Arogyavardhini Vati
The word ‘Arogya’ means good health or disease free and ‘Vardhini’ means improver. The name itself speaks of the abilities of this ayurvedic medicine. Arogyavardhini vati is a formulation, which improves your health and brings a disease free future. But, because it is an ayurvedic medicine, only name is not enough and there are a lot of other things one should know before starting the use of arogyavardhini vati. Starting from its reference in ancient ayurvedic texts to some recent modern research papers studying the effect of the same are coming your way. It is fascinating that arogyavardhini vati can gift you a healthy body, but not anyone and everyone can take it. There are some limitations of arogyavardhini vati as well. So, it is better we are aware of every side of the coin before concluding something that can severely impact our heath. No, I am not saying that arogyavardhini vati is not suitable for you, but it is just that to grab its benefits, one must know the right method of using it.

arogyavardhini vati-2This holds true for almost every ayurvedic medicine. So, let us dig deeper and see whether you can use arogyavrdhini vati or not, and if yes, then what is the right way to gain everything it has in store for you. In the coming sections, you will see some amazing benefits of using arogyavardhini vati and also some precautions everyone should follow. We often feel happy about the immense power of ayurvedic medicines, but with this power come the responsibility to utilize it only for the good. And with this responsibility, you can always stay safe and once you are using arogyavardhini vati safely, it is surely going to give you desired results. We have all kinds of proofs in favor of the effectiveness of arogyavardhini vati. Those who strictly believe the unmatchable ayurvedic references, you can find the detailed description of arogyavardhini vati in Rasaratnasamucchaya and in Bhaishyajyaratnavali.

Arogyavardhini vati has been mentioned in Rasaratnasamucchaya in the context of Kustha (skin disorder) and in Bhaishyajyaratnavali as a method to deal with Yakritvikara (liver disorder). These were two very famous and reliable ayurvedic texts which gave solution to almost all the diseases. If you believe these texts more than the scientific evidence, arogyavardhini vati is for you. But in case you always decide the credibility of a medicine by the experimental studies and research performed on it, then also you need not disappoint. We have several research journals in which a number of studies have already been published on arogyavardhini vati.

LAUH BHASMA (SHATPUTI) FOR LIVERWorld Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences published a report on “the efficacy of arogyavardhini vati in alcoholic fatty liver”. In this study, the effect of arogyavardhini vati in fatty liver disorder was evaluated for its effectiveness on the liver affected by high consumption of alcohol and the results mesmerized even the strongest believer of allopathy. Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research published a research testing another aspect of arogyavardhini vati in 2016. “Arogyavardhini Vati: A theoretical analysis” was the title of the research paper and the author tried to see all the common uses, efficacy and safety of arogyavardhini vati.

In addition to these two, Journal of ethnopharmacology, a famous journal on medicines and healing science published an article on testing the safety of arogyavardhini vati. The safety evaluation of an Ayurvedic medicine, Arogyavardhini Vati on brain, liver and kidney was evaluated on rats. The finding of the clinical study and experiments suggested that Arogyavardhini vati in the doses equivalent up to 10 times of the human dose administered to rats for 28 days does not have appreciable toxicological effects on brain, liver and kidney.

If we continue talking about all those studies and experiments, we won’t be able to conclude really soon. We will talk about the benefits of using arogyavardhini vati in fatty liver disorders and other such problems in the coming sections. So, we will now try to examine the ingredients of arogyavardhini vati. These are the components from which this ayurvedic medicine inherits all its properties and power.


INGREDIENTS OF AROGYAVARDHINI VATIHaritaki, vibhitaki, juice extract of neem, amalaki or Indian gooseberry, shilajatu, guggulu, chitra, and tikta are some of the herbal ingredients of arogyavardhini vati. These add many medicinal properties to the end product, but apart from these herbs, arogyavardhini vati is full of the goodness extracted from many purified minerals. Tamra Bhasma/ copper bhasma shuddha gandhaka (purified sulphur), loha bhasma/ iron bhasma, shuddha parada (purified mercury) and abhraka bhasma are the mineral components of arogyavardhini vati. All these herbs and minerals are mixed together in quantities specified in ayurvedic texts to obtain the ultimate healer and health enhancer- arogyavardhini vati.

First of all, the minerals taken are purified with precision and care. Once they are purified and detoxified, all the above ingredients are taken except Neem. Purified minerals and other herbs are triturated and the mixture is converted into a fine powder. This powder is then grounded with Neem juice extracts. The paste thus formed is then given the form of small pills. These pills are packed and sold at various stores online and offline.


