Is cough and cold troubling you every other day? Do you think you have a strong respiratory system despite the severe levels of pollution in the air? Today, rarely anyone has a healthy respiratory tract and all this is because of the increasing level of pollutants and hazardous gases in the environment. Every year metro cities like Delhi sees a few days of enormous smog in the air. With low visibility, it creates a threat to our health as well. But do you think it is only those days of no visibility when pollution is present in the air. No, it is just that the level of pollution is extremely high and unbearable during the changing season and it is present is substantial amount round the year also. So, if you think you are breathing in good air during the rest of the year, think again and check the stats. In the WHO European Region alone, exposure to particulate matter (PM) decreases the life expectancy of every person by an average of almost 1 year, mostly due to increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and lung cancer. Not only this, there are several other unimaginable effects of pollution that calls for a holistic care for respiratory system. We are telling you all this because you need the detoxification of your respiratory system as badly as anyone else.

why is ayurveda

Even if you aren’t suffering from any particular respiratory disease at present, for a healthy future, you have to leave the illusion that everything in your respiratory tract is fine. Much of the toxic elements we breathe in is still there and can anytime create a problem. So, you have to make sure that for treating temporary infections to chronic respiratory problems, you choose a system that heals you holistically and detoxifies your body. The only alternative that can provide you with both is ayurveda. With ayurvedic medicines like draksharishta, ayurveda has utilized the goodness of draksha and all other healing properties offered by many other herbs to act in favor of human health. Draksharishta is the perfect answer to all the respiratory problems arising due to bad quality of air, preserved and packaged food and low immunity as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. So, today we need something like draksharishta, right? But what is draksharishta and what are its benefits? Do you know how draksharishta is prepared and what exactly is the source of its power is?

If you haven’t yet used draksharishta, there are chances that you aren’t aware of any benefits of it, but even if you have used this wonder liquid, you might not know anything except the benefits.  This Ayurvedic medicine acts like a tonic in general weakness, malaise, and Emaciation. It provides strength, vitality and vigor and also makes it hard for the diseases to affect us by raising the immunity. But this is not sufficient and if you want to use ayurvedic draksharishta, you should know all the details about the ayurvedic product. So, let us start with the ingredients and gradually we will see every bit of detail of draksharishta. Also, there are many companies selling ayurvedic products online and offline and hence it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose. We will also tell you about an ayurvedic company in Delhi which provides all the ayurvedic products online at lowest price.


Vitis viniferaDry grapes or draksha are the primary ingredients of draksharishta, but they alone cannot make the amazing liquid. Dry grapes have been used for healing purposes since ages, but with the situation of environment getting worse day by day, we need an extremely strong solution. Hence other herbs are also added to the draksha so that what we get is capable enough to heal any types of respiratory problem. So, during the preparation of draksharishta, we also need water for Kashayam. The water is boiled and reduced to half the volume and then is filtered before including into the preparation. Jaggery, Twak (Cinnamon), Ela (cardamom), Patra (Cinnamomum tamala) and Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea) are also included in some form.  All these are blended together in the predefined proportion to obtain draksharishta. Next you will see some of the benefits of using draksharishta.


Draksharishta for respiratory problems

Draksharishta for respiratory problemsDraksharishta for respiratory problems is very famous and it is extensively used in respiratory diseases like cold, cough, COPD, chest injuries. Draksharishta is one of the Ayurvedic medicines which also improve strength and immunity. Because it is loaded with carbs, particularly natural sugars like fructose and glucose, raisins that are a good source of energy, draksharishta is extremely useful in recovering from many diseases. So, to fight with the most common problem of the time, draksharishta for respiratory problems is one stop solution.

Draksharishta for stomach issues

Draksharishta for stomach issuesDraksharishta increases the digestive power and promotes bowel movements and it is all because of the presence of raisins in high concentration. Raisins contain potassium and magnesium, which help in reducing acidity levels in your stomach. These natural ingredients are also loaded with fibers, which swells when they absorb water and effectively provide relief in painful constipation. Draksharishta also helps in intestinal cleansing because it helps flush out the toxins from your intestine by improving you digestion. It is useful in relieving gastritis and hyperacidity also.

It is also used in the treatment of skin diseases of Pitta origin. Raisins are a rich source of iron and copper as well as B complex vitamins which are vital for the formation of red blood cells. And hence, you can also use this ayurvedic medicine for problems like anemia and weakness, and of course, this is one of the best possible ways to enhance the immunity. In all, we can say that draksharishta for respiratory problems as well as for many other intolerable and frequent problems is the ultimate, healthy and holistic cure. So, one must know how to utilize it for the betterment of your health and for curing many diseases. Let us now see how to use draksharishta for respiratory problems and all other issues.


doses of DraksharishtaThe ayurvedic doctors recommend 12 – 24 ml. of draksharishta for respiratory problems and all other diseases. This amount can be taken either once or twice a day after food.
If you find the taste very bad, you can try mixing it with equal quantity of water. But, one thing has to be kept in mind while using draksharishta or any other ayurvedic medicine. And that is consulting an ayurvedic doctor before starting the use of any medicine. The dose of draksharishta is not fixed and will vary depending on your age, medical history and present health challenges, and hence it is best you first consult an ayurvedic doctor and then take ayurvedic medicines. in a short while, you will see an ayurvedic company in Delhi that is working to make using ayurveda easier by not only providing ayurvedic products online, but by providing free online consultation from highly experienced and expert doctors. Before that, it is crucial to see the precautionary and safety measures.


Draksharishta is absolutely safe and like many other ayurvedic medicines, you can take it without worrying about the side effects. But because of the ingredients present in draksharishta, it is not an ideal medicine for everyone. If you belong to any one of the following categories, you should talk to the ayurvedic doctor before taking draksharishta.

  • Diabetes mellitus is one condition in which you should not take draksharishta. Patients suffering from any type of diabetes should avoid this ayurvedic formulation because of the presence of jaggery.
  • If you are suffering from gastric irritation or ulcer or have a history of any one of them, you should avoid this as it may increase the irritation due to the hot and deep penetrative qualities of self fermented alcohol.

Also, you should be precautions about the dose of draksharishta because taking it in a dose higher than recommended may cause gastric irritation. You should also consume a lot of water when you are on draksharishta because if sufficient amount of water is not taken along with this Arishtha, it may cause mouth ulcers and some other problems. This is why we have been telling you to consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking any ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines are effectives and this is now a universally accepted truth, but to gain maximum benefits, you need to follow some precautions. And to get the exact detail of how to use any ayurvedic medicine in order to stay safe and gain effective results, you must talk to an ayurvedic doctor. And nowadays, it is extremely easy as there is one ayurvedic company in Delhi which is providing free online consultation from highly experienced ayurvedic doctors.

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