Benefits of chaturbhuj ras
Many ayurvedic medicines contain minerals as major component, while some others are rich in the goodness of herbs, but chaturbhuj ras is one such ayurvedic medicine that has the medicinal properties and health enhancing capabilities of both. Yes, chaturbhuj ras is an CHATURBHUJ RASamazing ayurvedic medicine which not only heals some diseases like paralysis which has no cure in allopathic and most of the other healing sciences, but it also gives a boost to your overall health. Since it has a reach to your brain too, it can treat several neurological and psychotic disorders. And if we talk about what chaturbhuj ras can do for us, the list is quite long. Of course we will tell you all the problems you can get rid of by using ayurvedic chaturbhuj ras, but if you really want to use this herbo-mineral formulation, there are a lot of facts and information associated with chaturbhuj ras that you must know.

Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines are safe, and this has almost become a universal truth. Yes, it is definitely true, but there is only one condition in which you will have to face side effects. What is that? It is overdose of accidental overdose of medicines like chaturbhuj ras which contain heavy metallic ingredients. Why so? See, there are already so many questions in your mind. This is why it is necessary to see the pros and cons of anything you want to use for your body and health. This is equally applicable for both- allopathic medicines as well as ayurvedic formulas. Obviously ayurveda has no major disadvantage, but to avoid inconvenience and get the desired results, a complete knowledge of ayurvedic formula chaturbhuj ras is crucial.  Chaturbhuj Ras is an amazingly useful ayurvedic aushadi for treating all vata related disorders and following are the ingredients that give it all the power.

Ingredients and method adopted for preparing chaturbhuj ras

Purified and processed Orpiment (Arsenic Tri Oxide), Purified and processed mercury (mrita suta), gold bhasma (hema bhasma or swarna bhasma), asphaltum (shilajatu) and musk (kasturika) are the ingredients by mixing which we obtain chaturbhuj. But to make the processing and preparation easier and to add to the medicinal capabilities, aloe vera and castor leaves (eranda) are also used in the process.

chaturbhuj ras ingredientsArsenic tri oxide, purified mercury, gold ashes, shilajatu and musk are all mixed together and powdered. All are processed in aloe vera juice after grinding and a fine paste is the end product. This paste contains all the medicinal capabilities that each one of the ingredient initially possessed because till now, no chemical has been used. The paste of fine powder of metal ingredients and aloe vera is shaped as a bolus. This bolus is carefully wrapped in castor leaves. This allows the bolus to absorb some of the healing benefits of castor leaves too. The paste, enwrapped in castor leaves is further stored in a bowl containing rice, wheat etc for almost 3 days. In these three days, the paste becomes even more powerful as it now has some properties inherited by the main components, while some extra benefits are also added to castor leaves and the environment in which it is kept. After three days, the bolus is taken out and broken down into many same sized small tablets. And finally we get in hand chaturbhuj ras.

Uses and benefits of chaturbhuj ras

There are many uses of chaturbhuj ras in your life as it is helpful in both- treatment of so many chronic as well as temporary diseases and improving your overall health. Health and diseases are inversely proportional. You know if you are suffering from any disease, your overall health is hampered in one way or the other. But, have you ever thought about the reverse of this? If you are healthy enough, it is less likely that a disease hits you. This too is true because the healthier your body is, the better is your immune system. And with a better immune system, your body is capable of fighting with diseases on its own without the need of any medicines.

Medicines actually suppress the body’s own ability to fight against diseases but ayurvedic medicines actually make this ability flourish. Once your immunity is in place, your body is automatically safe from so many diseases. So, this is a unique capability of chaturbhuj ras and other ayurvedic medicines that is even crucial than treating individual diseases. Let us now see the list of diseases in which chaturbhuj ras can be used.

Chaturbhuj ras in neurological diseases

Neurological diseases are the diseases relating to your brain, nerves and spinal cord. These three are the most crucial parts of your nervous system and at the same time, figuring out anything going on wrong in them is quite difficult because of the complex nature of each one of them. About neurological diseases, one thing is famous- there incurability. Actually, it should be their incurability with allopathic medicines is the complete fact.

Anyways, the point is that ayurveda has a cure for brain and nervous system disorders in the form of some strong and effective medicines like chaturbhuj ras in neurological diseases. Chaturbhuj ras can treat epilepsy (the fourth most common neurological disorders and something similar to seizures disorder), fainting (sudden loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen supply in blood) and hysteria (conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms). All of these are very common and all have some connection with your brain. So, by using chaturbhuj ras in the right amount, you can get rid of all these and some other psychotic diseases too.

Chaturbhuj ras for chronic fever

Chaturbhuj ras for chronic feverFever again can be controlled by fixing things inside your brain; it is more like playing with the signals produced by your brain. Treating fever in today’s world is not a big deal, but treating it naturally without any side effects is indeed unbelievable. This is so because there is no drug available on this planet that has absolutely no side effect. To your surprise, ayurveda is the only healing science that is free from side effects as it is solely based on herbal and natural products. And your body readily absorbs these herbs and accepts them easily. So, not only for chronic diseases, but even for normal infections or problems like fever, you can use ayurveda if you really want to stay away from the temporary and permanent side effects.

