Diabetes can be Effectively Treated Using Madhumehari Granules

Madhumehari Granules For Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus or madhumeh is not a new name in front of all of us. Instead it is one of the most common health ailments impacting number of people worldwide. But, the ultimate side-effect free solution is only in the hands of Ayurveda. Does Ayurveda really work? Yes, it does! Ayurveda can perform better than any other medical science; it is just that people don’t believe in the same. Well, for those who believe, let me tell you that today I am going to explain you about one of the most effective ayurvedic medicines for the diabetes treatment, i.e. Madhumehari Granules. We’ll talk about why this option is so brilliant, but before that, let’s talk about some details related to diabetes.

A person gets impacted by diabetes due to high glucose or high sugar level present in the body. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that can affect anyone regardless the age, gender, weight or any other factor. But, the question is – “Does Diabetes occur overnight?” Well no, it is not a disease that influences you overnight; instead diabetes is a complete process consisting of six stages known as “Shat Kriya Kaal”. Well, this may seem strange to you because this is the concept of Ayurveda and none other medical science has any clue about how diabetes affects a person. So, what is “Shat Kriya Kaal”? Your answer is here.

What is Diabetes According to Ayurveda?

It is basically a process consisting of six stages that define the occurrence of diabetes in your body from the very day one. The first stage is said to have occurred when there is an imbalance in any of the tridoshas. Then it leads to the second stage that causes agitation. Now, the turn is for the third stage when the disease gets spread in the whole body and then it reaches the vulnerable area which is known to be the fourth stage. Next comes the fifth stage when the disease gets manifested and in the sixth stage, the symptoms become clearly visible.

ayurveda for diabteseThis is something only an Ayurveda practitioner can elaborate and help you understand. Otherwise, all the other medical sciences neither accept this concept nor do they carry their own concept about the occurrence of the disease. Did you know that Diabetes is curable? Well yes, diabetes can be reversed and cured till the fourth stage and that too only with the help of Ayurveda and no heaps of expensive medicines can do the same. Sushruta, a well-known name in the field of Ayurveda, one of the best and all-time Ayurveda practitioners, has mentioned the different symptoms that the diabetic people with different doshas experience. According to him –

  • The people with vata dosha face heaviness in heart, breathing problems and shivering in the body as the common symptoms of diabetes.
  • The people with pitta dosha experience acidity, dizziness, insomnia, burning sensation in heart etc. in the form of diabetes symptoms.
  • Kapha dosha people experience anorexia, indigestion and hypersomnia as the symptoms of diabetes.

But, this concept doesn’t lie valuable or even considerable for the modern medical sciences. According to them, diabetes impacts a person due to:

  • Lack of insulin production in the body
  • The body remains incapable of making or using the produced insulin

type of diabeteseWhen your body doesn’t remain capable of producing the sufficient amount of insulin, it is called diabetes type 1 and in diabetes type 2, your body becomes incapable of using sufficient amount of insulin. More than 50% of the diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes, but diabetes type 1 is also impacting number of people worldwide now-a-days. If we talk about the most common symptoms of diabetes, these include intense thirst and hunger, unintentional weight gain or weight loss, frequent urination, fatigue, unhealed cuts, wounds etc. The other symptoms include numbness, erectile dysfunction in men and tingling in hands and legs as well.

But, Ayurveda has given the solution in the form of Madhumehari Granules that consists of the brilliant ingredients making it so impactful. So, let’s first talk about the ingredients of Madhumehari Granules.

Ingredients of Madhumehari Granules

The ingredients of Madhumehari Granules work to place it in the list of best ayurvedic medicines for diabetes. The list of ingredients of Madhumehari Granules includes:

  • Gudmar – Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Jamun Guthali – Syzgium Cumini
  • Giloy or Guduchi – Tinospora Cordifolia
  • Karela Beej – Momordia Charantia
  • Cutch or Khadira – Acacia Catechu
  • Haldi – Curcuma Longa
  • Tejpatra – Emblica Officinalis
  • Shilajeet – Asphaltum
  • Goolar – Ficus Glomerata
  • Kutki – Picrorhiza Kurroa
  • Chitrak – Plumbago Zeylanica
  • Methi – Foenum Graecum
  • Bilwapatra – Aegle Mamelos
  • Neem Patti – Azadirachta Indica
  • Trivang Bhasma

Here, the major ingredients are gudmar, jamun, guduchi, shilajeet and trivang bhasma. So, let’s now have a glimpse on the brilliancy of these major ingredients.


Gudmar for diabteseGudmar or gymnema sylvestre or meshashringi is the first major ingredient of Madhumehari Granules. It is considered as a perfect ayurvedic herb that brilliantly solves the issues related to high sugar (glucose) level in the body. This effect has been indicated by the name “gudmar = gud + mar” as well. Gudmar possesses the astringent properties along with a bitter taste that gets converted into the pungent one after being digested. If we mention the parts of the plant used for the medicinal purposes, these include leaves and roots. Gudmar possesses the constituents like gymnemic acid, quereitol, gymnemine, gymnemagenin and gypenosies. All these altogether make gudmar very helpful in dealing with diabetes, renal calculi, cough, jaundice, snake poison etc. It is the effectiveness of gudmar that make it a powerful ingredient in most of the ayurvedic medicines prepared for diabetes treatment.


jamun for diabetesJamun is highly rich in carotene, iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus etc. Moreover, it consists of the antioxidants, phytochemicals and vitamin C as well. It is known to be very helpful in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. All the elements of jamun like fruit, seeds, leaves, stem and bark are used for the medicinal purposes. However, for dealing with diabetes, the jamun seeds are preferred. The various health issues one can deal with via using jamun are diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive issues etc. Moreover, it possesses the antioxidant properties that work brilliantly to detoxify the body, hence, keeping all the toxins and free radicals out of the body and helping us stay fit and healthy. Jamun guthali churna is a perfect ayurvedic medicine given to the diabetic patients.


