शारीरिक और मानसिक व्याधियों का एकमात्र इलाज़ – Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras To Resolve Your Health Issues

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Treat Your Neuro-Muscular and Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders with the Effectiveness of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras

The neuromuscular as well as the neuropsychiatric disorders can be troublesome in the long journey if not taken care of in the initial phases. Well, if you have already tried everything else and are still empty-handed, the perfect holistic cure is here for you. This is the ayurvedic solution in the form of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras. Undoubtedly, most of you are going to stop reading this article over here just after getting the name “Ayurveda”, but I’ll simply say that you are empty handed yet even after trying every possible thing. Why not try this too? Who knows, maybe it can give you the best desired results. For all those who believe in Ayurveda, our oldest and most effective medical science, and who are thinking to try it at least once, the further paragraphs are surely going to give the required and expected information.

If we talk about Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras, it is a brilliant multipurpose ayurvedic  rasayan aushadhi which is very beneficial in dealing with the various neuromuscular as well as the neuropsychiatric ailments. It is available in the form of tablets. Now, I am further going to talk about the factors that deserve the credit of making it brilliant. Let’s talk about all of them one by one.

Ingredients of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras (चिंतामणि चतुर्मुख रस के घटक)

Ingredients of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras are the very first factor contributing to its effectiveness. They are not huge in number, but each individual element is in itself a very powerful medicine or herb of Ayurveda consisting of numerous medicinal properties. So, let’s count on them one by one.

Ras Sindoor (रस सिन्दूर)

It is an ayurvedic formulation made up from the mixture of shuddha parada (शुद्ध पारद), Shuddha Gandhaka (शुद्ध गंधक) and vatankura. The various health issues that can be dealt with using Ras Sindoor include weak immunity, abdominal pain, anemia, obesity, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections etc.

Lauh Bhasma (लौह भस्म)

lauh bhasmaThis ayurvedic medicine is prepared from the purified and processed iron. This brilliant ayurvedic medicine is very well-known to treat the health ailments like anemia, eye disorders, skin disorders etc. It is a great hemoglobin enhancer and hence, can assist each cell of your body get the adequate amount of blood and oxygen.

Abhrak Bhasma (अभ्रक भस्म)

This brilliant bhasma is made up of abhrak or black mica, hence, getting the name abhrak bhasma. Abhrak Bhasma is really beneficial in dealing with a number of health issues like memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, epilepsy, heartburn, ulcer etc. But, above all, its major role is into assisting the other ayurvedic medicines reach each and every cell of the body in the best effective manner.

Swarna Bhasma (स्वर्ण भस्म)

The ayurvedic medicine made up of pure 24 carat gold is known as swarna bhasma. This astounding ayurvedic bhasma works for healing almost each and every health issue you have. Moreover, it brilliantly enhances the immunity and strength of a person. It is its effectiveness that makes it an ingredient in numerous ayurvedic medicines.

Ghritkumari (घृतकुमारी)

Aloe VeraGhritkumari or Aloe vera is a famous ayurvedic herb that is highly rich in a number of health benefiting properties. It shows effect on almost every health issue starting from the skin infection to diabetes to a number of heart problems. Its effectiveness in dealing with a number of health issues makes it a perfect ingredient in a number of ayurvedic medicines.

Eranda (रेंड़ी)

Eranda or castor or Ricinus Communis is a great ayurvedic herb whose seeds are used for dealing with a number of health issues. The castor seed oil is considered very beneficial for the rheumatism patients. Moreover, it can readily assist you treat your oral and digestive problems as well. Castor oil is used to heal a number of disorders in children. Many of you must already be familiar with the above mentioned names and might have even used some of them in your regular life. It is these ingredients of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras that make it a potent ayurvedic tablet. But, knowing and understanding the health benefits that we achieve from this ayurvedic medicine is equally important for you. So, let’s now talk about the health benefits of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras.   

Health Benefits of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras (चिंतामणि चतुर्मुख रस के लाभ)

Vertigo (सिर का चक्कर)

VertigoIn this case, you feel that either you or the things around you are spinning when there is no actual movement going on. It is defined as the sensation of feeling off balance. Vertigo is mainly associated with the problem in the inner ear. The major factors leading to the same include BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), meniere’s disease and vestibular neuritis. Apart from these, there are certain other factors as well which include head or neck injury, brain problems like stroke or tumor, migraine headaches, certain medications etc. On suffering from vertigo, you may see certain symptoms in you like spinning, tilting, feeling unbalanced, feeling nauseated, vomiting, headache, hearing loss etc. Although vertigo is not that worrying condition, it can still create trouble for you. Whenever it occurs, the very first step must be to protect the patient from falling on the floor as it may cause serious injuries to him. Moreover, the sharp instruments or objects must be kept away from him.

Epilepsy (मिरगी)

Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras for MigrneanfallIt is a sort of neurological disorder in which the brain functions become abnormal and causes seizures or the periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes even loss of awareness. It is a series of number of seizures and just having single seizure and then being alright doesn’t mean that you are suffering from epilepsy. The seizures occurred can be of two types – generalized seizures and focal or partial seizures. Here, the generalized seizures affect the whole brain while the focal seizures affect just one part of the same. It can be either mild or chronic, but surely requires the immediate treatment. There are various factors causing epilepsy that include genetic influence, head trauma, brain conditions, prenatal injury, developmental disorders, some infection etc.On occurrence, it may show certain symptoms like:·

  • Temporary confusion·
  • A staring spell·
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs·
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness·
  • Psychic symptoms such as fear, anxiety etc.

