A case study published in “Journal of pharmaceutical and scientific innovation” on the effect of ayurveda in the management of fibromyalgia advocated the use of dhanwantaram tailam in the panchakarma procedure as it was helpful in relieving the symptoms like pain, fatigue, tenderness and headache. And this is just one article published in 2015, we have so many other studies and experiments proving the effectiveness of this ayurvedic oil against several health ailments. So, if researchers of the decade are to be believed, dhanwantaram tailam  is a natural, side effect free and unbelievable effective way to deal with some extremely painful bone issues, stomach problems and also the otherwise impossible to treat paralysis. At some places, you will also find references of this oil being used to treat something as common as fever and headache. So, if all this is true, we have a new sensational ayurvedic help in the form of dhanwantaram tailam.

ayurveda vs allopathyWe no more will have to take the harmful painkillers to calm down the sharp pain of osteoarthritis, and for curing normal day to day illnesses too, we will not have to waste our money on allopathic medicines. Allopathy vs ayurveda is a topic of debate for a really long time, but now we are almost concluding. Yes, we have a clear winner of the more than a decade long debate on allopathy vs ayurveda. Today both the healing sciences are in news but for completely different reasons. Allopathy, which was once extensively used worldwide, is still the most talked about science, but for the undesirable side effects that allopathic medicines leave behind. These side effects are not only undesirable, but unfortunately unavoidable as well. There is no way you can control the side effects of allopathic medicines. On the other hand, ayurveda is emerging as a holistic cure for everything that can bother a human being. It is once again ready to become ubiquitous in the field of medicines, probably because it is the only science which is free from all ill effects and has unmatchable benefits of human body.

So, now there is no need to tell who the winner in the fight of allopathy vs ayurveda is. Let us now see one of the most powerful and beneficial oil available in ayurveda- dhanwantaram tailam. It is magnificent oil which can be used for the betterment of your health, for fighting with general debility, and for dealing with some critical conditions like paralysis. And its uses for humans do not end here; hence we will talk about the uses of dhanwantaram tailam in detail in the coming sections. Not only are the uses crucial, it is also important to have a complete knowledge of what makes dhawantaram tailam so powerful, what is the best way to use it and who should avoid using it. Knowing the name of dhanwantaram tailam is not enough, neither it is sufficient to know the list of diseases which it can cure, if you really want to use it as a help, it is crucial to know each and every aspect of the ayurvedic medicine. So, let us get started and know our tool in a better way.


Every website will tell you only a set of benefit of dhanwantaram tailam, but when you want to get details about from what dhanwantaram taulam is made up of, you will get only one word as answer- “herbs”. But at parmanand ayurveda, we will tell you the entire list of herbs which are mixed together to form this wonderful oil. Starting from giving you complete and authentic information, to providing you free online consultation, parmanand ayurveda is the only ayurvedic company in Delhi that doesn’t charge for delivery for any of its products. We will talk in detail about this too in a short while, but before that, let us see the ingredients of dhanwantaram tailam.

Dhawantaram tailam is made up of some purely natural and extremely effective herbs to deal with a large number of health problems. Dhanwantharam tailam is a great combination of sesame oil, cow milk, hordeum vulgare, dolichos biflorus, uraria picta, tribulus terrestris, rubia cardofolia, saussurea lappa, ichnocarpus frusescens and parmelia paerlata etc. Out of these, even if you haven’t yet heard of any other herbal ingredients, sesame oil and cow’s milk are the two components of dhanwantaram tailam that almost every Indian is aware of. These two are used in natural form as home remedy for many chronic diseases, and they are also found in products available in market in some form. Apart from these two, the other herbs might sound new to you, but they too are highly beneficial for your health. Let us see in which diseases we can use and the resultant medicinal capacity that we get after mixing all these in predetermined proportion.


After processing all the ingredients of dhanwantaram tailam passing them through various stages, we get highly effective and tremendously beneficial dhanwantaram tailam. And from its ingredients, this oil inherits some general properties like anti inflammatory, carminative, adaptogenic, analgesic, antispasmodic and antioxidant. Apart from these generally beneficial medicinal capabilities, some rarely found abilities like neuro- protective, anti-paralytic, and anti-arthritic properties are also seen. Let us see some diseases which can be cured with these medicinal properties.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Dhanwantaram tailam For Rheumatoid arthritisThe joint of hand, feet and even any other part of your body get inflamed and they become the source of unbearable pain. In patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the body tissues start attacking their own system. Since it is an auto immune disease, no permanent solution to this exist in allopathic medicinal science. But fortunately, we have ayurveda by our side, which can cure most of the diseases which are still believed to be incurable in allopathy. Dhanwantaram tailam is excellent source of relief in pain and it also is excellent treatment to this auto immune disease. Due to the natural anti inflammatory properties and anti arthritic capabilities inherited, dhanwantaram tailam is excellent at giving relief to the patients of rheumatoid arthritis.


