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Who doesn’t want a healthy body and a sound mind? Yes, everyone wants to stay fit and fine, but some don’t have time to take care of their health while others don’t find it that important until any disease rings the doorbell. But according to ayurveda, one should try not to let the diseases enter into your body because preventing health ailments with ayurveda is easier and believed to be better than treating them. There is no provision of prevention in medicinal sciences like allopathy and this science is solely concerned with the treatment of the symptoms of any disease. There was a time when treatment only meant taking allopathic medicines, but today things are changing rapidly. Even in countries where the science was discovered, people are getting aware of the side effects of drugs and medicines and they are interested in finding an alternative cure.

ayurvedaWell, interest in not enough and they have to work hard to get a holistic alternative cure as they are not as lucky as we people. Since we are in India, we have so many available alternatives in the form of ayurvedic medicines. India is the land where ayurveda began to heal people, and it was the most popular science of healing until we started neglecting it by choosing the instantly effective drugs. Till a few years ago, we too were slaves to allopathic drugs and with some eye opening reports once again ayurveda is in demand. Ayurveda, since a holistic cure for almost everything related to human body, is an ancient yet modern science that still is the best not only in India but all around the world. People from all different countries are turning towards India because they too have started realizing the fact that if something can heal their body while preserving their health that is only ayurveda.  Well, being in India, we have a golden opportunity to use any ayurvedic medicine and making our health better since this holistic science is definitely more than just a treatment to symptoms.

With increasing tilt towards ayurveda, the demand for ayurvedic medicines is increasing, but many of you might still be doubtful about from where to get ayurvedic medicines, which ayurvedic medicines will be best, and also from where to get doctors consultation. Today, we will not only talk about a health enhancing ayurvedic medicine- C health granule for health, but will also tell you some amazing ways to get free online consultation by a team of highly experienced doctors and avail free home delivery for almost every ayurvedic medicines. So, there is much of use coming in the next sections. Starting from the ingredients and preparation of C health granules, we will tell you everything the ayurvedic medicine can do for you. Following this will be the doses in which one should take C health granules for health improvement, and of course, then we will tell you from where to buy C health granules and other ayurvedic medicines at lowest price.


vitamin cC health granules as health booster, just like many other ayurvedic medicines are made up of combination of many beneficial and healthy herbs that are found in nature. Nowhere in the preparation and manufacturing of this ayurvedic product are chemicals involved. This exclusive dependency of ayurvedic C health granule on nature and natural products makes it unique and more importantly side effect free. Dried fruits of Draksha, root of Aparajita, stem bark of Arjuna and fruits of Goksura are combined to make C health granules. Rambha, yavam, amalki, pipplai, root of Ashwagandha and sita are some other herbal components that are included in C health granules. Out of these, some are really new to those who haven’t been in touch with ayurveda or natural healing science, while some like Amalki are commonly used in India. Amla juice or amalki is a storehouse for vitamin C, making it a great anti oxidant. It is famous for unbelievably high amounts of vitamin C, and people use it to fight aging, low immunity and allergies etc.

By drinking amalki or amla juice every morning, you can get most of what your body demands to work finely for the rest of the day. This is why amalki is special and ancient yet modern healing sciences like Ayurveda has included it in many ayurvedic formulas. C health granules too is no exception and apart from the goodness of amalki, you are going to get the medicinal and healing abilities of many other natural herbs like ashwagandha, sita, pipplai etc. The ingredients although give a fair idea of the power of C health granules, but if you are new to ayurveda and have no idea about these natural herbs, you might need the list of all the benefits of C health granules. In the coming section, we will tell you every benefit of using C health granules.


Due to the amazing and extremely helpful herbal ingredients, C health granules are a storehouse of some very essential minerals, iron, calcium, amino acids, protein and phosphorous All of these are required by the body for proper functioning, and the deficiency of any of them can lead to chronic health ailments. Of course, you can get each one of them from different supplements too, but C health granules as health booster will act just like a natural source for all of them since it is made up of only natural herbs.

From head to toe, every part of your body will gain something on consumption of C health granules. This is the beauty of the ayurvedic medicine that makes it equivalent to elixir and this is the ability due to which we call C health granules as health booster a one man army. Let us see what this one man army can do for us.