Stronger immune system with arogyavardhini vati

immune system with arogyavardhini vatiImmunity is the key to stay disease free. There are millions of bacteria and viruses trying to invade into our body and once they enter, they make our body a temporary or permanent home. If we have a stronger immune system, either these harmful micro organisms will not enter into our bodies, or they will not survive for too long. This is not the only role of immunity and it can be viewed as the body’s own healing mechanism. So, in order to stay away from medicines, minimize you medical expenses and gift yourself a healthy and long life, having a stronger immunity is must.

Sadly, the food we survive on and the air we breathe along with the bad lifestyle choices have made it impossible to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Don’t worry, here arogyavardhini vati can help you a lot. By boosting your immune system, arogyavardhini vati can help you lead a disease free life, justifying the name given to it. So, if you also want to live a life without medicines and a life that is much healthier that what you are living today, talk to an ayurvedic doctor.

Heal your skin using arogyavardhini vati

skin using arogyavardhini vatiSeveral research publications have proved that what the ayurvedic texts claimed was right. Aryogyavardhini vati is excellent at treating skin problems like itching and eczema. Eczema is a common skin issue in which the patches of skin suffer from inflammation, redness and sometimes blisters also develop. It is very difficult to get rid of and every now and then you have to struggle with the common symptoms of eczema. Even if you do everything possible to treat the problem and get your normal skin back, there are certain environmental factors that cannot be manipulated and have a significant impact on eczema affected skin. Arogyavardhini vati in this case can also help. Due to the mild herbs and strong minerals present, the overall medium nature of arogyavardhini vati is neither too harsh for skin, nor too mild. So, it proves to be the perfect treatment for conditions like eczema.

Arogyavardhini vati improves digestion

IndigestionArogyavardhini vati can be used as a digestion enhancer. It helps people who are in trouble because of bloated stomach. And bloating is not all, but many ayurveduc doctors often recommend the use of arogyavardhini vati in dealing with chronic constipation. These are two very common problems people often ignore, but you should keep in mind that they are the source of many other severe diseases. So, it is must you have a natural solution to all of them and arogyavardhini is a potent solution to these stomach related problems. arogyavardhini vati is also an appetizer, so, it can also help people dealing with anorexia.

Some people suffering from inflammation in gall bladder also have found great relief in the form of arogyavardhini vati. Also, there are many others who use arogyavardhini vati in fatty liver disorder. Many researchers suggest that the use of arogyavardhini vati in fatty liver disorders caused because of drinking alcohol in excess can undo the damage. Relief in hypertension is also another benefit of using arogyavardhini vati.


Any amount between 120 to 500 mg of arogyavardhini vati is safe as well as effective. You can take this amount once or twice a day before or after food. Your ayurvedic doctor might prescribe you with an amount lower of in rare cases higher than this depending on the need of your body. It is usually good to take arogyavardhini vati along with honey, fresh ginger juice, neem juice, water or milk. Many researchers also claim that arogyavardhini vati works best when taken with other adjuvants.


cunsult a doctorAll of us are aware of the fact that ayurvedic medicines are free from any kind of side effects. These days, the same truth is being proved again and again as each ayurvedic medicine is being studied extensively. Arogyavardhini vati is one of the few ayurvedic medicines which is proven for safety. The drug does not have appreciable toxicological effects on brain, liver and kidney. But yes, one precaution you need to take is about the dose of arogyavardhini vati you are taking. Because it is a mixture of herbs and minerals, the strong nature demands the use of this medicine carefully. So, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor about the doses and other major precautions.

The meaning of the term Arogyavardhani indicates which can destroy all the diseases and promotes health by balancing all the three Dosha. And this is not an ancient text, but is a proven fact now. So, you can also use arogyavardhini vati in fatty liver disorders and many other diseases. Arogyavardhini vati is the perfect solution to those who want to cure their body holistically and naturally.  If you also belong to the group of those people, you have entire ayurveda working for the betterment of your health. And if you still rely on allopathic medicines, you are continuously putting your long term health at stake. But, because the health is yours, decision also should be yours. We have given you all the information necessary to start using arogyavardhini vati, but this doesn’t give you an opportunity to self medicate. This information is enough only to help you make a decision to choose between ayurvedic arogyavardhini vati and allopathic medicines available for your problem. If you have any problem finding an ayurvedic doctor near your place, you can just make a call to parmanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company in Delhi provides you with free online consultation from highly experienced doctors.

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