Dhanwantaram tailam For Osteo-arthritisWhile some believe that some injuries can cause osteo arthritis, the leading causes of this joint related disease are heredity or aging. While it is not possible to avoid aging and inheritance too, you can always minimize your chances of suffering from this painful condition. No doubt, we all get older day by day, but getting old and deteriorating health are not synonyms. There are many people who use ayurveda as a helping hand and defy all the problems that come with aging. We you are at a risk of osteo arthritis, or some other bone related problems, you too can seek help from ayurvedic dhanwantaram tailam. It is not only safe, but also highly effective. In the coming sections you will get all the details about how to use dhanwantaram tailam if you want to use it against osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and any other bone or joint related problem.

Paralysis and Facial palsy

Dhanwantaram tailam For Paralysis and Facial palsyParalysis still remains a challenge to the medical world with nobody knowing when and how paralysis patient will start responding to the treatment. Ayurveda and ayurvedic dhanwantaram tailam for paralysis works like magic on the patients of paralysis. Whether it is complete paralysis or partial attack, dhanwantaram tailam make sure your body parts listen to your brain. Based on the type of paralysis and the stage at which your problem currently is, the ayurvedic doctor might also prescribe you some ayurvedic medicines to assist dhanwantaram tailam, but massaging with this ayurvedic oil is a must for those who want to get rid of paralysis. So, you can use dhanwantaram tailam for paralysis treatment, and also for some other neuromuscular disorders. Even for sudden weakness in the muscles of the face, or what we call facial palsy, we use this oil. This condition usually affects only one half of the face, but thankfully, ayurveda has a solution to this embarrassing problem too.

Apart from using dhanwantaram tailam for paralysis and arthritis, you can also use this oil to deal with neck pain, pain in lower back specifically in back ache due to spondylosis, and some neural problems like neuritis and neuralgia. All of these are complex problems and adding to their severity is the fact that allopathic medicines are least helpful in these conditions. Hence you are left with only one option- ayurveda. So, let us see the ways to use dhanwantaram tailam for paralysis treatment and for treating all other diseases.


consult an doctorFor ayurvedic medicines as well as ayurvedic formulations like dhanwantaram tailam, the right dose matters the most as taking it in an amount that both safe and effective is important. Since ayurvedic medicines are made up of so many herbal and sometimes mineral ingredients, taking it in slightly higher dose too can result in some unease. Yes, that discomfort is going to end soon, but why bear it even for a few minutes when you can avoid it by being precise while taking the medicine. In case you have any doubt about the doses of any ayurvedic medicine, you must consult a doctor. One ayurvedic company in Delhi is providing free consultation, so, if you are a bit busy, talk to highly experienced doctors at parmanand ayurveda and clarify all your doubts.

For now, let us see all the ways we can use dhanwantaram tailam. Dhanwantaram tailam can be used externally as well as internally. All the ingredients from which we make this oil are safe to be taken orally and hence we don’t have to be doubtful about taking it for internal benefits.


As it has been discussed earlier as well, dhanwantaram tailam can be used to cure paralysis, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, muscular weakness, muscular pains, backache, spondylosis, hernia, uterine atony and endometriosis. Those who want to fight with any of the above stated diseases can take 5 to 20 drops of the oil once or twice a day. Ayurvedic doctors generally prescribe to take it before food with warm water or warm milk. Sometimes, the ayurvedic doctors also prescribe this oil for children also. In these cases the doses will be given according to age. For children, the usually recommended dosage of dhanwantaram tailam is 5-10 drops.

This was for a healthy individual with no special health condition, and if you feel you are suffering from something that can influence your dose of dhanwantaram tailam, or are taking some sort of medicine, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor first. After all, it is going to cost you just one phone call with parmanand ayurveda, right?


dose of Dhanwantaram tailamIt is safe to use dhanwantaram tailam internally, and people often use it externally on skin too. In fact, it one of the most commonly used and beneficial massage oil available in Ayurveda. For fighting with muscular weakness, knee and joint pain, muscular pains, hemiplegia and osteoarthritis, using this oil as massage oil is extremely beneficial. It is used to improve the strength of bones and body too, and hence used by ladies post delivery to recover fast. Even in babies it is used as massage oil. So, while with internal use, you need to be sure about doses, with external use, it is safe for almost everyone including pregnant ladies and babies.

It is high time you stop using those harmful pain killers and move to a better, holistic and healthy way of dealing with your pains and problems. Dhanwantaram tailam is not the only ayurvedic formula that can heal you holistically, but if you look deeper into this science of healing, you will get many such powerful tools with which you can not only have a healthy, but also a happy and long life. Ayurveda is the science of life and it has everything that a person needs to treat all types of ailments. Yes, it is not that extensively advertised, but if you go on believing the advertisements, you will sooner or later realize that you were putting your health at continuous risk.

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