Leucorrhea (श्वेत प्रदर)

Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras for LeucorrheaThe health condition of having white fluid discharge from the genital tract in females is called leucorrhea. This discharge can either be a smooth flow or in the sticky and lumpy form. This problem can be the result of advancing age or lots of travelling. This is a common problem and is healthy and nothing to worry about if it is occurring in smaller amount. This is because it is the fluid form of all the worn out and the dead cells that pass through the vagina of a female. But, if the amount of discharge increases, it is something you need to worry about. There are several factors that can lead to leucorrhea and these include fungal infection, sexually transmitted disease, cervical problems, pelvic inflammatory diseases etc.On occurrence, leucorrhea may show certain symptoms in you, which include:·

  • Weakness and lethargy·
  • Sticky and thick white colored discharge from vaginal part between the periods·
  • Pain in the calf muscle and lumbar region

Calculi (पथरी)

The renal calculi or kidney stones are the solid crystal masses made up in the kidney. Although, they usually originate in the kidney, they can still get developed anywhere in the whole urinary tract. The kidney stones are of several types, i.e. calcium, uric acid, struvite and cystine. The various factors that may lead to the calculi formation include reduction in the fluid intake, excessive exercise with dehydration, certain medications, gout etc.

On occurrence, the kidney stones may show certain symptoms like:

  • Renal Colic – Severe and colicky painChintamani Chaturmukh Ras for Calculi
  • Restlessness and blood in urine
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bad-smelled and discolored urine
  • Chills
  • Fever etc.

The list of people who are at the highest risk of getting renal calculi includes:

  • Obese people
  • People having a gastric bypass surgery recently
  • People suffering from high blood pressure, metabolic disorders etc.

Tuberculosis (यक्ष्मा)

TuberculosisIt is the health condition that mainly affects our lungs and the bronchial tubes. We consider it as the consistent cough for more than 3 weeks, but tuberculosis is much more than that. It shows several other symptoms as well on its occurrence. These other symptoms include coughing with mucus or blood, chills, fever, fatigue, loss of weight, night sweats etc. Tuberculosis is mainly of two types – Latent TB and Active TB. Although, it can affect simply the lungs, it doesn’t mean that the other body organs will not be affected. The body organs like bones (joint damage), brain (meningitis), liver, kidneys and heart can also get damaged due to tuberculosis. There is only one factor causing this health ailment in you, i.e. a bacterium name Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which is highly contagious affecting us via the air mode. It is the impact of tuberculosis on our body that makes it the second biggest killer in the world.

Tissue Wasting (तंतुओं का नष्ट होना)

Tissue wasting or malnutrition is a common condition that mainly the individuals suffering from the hypoxemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) deal with. Tissue wasting, also known as wasting syndrome is the process in which the muscle and fat tissue get “wasted away” due to some debilitating disease. The other names by which it can be addressed include the “acute malnutrition” and “muscle atrophy”. On suffering from tissue wasting, you might see certain symptoms in you which may include:·

  • One of the legs or arms noticeably smaller than the other one·
  • Noticeable marked weakness in one limb·

Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras for Tissue WastingBeing physically inactive for a longer period of time In certain cases, the levels and activity of cytokines, thyroid hormone, catecholamines etc. have also been said to be responsible for the same.  These are just some of the health benefits of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras. The other ailments that can be treated using the same include psychosis, paralysis, diabetes, colicky pain etc. Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras is an ayurvedic medicine of its kind that works to heal all these health issues without gifting any kind of ill-effects in exchange. Now, it completely depends on you how much you can get form it. I am saying this because the next step I am going to explain you is about one major factor determining the benefits you are going to extract from this ayurvedic medicine. This factor is Dosage. 

Dosage of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras (चिंतामणि चतुर्मुख रस की सेवन विधि)

dosageDosage of an ayurvedic medicine determines the effects and health benefits that you are going to achieve from it. So, to get the maximum health benefits of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras, you need to properly know and understand the dosage of the same.

So, if we talk about the dosage of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras, it can be taken 1 tablet twice a day. Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras is recommended to be taken with either of honey and the triphala infusion.

All the ayurvedic medicines are safe and side-effects free, but only if taken in adequate dosage. This is because they contain a number of herbs and minerals as well as the other elements in them. Apart from the dosage factor, there are certain other aspects as well that you need to take care of while using the Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras. These include:

  • Consuming the ayurvedic medicine for more than the prescribed duration may show certain harmful effects on your body.
  • Self-medication of this medicine may be harmful. So, better consult the ayurvedic doctor before following this ayurvedic medicine.
  • Pregnant and lactating women as well as the small children are strictly prohibited to use this ayurvedic medicine.
  • One must check the hypersensitivity to the elements before consuming any medicine.

Chintamani Chaturmukh RasSo, here you see that you can gain the maximum health benefits of Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras only if you take care of these aspects respectively. Otherwise, the safest way is to get the consultation from an Ayurvedic doctor. But, you don’t need to panic if you are not finding yourself able to approach the ayurvedic doctor.  Paramanand Ayurveda provides you an ayurvedic doctor online whom you can get advice from completely free of cost. Not only ayurvedic doctor, we do provide the ayurvedic medicines online too. You can get the quality ayurvedic medicines online as well as discounted prices at Paramanand Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.

We already know that it is only Ayurveda that can give you the best health and life, but always remain unable of getting closer to Ayurveda due to certain circumstances. We at Paramanand Ayurveda are completely determined to assist you get closer to Ayurveda as well as assist Ayurveda reach the heights it truly deserves all around the globe. We aim to make all know the power of Ayurveda and life with Ayurveda.

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