Are you suffering from acute earache that is not allowing you to sleep at night? Does your baby cry every night because of pain in the ear? Is tinnitus not allowing you to have even a single breathe of peace? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this is the place you will get solution for all your problems. You might have tried everything from pain reliever to antibiotics, but if you try nagaradi tailam for tinnitus and for all other problems, you will never ever have to face the same trouble again. Nagaradi tailam is the gift of ayurveda which is made up of some herbs and herbal oil. This oil is definitely more than just ordinary oil because of the tremendous medicinal properties it has.

ayurvedaAyurveda is the science of life and by every means it does teaches us to live a healthy and happy life by providing some unique and effective solutions to every problem that can create trouble in human body. Nagaradi tailam is just one example and if you start exploring ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, this ancient yet modern science will leave you fascinated by the power and reach. This magnificent science is now gaining popularity not only in India but people from all over the world are now looking forward to ayurveda for treating their health issues. This is because of the research outcomes from every corner of the world that are continuously proving that ayurveda is not only safe but it is also effective. Today, we will try to explore a tool of ayurveda- nagaradi tailam. This oil is famous for treating ailments occurring in the body parts above neck. We will try to see how this oil is made and how it is effective in treating problems like earache and tinnitus. Doctors often recommend it to patients suffering from pain or infection in the ear. Sometimes it is also prescribed for gargling based upon the disease. Let us see everything about this magnificent oil and then we will have a short talk about from where to get consultation from an ayurvedic doctor for free.


rock saltNagara (ginger) Saindhava (rock salt), magadhi (long pepper), musta (cyperus rotundus), gokshura (tribulus terrestris), vasa (adhatoda vasica), lasuna (garlic), taila (sesame oil) and arkapatra swarasa are some of the ingredients of nagaradi tailam. Out of all these, you might have heard about garlic, ginger and sesame oil. These are commonly used in Indian kitchens, but they are now gaining respect as medicinal herbs because of several research and reports suggesting their effectiveness against many infections and diseases. Ginger is used in sore throat, blocked nose, sinusitis and tonsillitis as well. But for ear infections also it has a prominent role to play.

This makes it the perfect cure for all the problems relating to your ear, nose or throat. Similarly, Salt has a crucial role to play in ENT disorders. Regardless of the site of infection, you can use salt as a way to get rid of the infection, pain and inflammation in any of the three parts. Garlic too has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help in quickly healing the ear infection and relieving severe pain. In fact, in India, boiling garlic cloves in sesame oil and then putting a few drops in ear is considered to be a great solution to all ear related problems. But this is risky as you might not have an idea of the temperature of the oil and this may land you in trouble. So, it is better you use what is provided with ayurveda- nagaradi tailam. It contains all the goodness of garlic, sesame oil and much more because it is prepared naturally. Since its method of preparation involves no chemicals, you can easily trust it.

Apart from these three extremely common components, nagaradi tailam is also made up of some rare herbs. All of the ingredients listed above are mixed together and processed following a natural process as given in the ayurvedic texts. The end product is nagaradi tailam- medicinal oil that can be used in every problem related to ear, nose or throat. Let us see where and how one can use nagaradi tailam.


nagaradi tailam for tinnitusIt is said that nagaradi tailam can be used for any ailment above neck, and following this statement we can clearly conclude that ear nose and throat are the major parts that can be benefited with the use of nagaradi tailam. Doctor’s specifically prescribe ayurvedic nagaradi tailam for tinnitus and other ear problems, but if we look deeply, all these three parts are interconnected. The problems occurring in ear, throat and nose are often ignored because we feel they are not chronic and life threatening. But, it is high time you should realize that the ear, nose and throat are the gateways of the body to pathogenic germs. Hence, they are susceptible to infections caused by many pathogenic microorganisms. This is why the problems are even more frequent at the time of season change when you are susceptible to many allergies flying in the air. Although half of the times the symptoms are bearable, but you have to act in order to avoid them becoming unbearable. It is sometimes even possible that some infections do not produce acute symptoms but do damage your body internally. So, keeping all this in mind, we feel that nagaradi tailam is what every patient suffering from earache and tinnitus needs.

