Brahma Rasayan is one of the most valuable Ayurvedic formulations which is prepared after a multi step fusion of almost 45 herbs. Yes, it contains approximately 45 herbal ingredients and this is reason behind people claiming that brahm rasayan for kids is best to improve intelligence, memory and immune power. The medicinal herbs involved in the preparation of the ayurvedic formulation make it a potent Antioxidant, rejuvenating agent, neuroprotector, nervine tonic, memory booster and cardioprotective ayurvedic medicine. We will see the ingredients of brahm rasayan in short while, but, before that, let us see how adults have been using this amazing brain tonic since ages. Brahm rasayan for kids is in news these days, but in adults it is being used for treating the problem of memory Loss, mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia (sleeplessness), stress, amnesia, alzheimer’s disease, headache, migraine, hail loss etc.

We have seen people using it, there reviews and also research supporting the same. Now the real question is whether brahm rasayan benefits kids brain or not. See, you are either worried about your child’s development, or have big dreams to fulfill. In both the cases, it is nothing less than a challenge to raise a child who is physically as well as mentally healthy. The environment and food are making it difficult to have a good physical health for a child. On the other hand, ubiquitous technology and pressure to perform in every field is leading to mentally unstable child. While the physical weakness is a threat to healthy future, mental instability is a threat to the entire society. So, it is crucial that you pay attention to your child’s brain development while noticing the negative energies developing.

Everyone today wants his or her child to excel in the field of studies as well as games. However, it is not as easy as just giving them a suitable supplement because most of the supplements available are adulterated. They are just being sold under big claims and are actually a threat to your child’s immunity. So, you need a combination that makes your child mentally sound and while doing this, it should not affect the physical health, right? What if we say brahm rasayan for kids is such an amazing ayurvedic formula that it enhances immunity while making your child sharp and intelligent? You will surely rush in to use the ayurvedic rasayan, right? But do you even know what a rasayan is? Let us quickly see what brahm rasayan is all about and then we will see whether brahm rasayan benefits kids brain or not.


Ayurveda is an holistic healthcare system that revolves around traditional medicines just one aim of creating harmony and maintaining balance within the natural rhythms and doshas of the body. Since ayurveda is extremely large ancient healing system, it can be broadly divided into eight clinical specialties. Rasayana is one of the branches of Ayurveda frequently used as rejuvenant therapy to overcome many discomforts and prevent diseases. Out of all the rasayan available in ayurveda, brahm rasayan for kids as well as adults is one of the best we have for brain. Let us see some of the ingredients of brahm rasayan and then we will see how brahm rasayan benefits kids brain.

Amla is one of the healthiest herb used as an ingredient in brahm rasayan for kids. This herb is known in Ayurvedic medicine for its tonifying, antiaging, and immune enhancing properties as it provides a superior source of Vitamin C. Guduchi is also used apart from amla. Bilva, yet another active ingredient of brahm rasayan for kids acts as a rich source of coumarins, Vitamin C, and riboflavin. Research evidences also prove that the herb possesses potent microfilarial, radioprotective, analgesic, antihyperglycemic, antidyslipidemic, anticancer, and antidiabetic activity. Shankhpushpi, Dashmoola, Ela, Shatavari, Haridra, Gokshura, Honey, twak, ela, pippali, yashti, vidanga and punarnava are also herbs involved in the preparation of brahm rasayan for kids. Punarnava also has a long history of medicinal use as well as clear research evidences proving its safety and efficacy. According to the studies conducted so far, the root of (Punarnava) is observed to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, adaptogenic, and antiaging property which inhibits production of NO, IL-2 7, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α).  All this sounds good, but let us also see what research has to say about the use of brahm rasayn of kids and adults.

What research has to say

“Critical review of Brahma Rasayana W.S.R to its immune-modulatory activity” published in International Journal of Green Pharmacy in 2018 said it is an important Rasayana in itself. The scientists conclude based on a critical analysis of all the studies available on brahm rasayan for kids and adults that on the study of each substances, it is found that most of these substances have immunomodulatory properties. On such study was “Brahm rasayana Improves Learning and Memory in Mice” published in PubMed Central. It tested the ayurvedic formulation for its impact on the learning abilities and memory in mice. The experiments suggested that brahm rasayan is quite potent in achieving both. There are several other studies claiming the same and hence we can easily be sure of the effectiveness and safety of the use of brahm rasayan for kids. So, let us now see the how brahm rasayan benefits kids brain and what it can give to your child.


In recent times, several research evidence have shown that the rasayan therapy enhance the qualities of rasa, enriches it with nutrients so one can attains longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from disorder, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics and brilliance. Quite a long list, right? Well, let us see what this rasayan specifically designed for human brain can do to our kids.

Brahm rasayan improves memory:  Brahm rasayan is great at improving memory. And for this reason it is being used as a supplement for people in old age. However, for kids too, it is crucial to have a good memory. Excessive reliance on technology and use of mobile phones has a negative impact on the development of your child’s brain as well as memory. To nullify this effect, you must give your child’s brain an herbal combination like brahm rasayan for kids. However, memory is not the only factor that will help your kid to outperform, right? See some other ways brahm rasayan benefits kids brain development.

The ayurvedic rasayan introduces analytical capabilities:  Brahm rasayan is Nootropic or in simple words is a cognitive enhancer. It can help kids particularly facing problems like Inability to concentrate and low retention power. Once you can analyze better, you can learn better and apply the learned concepts easily.

Natural solution to headache and migraine:  these days, even kids are not safe from unexpected headaches and problems like migraine. By improving the low oxygen supply to the brain that triggers a headache and migraine attacks, brahm rasayan for kids while improving the physical and mental health for your child can also help him or her get rid of all these problems. we will now give you some information regarding the use of brahm rasayan for kids development, but, with this information too, you have to take doctor’s consultation. Hence after this you will see an easy way to get consultation from an ayurvedic doctor for free.


Brahm rasayan for kids and adults is just the same and you have to vary the doses to get the desired results. For infants up to the age of 6 months 500 mg of brahm rasayan is usually prescribed. For infants aging up to 1 year, the double of the amount given, i.e. 1000mg is enough to resolve any problems. brahm rasayan for kids lying in the age group one to 3 years is given in amount of1gm to 1.5 gm. At later stages of life, the dose of brahm rasayan for kids is adjusted according to the digestive capacity. Early morning is the best time to take it on an empty stomach. This ensures maximum absorption and effective results. Brahm rasayan can also be given to lactating mothers, but in lower doses.


Now you have all the information about the extremely essential ayurvedic formulation that is necessary for a good development of your child’s brain. But, the process isn’t over yet and before ordering the elixir for your child’s brain, you also need consultation from an ayurvedic doctor. Since it is about your child, you cannot afford to take a chance. Even a slight variation in doses leading to digestive imbalance can create a problem because its about your kid.  So, it is better you call paramanand ayurveda and talk to the ayurvedic doctor for free. Yes, you can now easily talk to an expert pediatrician experienced in ayurvedic medicines while sitting at home. So, using ayurveda and brahm rasayan for kids is no more difficult. Go ahead and choose what is not only easy, but also is effective and safe.


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