chawan prash avleha
How often do you think about your health and body? Of course, when we have some sort of infection, or health complication that cannot be ignored, we visit the doctor. But this is when your body demands attention forcefully. Do you analyze your overall health once in a year or two? Probably you must be thinking- why should I waste my time when everything is going on fine. If this is running in your mind, let me tell you- those who don’t find time for their health and body will have to find time for illness soon. Why do we act and care only when our body cries loudly that it needs to be treated? Why can’t we take it as our lifetime responsibility to take care of the body parts that keep us alive? Better you find an answer to this and I will give an amazing way with which you can keep your body fit and fine. Yes, you can take care of your entire body and this can be done without taking dozen of supplements. Chyawanprash avleha is just perfect example of what nature holds for us.

chawanprashMany of you might have tasted some sort of chyawanprash in your life, and if not tasted, all of us have heard about it. It is true that we take it quite often, but only a few of us have knowledge about what it actually is, why we should use it and what makes it so powerful. Also, not all chyawanprash are the same and hence which one should we prefer is also a million dollar question. Today, we will tell you everything about a magical ayurvedic formula that can take care of everything starting from your bones to heart. Also, we will talk about chyawanprash avleha in detail starting from its ingredients to all the benefits. Usually we assume that anybody can take chyawanprash avleha, but there are a few who should take doctors consultation before using it. So, we will talk about this and some other precautionary measures that ensure best results from chyawanprash avleha. Also, in case you are not aware about it, you can now take help from ayurvedic doctor online and for free. Yes, a new Ayurvedic company in Delhi is offering free online consultation and also making life with ayurveda easier by making almost all the ayurvedic products online available under one roof.

So, today you will leave from here with every ingredient to make your life healthy- an easy way to talk to experienced team of ayurvedic doctors even if you are super busy, a platform from where you can buy almost all ayurvedic products online, and of course, chywanprash avleha with which you can reduce the need of medicines and at the same time can boost your health tremendously. Let us start with the ingredients which are combined to make the ultimate product- the amazing chywanprash avleha, and then we will talk about its health benefits and the right place to get it at lowest price.

Ingredients of chyawanprash avleha

Ingredients of chyawanprash avlehaChyawanprash avleha is made up of bael, amla or Indian gooseberry, brahmi, pippali, yashtimadhu and other such natural herbs. Out of these, bael and Indian gooseberry are already very famous among people purely due to their health benefits, and others are also quite well known in the field of ayurveda. As far as Indian gooseberry is concerned, it needs no introduction. The juice of the fruit, powder and even the fruit itself is being used in almost every part of India, and gradually it is gaining popularity outside India too. Bael too is famous for its medicinal properties and this too is a part of several ayurvedic medicines. Root, skin, fruit as well as leaves, all the parts of this fruits is used in some medicinal preparation due to its unbelievable medicinal properties. With the right combination of all these above stated ingredients and natural processing, we get chyawanprash avleha- a beautiful natural way to enhance our health and live a long life. Now you have understood the composition of this chyawanprash, it would be easier to believe on the power and benefits of the same. Let us now see some favors this amazing ayurvedic formulation can do for humans.

Benefits of chyawanprash avleha

Chyawanprash avleha is the gift of nature that does something even more crucial than treating a set of diseases. It saves you from almost all the diseases and hence eliminates the need of medicines. Let us see how chyawanprash avleha can help you get a healthy, fit and disease free body.

Raise your immunity with chyawanprash avleha

Ayurveda as Enhances ImmunityImmunity is just like a wall between you and the harmful organisms trying to enter into your body. The stronger is the wall, the lesser are your chances of getting ill due to any outside trouble. It looks simple, but if you think critically, you can avoid almost all the diseases by just keeping one system of your body strong. So, it is better you keep your immune system in order, and there is no better way to raise your immunity than chyawanprash avleha. So, grab your pack of chyawanprash avleha and stay disease free.

Chyawanprash avleha is good for stomach

Stomach Woes Disturbances in your stomach, gas, constipation, indigestion and heartburn are so common that people are gradually getting used to these problems. In reality, what seems to be unavoidable due to lack of physical activities and preserved food is actually a serious cause of concern. If not given attention at the right time, you might arrive at a point where you can’t handle it easily. And now, when you know that getting rid of all your stomach problems is as easy as consuming a teaspoon of chyawanprash avleha, what are you waiting for?

Now you can defeat aging

Staying young forever is not possible, but yes, you can definitely look younger and feel stronger with chyawanprash avleha. The natural ingredients of chyawanprash avleha like amla (Indian gooseberry) give it the power to make your skin wrinkle free and also add glow to it. At the same time, chyawanprash avleha meets the nutritional requirements of the body at all the stages of life. Not only this, by adding strength to your bones, muscles and joints, it keeps your body moving all day long.

