Health benefits of dashmolarishta

You might have seen many ayurvedic medicines till date, but I bet none of them can beat the ayurvedic elixir- dashmoolarishta in terms of effectiveness. Not because dashmoolarishta has something magical, but this health tonic is equivalent to almost 10 ayurvedic medicines. Yes, this liquid alone has all the healing capabilities that as many as 10 ayurvedic medicines will offer you.

natural herbsIt contain not one or two, but many herbal and natural components that when combined together create a magical healing impact on human body. Many medicines contain chemically synthesized forms of only few of these products, but none has all and that too in natural form. This makes dashmoolarishta unique in action and healthy in nature. Apart from these added components like jaggery, honey, cinnamon etc, it also has some self generated alcohol. This alcohol results from the natural process of manufacturing. Yes, not only the components from which dashmoolarishta is made are natural, but to preserve the healing capabilities of these herbal products, the process of manufacturing is also kept natural. Starting with a few components, fermentation, filtering and adding some more natural herbs is all we do to get dashmoolarishta- the ultimate health tonic.

Benefits Of Dashmoolarishta

We are referring to dashmoolarishta as a health tonic and by the end of this article, you will also agree with use. Let use first see some benefits of dashmoolarishta and the list of diseases in which dashmoolarishta is effective.


dashmolarishtha for indigestion

Dashmoolarishta is helpful in taking care of your stomach and the digestion process. This is a minor problem, and we often ignore indigestion, but actually indigestion is the root of many health complications. Some of us wait for things to settle down on their own, others blame it on the food we ate last night and many others try to cure indigestion with antacid medicines. No matter to which category you belong, if you have any form of indigestion, rely on ayurvedic dashmoolarishta. Some other symptoms of indigestion are lack of taste in food and vomiting. These two also stay at bay if you regularly take dashmoolarishta in appropriate dosage. Apart from all these, you can treat irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and anorexia with regular use of dashmoolarishta.

Respiratory conditions

dashmola ristha for RESPIRATORYApart from treating indigestion, dashmoolarishta is also capable of solving all the problems arising due to infection in your respiratory tract. Be it a common respiratory problem like cough and cold, or it is something as serious as asthma, dashmoolarishta can heal your respiratory tract out of whatever is troubling it.


This is an unusual condition in which any two organs that are not meant to be connected by any means are bound by some sort of connection. This is very strange, but the beauty and power of Ayurveda can be assessed by the fact that it can also be helpful in such a rare condition. So, you don’t have to think before starting the use of dashmoolarishta anymore.


dashmolaridths for ANEMIA

Dashmoolarishta is an excellent haematinic and hematogenic. If you are anemic, then dashmoolarishta is something you should have at your home. Dashmoolarishta helps your body get enough of hemoglobin gradually and you will be able to achieve this without heavy drugs and harmful chemicals. Women usually become anemic during the pregnancy and post delivery, and dashmoolarishta not only help these women in getting higher red blood cell count, but it also is great aid for recovering from childbirth.

Liver diseases

liver diseaseLoss of appetite is not a symbol of indigestion alone, but it is sometimes an indication that something is not right with your liver. In fact, the first symptom of almost all the diseases relating to liver is loss of appetite. If you also have some problem going on in your liver and want to cure it naturally, use Ayurvedic dashmoolarishta. Health complications like jaundice can be very well dealt with it.

Skin diseases

Dashmoolarishta is a health tonic for all the internal health issues, but it is also used by many as a tool to fight skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Sometimes it is seen that it can also be used as a cure for acne. It has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that make it the perfect natural treatment for acne and other skin diseases.

Problems in urinary tract

It can be used by both men and women, but it has a special role to play in determining health of a female. Apart from helping one recover the postpartum weakness, dashmoolarishta can also prevent and heal many urinary tract infections that generally create trouble in every woman’s life at some point of time. Urinary tract infections have a tendency to reoccur and hence by taking dashmoolarishta, you can prevent the reoccurrence while keeping the other parts of your body healthy.


These were some specific uses and benefits of dashmoolarishta, but do you know dashmoolarishta is on of those few general health tonics in Ayurveda which can be taken anytime anywhere to stay in a better and healthy condition? Yes, Dashmoolarishta solves many health problems, but at the same time you can avoid those problems in future also if you continue using the health tonic. This way, you can assure that you spend no time and money on illness in future by just spending negligible amount of money on buying the ayurvedic tonic.