Chronic Diseases

c health granules for Chronic DiseasesDue to the anti oxidant, immune modulatory and rejuvenating properties, C health granules have an irreplaceable role in preventing day to day infections as well as some chronic diseases. Also, it prevents aging by making you look young despite your age increasing every day. Not only it improves your skin by giving it a glow, but it also makes you younger by making you internally strong. This is possible because of the unbelievably beneficial ingredients like amalki. So, you would no more need any beauty products to make you look younger, C health granules will not only make you look younger, but it will also make you feel younger and full of strength.

Physical Strength

enhance physical healthYou might feel exhausted at times during the day. Some blame it on age, some on excess of stress due to work, but the reality is that it is lack of physical strength. Today, having nutritious diet is almost impossible and even if you are following your diet plan religiously, there are chances you suffer from physical exhaustion. There is one natural solution to stay energetic even at the end of the day- C health granules. C health granules by providing all necessary nutrients to your body prepare it to work efficiently without getting tired. Of course, with age the capacity of the body to work without taking rest decreases, but with C health granules, you can be more efficient than others of same age.

Improve Concentration

c health granules for Improve ConcentrationC health granules are good for memory and they also improve concentration. This is one of the reasons behind children taking C health granules. It makes their mind sharper and also reduces any type of stress. Children have a lot of energy and to utilize that energy in the right direction, we need to improve the functioning their brain while keeping them physically healthy. C health granules are the best way to achieve both. For adults too, those who are struggling with memory loss, or any other such problem, go ahead and grab C health granules.

Physical tiredness and exhaustion

Physical tiredness and exhaustionPhysical tiredness and exhaustion is not the only problem, but because of lack of physical work, it is mind which has most of the stress. With technology, everything is automatic and we need to do least physical efforts in doing any work, but this has put burden on mind and it is our mind that runs 24*7. And this load on mind sometimes makes you physically tired also. So, to reduce the mental stress and to lead a carefree life, choose C health granules. It is the only natural way to keep your mind calm in all the stressful situations.

For Overall Health

Because C health granules contain everything from Vitamin C to some essential minerals, it has a positive impact on your overall health. In fact, it can be a replacement to a dozen of supplements available in market. Yes, if your body needs something to stay healthy and defeat all kinds of outside threats that is C health granules only. It is very famous as a health promoter and is the need of the day to undo the effect of all the harmful effects of bad food, polluted air and unhealthy habits.


C health granules can be taken with milk once or twice every day. The general dose of this ayurvedic medicine for children is 5 gm twice daily and for adults, 10 gm of C health granules twice every day is safe and effective. If you take this ayurvedic medicine in the recommended doses, there won’t be any side effects of using it even for a long time.

DOSES OF C HEALTH GRANULESThe health benefits are no doubt tempting, but there are still many questions that needs to be answered. First of all, taking it without doctor’s prescription is not a good idea. Not only C health granules, but this holds true for every ayurvedic medicine. So, there is no point in taking risk, especially when you can get consultation from doctor for free. Yes, an ayurvedic company in Delhi – parmanand ayurveda provides you free consultation. In case of doubt about any ayurvedic medicine, you can just make a call and the doctor will help you out. Not only this, it is the only place where you can get almost all the ayurvedic medicines from all brands in just one click.

Efforts to help ayurveda reach the people of India are now at its peak and the results can be seen in the form of tremendous increase in the demand of ayurvedic medicines. This step is definitely going to help India become a healthy nation and all the credit goes to ayurveda. You too can try C health granules if you haven’t yet tried any other ayurvedic medicine because this probably is the best way to enhance your immunity and boost your health. All of us have given many opportunities to allopathic medicines to play with our health, but it is time we choose nature and give it a chance to heal holistically. I bet you would not be disappointed because the power and reach of ayurveda is beyond your imagination. So, we have told you everything from the ingredients to benefits of C health granules, and you also have a place from where you can buy ayurvedic medicines as lowest price and get them delivered at your doorstep without paying anything for the delivery. So, with the complete information and the right place to get C health granules, it is time you also take the right and much needed step to get a better health and improved strength.

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