin complexion, skin texture, memory, intelligence, digestive power etc. The various health issues that can be solved with lauh bhasma are skin diseases, eye disorders, obesity, diabetes, vomiting, asthma, bronchitis, herpes, piles, fistula, muscle wasting, dizziness etc.

Rajata Bhasma (रजत भस्म) – Bhasma or calx of silver

rajat bhasmaIt is a potent ayurvedic medicine made up of purified and processed silver. The other names of rajat bhasma include raupya bhasma (रौप्य भस्म) or chandi bhasma (चांदी भस्म). Silver has already been used since ages to treat a number of health issues. It is considered to be a perfect companion if you want an enhanced strength, skin complexion, digestive power and immunity. The various health issues that can be taken care of using raupya bhasma are burning sensation, memory loss, dizziness, excessive thirst, diabetes, tissue wasting, urinary disorders, fever, poisoning, alcoholism, epilepsy etc.

All these ingredients of Jaimangal Ras (SY), more or less, contribute to the effectiveness of it and hence, make it a perfect tridosh shamak ayurvedic medicine. They altogether give certain properties to Jaimangal Ras (SY), hence making it capable of dealing with a number of health issues. If we are talking about the health benefits of Jaimangal Ras (SY), let’s talk in detail.

Health Benefits of Jaimangal Ras (SY) (जयमंगल रस (स्व. यु.))

Jaimangal Ras (SY) is although excessively used in dealing with all types of fever; it is still not the limit of its potential. This ayurvedic medicine can efficiently show its magnificent effects in other zones as well.

Chronic Fever (जीर्ण ज्वर)

jaimangal ras for Chronic FeverFever is mainly an indication of some underlying disease and is usually mild leaving you in 3-4 days. But, what if your fever continues to hold control over you for more than a week or month or even year? This form of fever is called chronic fever and it has the tendency to break you inside out making your immune system even weaker with every passing day.

A common form of chronic fever is q-fever or query fever. This is claimed to be very serious and can affect the vital body organs like heart, liver, brain, lungs etc. There may be one or more factors leading to the same, but whatever is the reason, the chronic fever needs the emergency treatment, otherwise it can even become a fatal for the patient. Chronic fever can be effectively treated using the Jaimangal Ras (SY).

Intermittent Fever (मियादी बुखार)

jaimangal ras for Intermittent FeverIntermittent fever is a form of fever that holds the control over the patient for a few hours out of the whole 24 hours and leaves him to be with the normal body temperature for the rest of the day. This form is basically a malarial fever and has the tendency to affect a person for a week or longer.

There are certain other forms of fever as well apart from the malarial or intermittent fever. These include the aseptic fever, central fever, chemical fever, continuous fever, septic fever, remittent fever, fever of unknown origin etc. We generally take fever casually and don’t pay any attention to it which is, of course, our stupidity. Jaimangal Ras (SY) can work effectively to treat intermittent or any other form of fever.

Enhance the health of vital body organs

Enhance the healthBrain, heart, kidneys, lungs etc. are the vital organs of our body which are very important for our existence and damage or dysfunction in any of them may lead to directly or indirectly affect the whole body. It is our immunity that keeps all the infecting elements and diseases away from our body and, hence, it is responsible for taking care of all the vital body organs as well. Jaimangal Ras (SY) assists the immune system in doing so. It takes care of our heart and mental health along with enhancing our immunity.

You have already seen the ingredients list of jaimangal ras (SY) and hence, you must have understood its effectiveness in enhancing the health of our vital body organs.

Enhance physical health (शारीरिक स्वास्थय)

enhance physical healthOur physical health is as vital to be taken care of as the mental health. It plays an important role in encouraging our appearance as well as performance. Jaimangal ras (sy) can be a great companion of yours on the way keeping yourself physically fit by enhancing your physical health. It improves the quality of sapta dhatu (सप्त धातु), i.e. juices (रस), blood (रक्त), muscles (मांस), fats (मेद), bones (अस्थि), bone marrow (मज़्ज़ा) and sperms (शुक्र) in our body and hence assists us maintain our physical health. These are some aspects to be taken into account while enhancing our physical health, but, generally people don’t know much about the same. No worries! Jaimangal Ras (SY) can do the favor to you.

So, these are the benefits of Jaimangal Ras (SY) for health. Here, you got to know about every possible aspect of this brilliant ayurvedic medicine. Still, there are some more aspects that are vital for you to know, understand and follow. Let’s have a look at those aspects as well:

Dosage of Jaimangal Ras (SY) (जयमंगल रस (स्व. यु.))

When it comes to the medicines, say it ayurvedic or any other form, one requires paying extra attention to the dosage part. This is because the dosage is a factor that determines the benefits of a medicine that you are going to achieve.

dosages of jaimangal rasIf we talk about the dosage of Jaimangal Ras (SY), one can take it 125 – 250 mg once or twice a day either before the meal or after that. But, everything has to be followed only after consulting with the ayurvedic doctor. Moreover, this medicine is recommended to be taken with honey and cumin seeds.

This ayurvedic medicine is, undoubtedly, purely safe to use. But, what if you are hypersensitive to some element comprised in it? Yes, that is why, you need to be extra careful while taking the dosage of ayurvedic medicines. Along with this, there are certain other points as well that you need to keep in mind:

  • As it consists of heavy metal ingredients, self-medication may give some harmful results.
  • Over-dose and over-duration of the medicine may lead to certain poisonous effects. So, better keep this point strictly in your mind.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to use this medicine.
  • Keep Jaimangal Ras (SY) away from the reach of the children.

jaimangal rasFollowing the intake process as mentioned or as directed by your ayurvedic doctor can assist you keep the ill-effects of the medicine at a bay and enjoy the maximum health benefits of Jaimangal Ras (SY).

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