Chitrakadi vati is one stop solution to the long list of stomach problems that surround the vital part of your body almost every other day. Due to the degrading quality of food, unhealthy life style choices, and excessive dependency on allopathic medicines, it is our stomach that has to pay the price sometimes in the form of constipation, and the other times in form of some other digestive problem.

Some ignore it till the day they can and when the pain and symptoms of the stomach problem goes out of hand, they simply visit the doctor, get medicines and again go back to the same routine of eating preserved and junk food. This was the case with most of the people a few days back, but thankfully, a lot of people these days are turning towards ayureda- the holistic healing science that take care of your body and eliminate the disease but not just the symptoms.

CHITRAKADI VATIMore and more people are choosing ayurveda over the allopathic science because they ultimately have realized the value of natural healers and the side effects of allopathic medicines have a great role to play in this transition. Well, all is well if it ends well, and the same is true in this case. Many of the stomach patients are using ayurveda and it is high tie you should also think about your choices. It is high time you choose a healthy and holistic healer over an expensive and harmful method off treatment.

Chitrakadi vati and many other ayurvedic medicines are there in ayurveda which are made up of natural ingredients and through a completely natural process. Have a look at what chitrakadi vati can do for you and then we will talk about other aspects of using this medicine. You will be please to know that whatever your stomach problem is, chitrakadi vati can solve it for sure. Here is the list of all the benefits off ayurvedic chitrakadi vati

Anorexia and loss of appetite

Anorexia and loss of appetiteCommonly resulting from persistent digestive disorder, anorexia is an irritating issues these days, specially with all the size zero freaks. In an attempt to reduce weight, we get into extreme dieting and the same embeds into our appetite permanently. We do not feel like eating any more and this creates so many deficiencies in our body. We start feeling weak day by day, lethargy surrounds us, our productivity decreases and several other problems start appearing. It is obvious that we need food to gain energy and do our work efficiently. But what if we want to do everything else but do not feel like eating at all. All our energy will be gone slowly and imagine what we will be left with- a thin, bony and energy less body.

If you think you can eat forcefully, ask those who have tried. Nausea and vomiting create another set of problems for them. The wise way to deal with anorexia is to take proper treatment. This treatment can either be from the medicines you might be taking right now, but millions of people nowadays avoid these allopathic drugs because of the extreme side effects. If you are also one of those, it is nice to see that you truly care for your body and your future.

Ayurveda is there to help people like you who want to treat there minor and major problems but naturally. Chitrakadi vati is one such medicine in ayurveda that can help you a lot in getting out of this problem. You can take the tablets according to the dose recommended in the coming sections and as you gradually increase the dose, your appetite will also increase. And in this process, your body will also receive some other benefits.


ConstipationDue to degradation in the quality of food that we daily eat, constipation has become an everyday problem. Every one of us experiences this condition at some point of time or the other. Sometimes we eat out and find it hard to pass stool the next morning. Some other day due to any other reason this happens. But the problem arises when you have it permanently for days, and even weeks with no valid reason behind it.

The extreme case of constipation may lead to vomiting and swelling in the abdomen. Ignoring this issue if it is continuously occurring with you is not a good idea, but you should take help of some herbal plants and natural products to regularize the digestion inside. Chitrakadi vati is the ayurvedic treatment that contains all the goodness of the herbs that act as a digestive stimulant and resolve the most complicated health problem- constipation. Yes, constipation is complicated because it gives an open invitation to a dozen of other major and minor problems. So, better take ayurvedic help and use chitrakadi vati to deal with this issue.

Gas, Flatulence or bloating

bloating and gasGas and flatulence when cause farts not only results in embarrassment but also indicates that the food we take in is not digested properly due to some reason and that is why it is creating problem. Some of the other causes of gas or flatulence are dairy products that we eat, the caffeinated drinks and packaged food items or it may also be some stomach problem. Either you can blame the food you had in the past hours, or your stomach is in trouble. Other such condition is bloating. This is the state when you feel that you have eaten a lot and your stomach appears to be bloated like a balloon. This too is a very uncomfortable situation and sometimes can also be painful.

To avoid the uncomfortable situation and also to stay away from all the health complications resulting form improper digestion we need to take some action. And the most suitable action to get rid of all these digestive disorders is to use chitrakadi vati. Chitrakadi vati due to its unmatchable digestion enhancing action can help you a lot.

