Those who have ever used ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines might have an idea about aasava even if they haven’t heard much about kankasava. Aasava are a type of ayurvedic preparations which are being  used  as  medicines  far  over  3000 years to treat one health disorder or the other. Sometimes they are taken as appetizers while at many other times they are taken as digestive stimulant. Aasava  are  liquid  preparations  containing  self  generated  alcohol,  thus contain  water  soluble as well as alcohol  soluble  substances. Aasava are actually just a type of preparations just like medicines and oil. But, there is something unique about the method of preparing these ayurvedic formulations and most of the aasava have a few things in common. You will get to know more about aasava as kankasava is a very commonly used aasava and it contains almost all the properties of the basic aasava. We will today see how aasava have a special place in ayurveda by understanding everything kankasava. We will also see how ayurveda and health go hand in hand by looking at all the benefits of the same.

Kankasava is a common ayurvedic preparation belonging to aasava category, generally prepared by soaking the herbs in the powdered form or in the form of decoction in a solution of jaggery. But, the preparation of this ayurvedic medicine is not that simple and it may take a long time. We will see the interesting process of manufacturing kankasava and will also look into its ingredients to have a better insight of the ayurvedic solution. Starting with the ingredients of the magically beneficial ayurvedic medicine, we will see how these herbal ingredients are mixed to produce the end product. Followed by this will be a brief discussion of the benefits of kankasava with which you will see how ayurveda and health stay together. In the end we will talk about the right method of using kankasava so that one gains maximum benefits and at the same time avoid all possible complications. We will also talk about a unique ayurvedic medicines online store which has a lot in store for you. It is for those who want to save their money and get the best ayurvedic medicines at lowest price.


purified and processed datura metelKanaka (purified and processed datura metel) is the primary ingredient of kankasava, but it contains many more herbs. Vrushamoola or vasa (adhatoda vasica), keshara – nagakeshara (mesua ferrea) and shunti or ginger rhizome are some of the herbs used as ingredients of kankasava. The entire plant of vyahgri – kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) and root of bharngi (clerodendrum serratum) and licorice (yashtimadhu) are also used in the manufacturing of kankasava. Leaves of talisapatra (abies webbiana) and flower of dhataki- woodfordia fruticosa are also taken and the medicinal capabilities of these two are inherited by the extract or aasava. Draksha – raisins, pippali – long pepper, water, sharkara or sugar and honey are some common ingredients of kankasava. These ingredients are mixed and stored for almost a month and after as many as 30 days we get the end product. It is because the process of manufacturing of kankasava is kept natural and no chemical catalysts are used. By following this principle of ayurveda and adhering to n chemical policy, ayurvedic medicines are kept safe for long term use. The secret behind the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines also lies in its natural ingredients and natural method of manufacturing. Let us now see some of the benefits of kankasava with which we will see the outcomes of mixing so many herbal ingredients.


There are more than just a few benefits of this ayurvedic medicine. Since this contain a huge number of herbal components and is prepared by processing all these herbs in a natural manner, you can expect a lot of healthy changes in your body if you start using kankasava. Let us see a few diseases in which we can use kankasava and treat them naturally.

Kankasava for respiratory disorders

Kankasava for respiratory disordersRespiratory tract is suffering a lot due to extremely polluted air going inside and giving birth to a huge number of infections and other such problems. This is why we should start taking environmental pollution seriously. According to several researches, respiratory tract infections and other respiratory ailments are on rise these days and pollution has to be blamed for it. One cannot change the air they are breathing in overnight, but, we can surely take some precautionary measures by choosing a healing method which is holistic and harmless. The medicines we take to treat respiratory disorders are too harsh for the body. In addition to not addressing the problems completely, they also have inevitable side effects. And there is only one way to treat all your respiratory problems without troubling your body with side effects- kankasava for respiratory disorders.

Kankasava for respiratory disorders is used frequently because it is a natural mucolytic and bronchodilator. Hence, you can use it dealing with asthma, productive cough and hemorrhages bronchitis. Whooping cough, also known as pertussis can also be resolved naturally by using kankasava for respiratory problems.