Gain some fat healthily and deal with emaciation using chaturbhuj ras

fat healthily and deal with emaciation using chaturbhuj rasIt is the state of being abnormally thin or weak due to loss of fat from the entire body. It is constitutional thinness arising out of a medical reason. In India, emaciation is also famous by other names like “shosha roga” (which means exploitative disease) and “karshya” (leanness). And in case if you don’t know, the greatest number of emaciated people are found in developing countries like India only. Not only in the poorer groups, but sometimes ignorance of food, dieting and excess of malnutrition become the cause of emaciation even in the economically well to do families. Recently the zero size fever and lack of time to eat also contributed to the condition. Whatever is are the reasons, you can deal with emaciation and also overcome the weakness soon with chaturbhuj ras. Because chaturbhuj ras contain immensely beneficial herbs and minerals, your body gets the necessary amount of nutrition and this helps in faster recovery.

Now there is a solution to parkinson’s diseases with ayurvedic chaturbhuj ras

parkinson’s diseasesParkinson’s affects up to 1 million people in the U.S. and the entire world is now struggling to get a cure for this, but since it is related to brain, again the complexity of the organ is yet to be fully understood. Hence new healing sciences like allopathy have no holistic cure for this. But ayurveda being an ancient healing technique, has all the ingredients, power and ability to solve this issue. Just like all other mental disorders, parkinson’s disease too can get better with time and the progression of the disease can be either halted or made extremely gradual with regular use of chaturbhuj ras. So, if you know someone who is struggling with parkinson’s, help him ayurvedically with chaturbhuj ras.

Paralysis can also be treated with chaturbhuj ras

Due to stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or some other reasons, the muscles of a part of your body stops functioning. This loss of functioning can be temporary or permanent. The intensity of paralysis also differs as it can be total paralysis or partial. Whatever it is, all you chaturbhuj ras for Paralysisneed in this really difficult time is chaturbhuj ras. Based on the location or body part, severity and duration, we can divide paralysis into many classes and the best part is that Chaturbhuj ras is the perfect ayurvedic treatment to all the types. By improving the circulation to body parts, it helps to increase the chances of movement. Paralysis is one such disease which has treatment only in ayurveda and no other science has been able to give the same level of effectiveness in treating paralysis.

These were some diseases in which chaturbhuj ras can be used. And while treating all of the above mentioned health problems, it does no harm to your body. Yes, since chaturbhuj ras is ayurvedic, it is totally free from side effects. With no side effects so many health enhancing properties, ayurvedic chaturbhuj ras becomes the best alternative to cure neurological and brain related diseases too. It is definitely effective provided you know how to use it. As it has been already mentioned that chaturbhuj is not like any herbal ayurvedic medicines which you can take for a long time without prescription, you have to be sure that you are taking it at the right time and in the right amount. So, better have a look at the dose and possible complications of chaturbhuj ras.

How to use chaturbhuj ras and possible side effects of chaturbhuj ras

free from side effectsSingle time dose of 125 mg of chaturbhuj ras is strong enough and this can be taken twice every day. Generally chaturbhuj ras is taken after meals and with honey. You can also talk to an ayurvedic doctor to get the exact dose and also supplementary ayurvedic medicines in case your problem is too severe. By now you have developed a fair idea about the capabilities of chaturbhuj ras, what about side effects? Yes, ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like chaturbhuj ras are free from side effects, provided you take it under the prescribed limit.

For some ayurvedic medicines, slight overdose will result in temporary indigestion or some other mild health problems. But some heavy and strong ayurvedic formulas which are specifically meant to help in chronic diseases needs to be handled with precautions. Even accidental ingestion of chaturbhuj ras in higher amount than prescribed may cause severe neurological side effects. For all other medicines, it is fine if you wait for a while for the side effects to settle down, but in case of chaturbhuj ras, and some other ayurvedic formulas, immediately consult your doctor if you have taken a high dose.

babyAlso, it is not considered safe during pregnancy and lactation as it is not safe for children. Apart from children, breastfeeding women and pregnant ladies, chaturbhuj ras should not be used by those who are dealing with high heart rate and increased blood flow to brain as it has direct effect on circulation too. If you keep in mind these few things, chaturbhuj ras is going to be an ultimate and life changing experience. Ayurveda and health can go hand in hand because they are made up of natural herbs. And because of this, chaturbhuj ras and all other ayurvedic medicines are in high demand. But you don’t worry as you can now order ayurvedic medicines online and get the required medicine at your doorstep without even paying extra delivery charges. Isn’t it wonderful? Yes it is amazing and too true to believe, and in case you have a doubt, try buying an ayurvedic medicine from parmanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company that provides you absolutely free home delivery for any order of yours.

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