Dashmoolarishta as a health tonic

Treating so many diseases is one benefit of dashmoolarishta and preventing some health complications is another, but dashmoolarishta has one more surprising capability. It is best for those who are fighting with some deficiencies in their bodies. Be it iron deficiency or you might be low on calcium, dashmoolarishta is more than sufficient for you. Isn’t it amazing? Can you tell me the name of one, just one medicine that can do this much for you? there is not single drug on this earth that can match the healing abilities of dashmoolarishta even if we ignore the fact that dashmoolarishta also is perfectly side effect free. We will talk about the comparison between dashmolarishta, other beneficial ayurvedic tonics and allopathic medicines in the coming section, but let us quickly see what else dashmooolarishta has in store for us. Yes, some benefits of the healthy elixir are still not discussed.

healthy tonic

By now, you have seen the magical effects of dashmoolarishta on stomach, liver, digestion, and skin, but do you know it has a mind blowing effect on your brain too? Dsahmoolarishta has many medicinal properties that make it the best choice in infections and other such problems. But it also is anti depressant in nature. The anti stress and anti depressant components make the health elixir a real elixir for brain too. In today’s world, all of us live under pressure of job, stress of broken relationship and the anxiety to achieve everything overnight. This is why the number of depression patients is increasing everyday in the world. We know all this and many of us are living this life, but we wait for something major to happen.

Dashmoolarishta for a peaceful mind

Acting once much damage has already happened is not the way ayurveda look forward at. In fact, ayurveda believes in staying proactive. If you know you are stressed, why should you wait for this stress to turn into depression or some other mental problem? Take dashmoolarishta that will keep you physically healthy and mentally sound. This is how ayurveda differs from allopathic healing and the same is the difference between dashmoolarishta and anti depressant medicines. You can look forward to have a healthy, calm and peaceful mind with regular use of dashmoolarishta and your physical health will also get better. Unfortunately the same is not true for the anti depressants you might be taking right now because they are quite heavy and also have too many side effects.

Dashmoolarishta for females

Due to difference in the male and female anatomy, it is obvious that females have their own set of health problems. One such problem on rise these days is infertility. Female sterility is nowadays becoming more common problem among those couples dreaming for a child. It is not just a medical condition, but a barrier in the way to contribute to the continuation of life. If you also have the problem of infertility, you are also not conceiving after a year of well timed and unprotected intercourse, you are at a place where you can do what has not been done with any other medicine. Dasamoolarishta is also used for ladies having problem with conception and pregnancy. Not only this, if you were able to conceive in past but unfortunately had a miscarriage, then also you can count on dashmoolarishta. This is of great help in females as it regulates menstrual cycles, elevates stress from your mind, deletes all other barriers that can contribute in making you infertile and of course, has so many other health benefits.


We have more than enough reasons to use it now, but I would love to give you one bonus while closing the list of benefits of this amazing ayurvedic tonic. Dashmoolarishta has a unique ability to make your immune system healthy, better and fool proof. It keeps your body safe and protected from all outside threats by making sure that immune system is quite strong. In case you are still unaware of the role of a string immune system in your body, let me tell you that everything entering into your body from outside has to be accepted or rejected by your immune system. Yes, your immune system has a beautiful ability to identify what is good for your body and what is not. So, if you have a good immune system, you will less likely suffer from day to day problems like cold, cough, fever, and at the same time, you would be able to avoid many serious health complications.

So, your health is determined by immune system, and your immune system is directly influenced by ayurvedic health tonic dashmoolarishta. Hence it won’t be wrong to claim that the health and future of your body lies in the hands of this ayurvedic tonic. You can also read Health benefits of Laxmivilas Ras.

How to use dashmoolarishta

how to use dashmola rishtaIf you are suffering from some health problems, or even any one of the above discussed issues, you can start taking dashmoolarishta from today onwards. Yes, the earlier you start, the sooner you will see the results. Since it is ayurvedic medicine, you don’t have to think about side effects and any other problem. Simply take 10 ml of the elixir twice everyday. It is generally prescribed to be taken after having food. You can also mix the liquid with equal amount of water if you don’t really like its taste. If you are taking it as a general health tonic, you can reduce the amount according to your preferences.


pragnencyWe have talked about the role of dashmoolarishta in determining women health, and have also seen that it is tremendously effective in helping a woman conceive. But that doesn’t mean that dashmoolarishta should also be continued during pregnancy. It can help you in improving fertility, and is also extremely useful in recovering from child birth, but it is not a wise idea to use dashmoolarishta during pregnancy. Not because dashmoolarishta has some side effects or it is not safe, but simply because you should minimize the number and amount of medicines during pregnancy.

Possible side effects

Since the beginning of the article, we have told you many times that dashmoolarishta is totally free from side effects and you can start using it right away. This is a fact, but the only thing you have to take care about is the right dose of the liquid. If you use dashmoolarishta in the prescribed limits, not even in your wildest dreams it will give you side effects, but you consume it in extremely high doses, it may cause burning sensation in your chest and stomach. You might also have to deal with temporary stomach disturbances. If you are on dashmoolarishta and have these problems, try lowering the dose or skip a few doses to settle things inside.

side effect

We have talked a lot about dashmoolarishta, its healing capabilities and its health enhancing power, but still the list is not complete. This is the power of ayurveda, and of course the reach of the best elixir of ayurveda- dashmoolarishta. So, instead of wasting your money and compromising your health by suing harmful and expensive medicines, you can now shift to a much better way of healing. This one decision of yours will definitely determine your future health.

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