Abdominal distension

Abdominal distensionIt is quite often that you feel your stomach is full of gas or some fluid. Abdominal distension in most of the cases occurs due to the indigestibility of food. According to NIDDT (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease), almost thirty six percent of the population of the United States have suffered from some type of digestive disorder. And till sometime ago, all of these relied on some form or antacid tablets. These tablets work fine till you use them and the day you forget the dose, the same symptoms reappear. Rather than using such a temporary treatment, you ca use a permanent ayurvedic solution like chitrakadi vati. Chitrakadi vati is a powerful digestive stimulant and it can solve any problem related to stomach and indigestion.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndromeIn the United States alone, there are almost 3.5 million visits to the physician due to irritable bowel syndrome. This is when a majority of people suffer from mild irritable bowel syndrome and they either do not notice the symptoms, or do not take things seriously. Irritable bowel syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder also known as “spastic colon”. This is due to the irritability and irregularity in the movement of the intestines. Irritable bowel syndrome may cause varying symptoms in different bodies. Either the intensity will differ, or you may go through a completely different experience than anyone else in this world if you too have irritable bowel syndrome. More than $21 billion are spent every year on irritable bowel syndrome. This is a total of direct medical expenses and indirect losses (in the form of offs from work and less productivity).

It is nice to spend on your health, but before treating your body with expensive drugs, make sure you are aware of all the side effects of the medicines. You can save this amount, and at the same treat your stomach issue in an effective and harmless manner with chitrakadi vati. Chitrakadi vati is more than enough to deal with irritable bowel syndrome and also all the other problems that arise due to this. Regular intake of this tablet will ensure a healthy body and also a perfectly healthy stomach.


ObesityAre you also one of those carrying a few extra kilos in your body? It is fine if you are a bit fat, but being more than bit fat, I mean moving with more than few pounds of extra weight is not god for both- your health as well as your personality. I agree that not all can afford to have a perfect athlete body, but yes everyone can loose the extra fat that invites so many health problems. Yes, being overweight is not a single problem, but it is the root cause of many problems like diabetes, high cholesterol levels etc. If you haven’t noticed it yet, just think about it today whenever you get some free time. Those who really care and are in a mood to shed a few pounds can take help from chitrakadi vati.

Chitrakadi vati is a fat burner and will help in accelerating the process of weight loss. Of course you have to do efforts in the form of work outs and eating a proper diet, but you don’t have to starve your body if you are using chitrakadi vati. It not only enhances digestion, but also helps in mal-absorption of food. So, you will loose weight but in a healthy manner.

How to use

You have seen so many health benefits of chitrakadi vati now, and must be eager to know what the right way to use the herbal and ayurvedic tablets is. It is true that chitrakadi vati is extremely beneficial and totally free from side effects, provided you take it under the prescribed dosage. Yes, doses in case of chitrakadi vati and many other ayurvedic treatments is of utmost importance. Have a look at when, where, how and how much chitrakadi vati you should take.

  • Children below the age of 18 should take half to one tablet once at most. This can be repeated twice everyday. Generally one tablet of chitrakadi vati comes in 250 mg of weight. So the overall dose of chitrakadi vati for a child should not exceed 500 mg per day.
  • For adult one to two tablets of chitrakadi vati will be enough and safe. You should take the right amount of chitrakadi vati, the amount that is safe as well as effective. You can start with one tablet at a time and gradually increase the dose to two tablets if required. In case only one tablet is helpful, no need to increase the dose.
  • In old aged people also half to one tablet of chitrakadi vati will be sufficient.

All of the age groups have to take chitrakadi vati twice everyday, preferably with warm water.

Dosage Description

This was the recommendation of dosage of chitrakadi vati in peope according to age group. But you can also take the right dose based upon your body type. If you have vata dominance, then a child should take 125 mg of chitrakadi vati and adults should use only 250mg. In case your body is dominated by pitta, then you should try to avoid chitrakadi vati as it enhances the production of acid in your stomach. If kapha problem is there along with pitta dominance, then you can take chitrakadi vati in extremely low doses. For kapha dominance you can follow the standard dosage described in the above section. You can also increase the amount of chitrakadi vati up to 2 grams per day according to the severity and intensity of kapha symptoms.

Precautions to be taken

  • The maximum dosage of Chitrakadi Vati should not exceed from 2000 mg in a 24-hour period. This means if you are taking a 250 mg tablet, in no case you should consume more than 8 tablets. Yes, using more than four can also cause side effects, but more than 2000 mg ca prove to be fatal.

pregnent mom

  • If you are pregnant or are breast feeding your baby, you should not take chitrakadi vati.
  • We have clearly determined the doses, but in the list nothing is specified about infants. Yes, infants also have a problem of gas, bloating and flatulence, but chitrakadi vati is not for children below the age of 5.
  • Apart from this, if you are suffering from ulcer, high blood pressure, ulcerative colitis or hypernatremia, then also you should not take chitrakadi vati.

stomach in a healthy stateNow you know almost everything about ayuredic chitrakadi vati, and all set to buy the medicine for yourself. You should do it as soon as possible because your suffering stomach needs it badly. But before that, have a careful look at all the precautions one needs to take while using chitrakadi vati. Also see the doses carefully and choose which is most suitable for you. If you keep all these minor aspects in mind, trust me you will get results that you can’t even imagine.

A healthy stomach is the key to a healthy body. You have to take the responsibility to keep the stomach healthy. So, better take care of the vital part of your body, and take help of chitrakadi vati in case of any minor or major complication. This way you can ensure not only a long but a healthy and happy life for yourself.