nagaradi tailam for ear acheEaraches are extremely painful condition that is very uncomfortable, especially when the victim is a child. You might have seen little babies complaining about pain in ear and sometimes even those who can’t speak and tell suffer from ear problems. Reason can be anything from blockage of nasal passage, to other symptoms of common cold, or due to accumulation of ear wax in several layers. And is you think it is just pain in ear, let me tell you that fever also is one of the symptoms of earache. Yes, a minor infection in one of the smallest body parts can raise your body temperature to very high. You may need to take antibiotic to bring your body temperature back to normal. So, taking earache for granted is a stupidity when you know that it can be easily resolved with the use of ayurvedic nagaradi tailam.

Apart from earache, nagaradi tailam is also ultimate medicinal oil for the treatment of tinnitus. Have you ever heard of tinnitus? It is a mild buzzing or ringing sensation occurring repeatedly in your ear. The mild ringing or buzzing sound is alright if it just for a fraction of seconds, but more than that it creates nuisance not only in your ear but brain also. Tinnitus is that sound which can be persistent or occur on intervals in both your ears. Sometimes it is only one ear which is consistently hearing that irritating sound and the other times, both the ears may be at risk. Loss of hearing due to age, or a serious injury may be a reason behind this buzz in your ear. Sometimes exposure to very loud noise can create this scene but temporarily. Blockage in the ear due to excess of ear wax, infection in the upper respiratory tract, high altitudes can also create this trouble along with earache. Whatever are the reasons, there is nothing more irritating than a sound following your ear continuously, but luckily, we have a solution. You can use nagaradi tailam for tinnitus and it will give you desired results.

There are many other products in market claiming that they can treat tinnitus, and the decision of choosing one is up to you. You can go for nagaradi tailam for tinnitus and relax for the rest of your life, or you can try one or two such products and then settle for ayurvedic nagaradi tailam. Ultimately only ayurveda has a solution to annoying problem like tinnitus and the earlier you use nagaradi tailam for tinnitus, the better it will be for your health.

In all we can say that one can count on nagaradi tailam for tinnitus treatment as well as for all other diseases related to the mouth, head, ear and nose caused by excessive phlegm and cold. Especially for health ailments that are concerned with the oral and nasal cavities, nagaradi tailam is the best.


Nagaradi tailam is often included in ayurvedic procedures like Karna Poorana. It is an ayurvedic process of treating ear aliments by pouring nagaradi tailam drops into the ear of the patient. Since it is not a simple process and requires expertise, it must be done by an experienced ayurvedic practitioner. If you also want to undergo that process, you may consult an ayurvedic doctor.

At home, you can use nagaradi tailam for head massage if your doctor has told you to do so. Using nagaradi tailam for head massage has its own set of benefits. Sometimes, it is also recommended for gargling. But again, you need a doctor’s advice on how and when to use this medicinal oil. Don’t worry, we will now tell you the easiest way to consult an ayurvedic doctor online. Today the entire world is connected through internet and because of this connectivity, you can today not only get ayurvedic medicines at your doorsteps, but getting consultation from an ayurvedic doctor too is as easy as making a phone call. For instance, an ayurvedic company in Delhi is working for breaking all the barriers between the people of India and ayurveda by providing free home delivery. This not only eliminates the issue of availability which was once cited by many patients willing to use ayurveda, but also reduces the cost of ayurvedic medicines.

And the same ayurvedic company in Delhi- parmanand ayurveda, provides you direct interaction with highly experienced doctors. Can you guess what the charges are for this? Usually whenever we consult a doctor we pay on average something between 300 and 500 per visit. But with this ayurvedic company in Delhi, you have to pay nothing. Yes, they provide you free consultation over phone. It might sound unbelievable at first, but it is true and you can also avail all these offers by simply visiting the website of parmanand ayurveda. Here you will get a collection of almost all the ayurvedic medicines manufactured by different brands. This not only makes the comparison easier, but you will have so many choices under one roof.

So, we can conclude by saying that with parmanand ayurveda- the only ayurvedic company in Delhi providing free home delivery, you can not only save you valuable money, but priceless health also. Stop torturing your body with the harmful drugs and treat your body with ayurveda to live a long and healthy life.

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