Shilajit1 for diabeteseShilajit is a sticky substance that is found in the rocks of the Himalayas. It is an effective ayurvedic medicine to deal with numerous health issues. Shilajit possesses the brilliant constituents like humic acids, fulvic acids and DBPs. In India, Shilajeet is considered as the “Destroyer of Weakness” and hence, it is used for dealing with the problems related to physical weakness. This amazing herb works to support the energy, memory, nutrients’ absorption, balanced blood sugar, efficient detoxification etc. in our body. The different health issues that one can solve using Shilajit include Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, low testosterone levels (men), early aging, anemia, infertility, heart related issues etc. Shilajit is used both as the individual medicine as well as the ingredient in other medicines in the field of Ayurveda.

Trivang Bhasma

Trivang bhasma for diabeteseTrivang bhasma is a wonderful mineral ayurvedic medicine which consists of the ingredients named as vang (tin), nag (lead) and yashad (zinc). This ayurvedic medicine is considered very helpful in maintaining the balance of vata and pitta doshas in the body. Trivang Bhasma consists of the properties like androgenic and aphrodisiac properties. The different aspects where trivang bhasma can be used effectively include the treatment of diabetes, urinary tract diseases, impotency, erectile dysfunction and nocturnal emission in men and leucorrhea, unexplained infertility, underdeveloped breasts etc. in women. Along with all these, the problems like glycosuria, frequent urination, urinary incontinence etc. can also be efficiently treated using Trivang bhasma. As this medicine is completely based on the strong minerals, this medicine can be used only under strict medical supervision.


giloy for diabeteseAyurveda considers this herb as “amrita”. Guduchi or giloy is considered one of the best ayurvedic herbs found on earth. This is because it is very effective in dealing with most of our health issues, starting from the very mild ones to the chronic ones. It is said that guduchi possesses certain properties and medicinal effects that none other herb on earth possesses. This efficient herb can maintain the balance of all our doshas, i.e. vata, pitta and kapha at one time. Fever, microbial infections, burning sensation, fatigue, leprosy, gout, rheumatoid arthritis etc. are a few ones from the huge list of the health ailments that can be treated easily using Guduchi. Guduchi or gudmar can efficiently act as a rejuvenator for our body along with boosting our immune system.

So, you might have got the idea about why madhumehari granules is an effective ayurvedic medicine. Well yes, all these ingredients altogether make madhumehari granules a potent option to deal with the diabetic symptoms. These all ingredients gift Madhumehari Granules the brilliant health benefiting properties like diuretic, anti-poisonous, digestive, astringent, anti-obesity, anti-pyretic, aphrodisiac, rejuvenating, hematinic, analgesic etc. properties. All these properties are responsible for all the health benefits we gain from Madhumehari Granules.

Health Benefits of Madhumehari Granules

We have already talked about what is diabetes and how it influences you. Moreover, we have talked about the ingredients of Madhumehari Granules. So, what is the solution for diabetes treatment? Well, no need to think more now! The ultimate solution is Madhumehari Granules.

diabtese treatmentKeeping your dilemma about how to treat diabetes into mind, the Ayurvedic Practitioners decided to gift you the brilliant ayurvedic medicines for your well-being. It is ultimately in fornt of us in the form of Madhumehari granules. This ayurvedic medicine works efficiently to solve your issues related to diabetes.

All the ingredients and properties of Madhumehari granules make it a great option to deal with diabetes and its associated symptoms very effectively. Yes, Diabetes can be effectively controlled and treated using Madhumehari Granules. Apart from diabetes and associated symptoms, Madhumehari Granules is very beneficial for dealing with the other health issues as well, which include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Numbness and Debility
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling sensation in palm, soles etc.

So, these are the health issues that can be easily taken care of using Madhumehari Granules. But for achieving the benefits of Madhumehari Granules, you need to be aware of the dosage of Madhumehari Granules as well. So, now I believe it’s the time to talk about the dosage of Madhumehari Granules.

Dosage of Madhumehari granules

consult an doctorThe dosage of madhumehari granules is 3-5 grams, i.e. one teaspoon, along with warm water twice a day. You can intake the medicine either before the meal or after it as recommended by the ayurvedic doctor. As it is made up of the natural elements without having any adulteration done in it, it is completely safe to use. Still, I’ll recommend you to consult the ayurvedic doctor first and then only go for the medicinal dosage.

Diabetes is the chronic disease that is said to be completed incurable by our modern medical science, but did you know that it can be perfectly cured in Ayurveda till the fourth stage (till the fourth stage, diabetes can be reversed and hence cured)? This is something only Ayurveda can do for you. But, even if you have reached the incurable stage of diabetes, it can be kept under control effectively with the help of Ayurvedic medicines and that too without getting any kind of harmful effects in return. This is one of the enormous reasons that make us consider Ayurveda as the most effective and best medical science.

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