Kankasava in persistent hiccups

Kankasava in persistent hiccupsHiccups might not be a health problem for those who face it rarely, but persistent hiccups can difficult to deal with. One cannot eat or sleep if hiccups continuously hit you and these prolonged attacks also have some other risks associated with them. So, nothing more than a few brief episodes of hiccups should be acceptable. However it sounds silly if one takes help from allopathic medicines to treat hiccups. Primarily because the side effects associated with allopathic medicines are far more dangerous than the problem itself, people prefer ayurvedic kankasava. Kankasava is not only effective for respiratory disorders, but it can also be taken to take an easy and uninterrupted breathe during the attacks.

And the best part about using kankasava for respiratory disorders as well as hiccups is its health benefits. It would not only help you in giving a tough and winning fight to the problem for which you are taking it, but because of the tremendously healthy herbs used in the manufacturing of kankasava, its impact on the overall health is always very good.

Kankasava can treat high fever

jaimangal ras for Chronic FeverYou can treat fever with anti pyretic allopathic drugs if you wish to. But since people are moving towards ayurveda, we must talk about the anti pyretic action of kankasava too. Fever is a response of the immune system to something wrong going on in our body and hence it is important to kill the cause.  The antipyretic medicines only bring down the body temperature and you start feeling well. But the root cause because of which the temperature raised and may also rise in future would remain as it is. On contrary to this, ayurvedic kankasava and some other extremely healthy ayurvedic medicines work by dealing with the cause of fever. They not only bring down the body temperature and give you relief, but also try to fix the reason behind fever.

You can also use kankasava for allergic as well as non allergic rhinitis. Rhinitis is also known as hay fever. The onset of new season often brings with it some new problems and hay fever is one of them. These health problems also rotate with the rotation of weathers throughout the year. If like millions of other people, you also think that nothing can be done about hay fever as it is a seasonal fever, your haven’t tried kankasava. Kankasava for respiratory problems is highly effective because of the infection healing capabilities. The same abilities work in hay fever or rhinitis as well. So, go ahead and try kankasava to get rid of rhinitis and all other types of fevers.

These were some of the uses of kankasava and based on the requirements of your body, the ayurvedic doctor might prescribe the same in other problems as well. Apart from using kankasava for respiratory disorders and other diseases on the list, you can use this ayurvedic medicine to get rid of renal and biliary colic. There are plenty of other minor benefits of kankasava, but right now, we will see how to use kankasava.


dosesAs it has been stated clearly that kankasava belongs to the category of aasava and it is strong liquid that contains many medicinal benefits, you have to drink this liquid to see desired results. Usually, most of the ayurvedic doctors prescribe 12 to 24 ml of kankasava to patients. But depending on your age and the severity of the problem, this dose may vary. Hence, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course. We will tell you about an ayurvedic medicines online store which also provides free online consultation from ayurvedic doctors in a short while. In case of any doubt about the doses or any other information about kankasava or any other ayurvedic medicine, you can simply make a call and have to pay nothing.


Since kankasava is an ayurvedic medicine, it is absolutely free from side effects. But, it is a strong extract and hence you have to be careful while using it. The very first precaution that everyone has to take is to consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking kankasava or any other ayurvedic medicine. Following the prescription of ayurvedic doctor is safe as well as effective. Stomach irritation and loose stools are the two complications of taking kankasava in higher doses. If these two problems persist for a long time, better consult the doctor immediately.

With the benefits of kankasava, it must be clear that ayurveda and health are synonymous. And this is just one ayurvedic medicine and ayurveda is full of many more powerful and effective herbal and mineral medicines. In short, there is no health problem that does not have a solution in ayurveda. So, you too can choose kankasava and other ayurvedic medicines for a healthy future and a long life. And it is as easy as making a phone call. Paramanand ayurveda is the ayurvedic medicines online store that not only provides all ayurvedic medicines under one roof, but they also provide absolutely free online consultation. The team of doctors at paramanand ayurveda will assist you with all your health problems and from the information on any ayurvedic medicine, to a holistic solution any of your health problems, one can get everything under one roof with this ayurvedic medicines online store.

You can hence say that your future health is just one call away. By making this call, you can get rid of the harmful allopathic drugs and move towards a holistic, harmless and healthy way of treating your diseases. And with the unbelievable offers available at paramanand ayurveda, you can of course save a lot of money while saving your health.

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