Chaywanprash avleha acts as a tonic for heart

healthy heartHeart diseases are the most common cause of sudden deaths in India as well as in the entire world. Heart is the organ that pumps blood throughout the body and hence we can say it can keep all the other organs alive. So, heart is a special organ since it works day and night without even taking rest and hence it deserves special attention too. Using ayurvedic chyawanprash avleha can help your heart by keeping it strong and reducing stress on it.

Improve your reproductive health by using chyawanprash avleha

chawanprash for reproductive healthChyawanprash avleha if used in right amount can be a great aid to enhance reproductive health in both men and women. It enhances the fertility in both the sexes and also improves your sexual desires. So, apart from all the other health benefits of chyawanprash avleha, this otherwise difficult to tackle issue can also be dealt with chyawanprash avleha. Hence, sometimes the ayurvedic doctors prescribe this health tonic to couples who cannot have a child despite having every organ working fine. It is used to fight against general debilities, and hence is a tonic for sexual health too.

So, we can say that with chyawanprash avleha regularly taking care of all the vital organs of our body, it won’t be difficult to survive in this harsh environment, deadly pollution and hectic lifestyle. Adding to all these odds is the deteriorating quality of food. So, nothing is pure, neither food, nor air, and today even medicines cannot be trusted. So, the body definitely needs more strength to fight with everything wrong going on inside and outside it. And without chyawanprash avleha, it seems impossible. It is just one replacement to more than a dozen of supplements, and when you compare this single ayurvedic product with all other supplements available, not only it is going to emerge out as a clear winner in health benefits, but is also going to excel for side effect free nature.

Taking chyawanprash avleha according to your age

dosage of swarna bhasmaMany times it us seen that people take same amount of chyawanprash regardless of their age, but with chyawanprash avleha, it is better you take it in precise amount only. The best part about this chyawanprash is that it can be given to anyone from babies to adults. It will provide you with benefits to your body according to your age only. For a baby below one year, 1 gram of chyawanprash avleha will be enough, and for one who is between one to five years, the amount of 2.5 grams of chyawanprash avleha is both safe and effective. Approximately one teaspoon of chyawanprash avleha is enough for child below the age of twelve and for all others it can be taken in about 20 grams of dose.

Usually for an adult, two teaspoons of chyawanprash avleha twice a day is prescribed by the ayurvedic doctors. The maximum intake of chyawanprash avleha should not exceed 20 grams in a single day. Usually it is taken with warm water or warm milk, but the doctor sometimes may prescribe you some additional ayurvedic medicine based on your health condition or some specific health problem.

Precautions to be taken while using chyawanprash avleha

First precaution is to keep a note on the maximum amount of chyawanprash avleha you should take. Secondly, although it is not harmful for pregnant women, the amount should not exceed 10 grams in a single day. In fact, it is better you talk to an ayurvedic doctor before taking anything during pregnancy.

Chyawanprash avleha is extremely beneficial for almost everyone, but in a few cases, it can cause gas and other such stomach disturbances. If this happens with you too, you can try taking it without milk, simply with hot water. If the same problem still persists, you can also try skipping water too. And if taking chyawanprash avleha is still accompanied with gas, talk to your doctor.

ayurvedaThis was the class of people who will have to try something else to keep their body in a good health as chyawanprash avleha might not suit them. Although the cases are rare, but it is better you are aware of this. With this, you have a complete knowledge about a must have ayurvedic formula for health and now it is your hands to utilize this gift of nature. The information was complete, but we understand that taking any medicine is not that easy and there are always some doubts in your mind. Don’t worry, this was just to introduce you to the immensely powerful tool of ayurveda, and we have a solution for all your doubts. If you feel that your body really needs chyawanprash avleha, but have some sort of confusion, you can just make a call to an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, consulting an ayurvedic doctor is as easy as making a call to parmanand ayurveda- an ayurvedic company in Delhi that provide free online consultation and also free home delivery.

So, time and money are no more excuses to use allopathic medicines as with parmanand ayurveda you can not only get all the ayurvedic medicines at reasonable prices, but you can get them delivered at your doorsteps. So, it is time to do what is best for your body and gift it with the natural and effective healing capabilities of ayurveda. It is the need of the day because to settle down and fight with the irregularities of the environmental factor, you need nothing but ayurveda. Your body has been working for a long time to keep you alive, and it is time you give it a new life with ayurveda and ayurvedic chyawanprash avleha.

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