We are talking about an ages old therapy in ayurveda that has been healing humans since thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Arabs, and Greeks all used leeches therapeutically for thousands of years. In facts, its use is not confined to these countries only. The Manchester Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom also used 50,000 leeches during the 1831 period. In recent past too, the Food and Drug Organization (FDA) approved leeches for medicinal purposes in 2004. This is when the world started acknowledging the benefits of leech therapy. Leech therapy may seem to be odd, but it is extremely helpful in a wide variety of problems. The idea is to attach one or more leeches to the skin. These leeches suck some blood, release certain enzymes and then are detached. At first, it might appear to be painful, but, leeches release chemicals that block the sensation of pain. This means you can enjoy the benefits of leech therapy without worrying about the pain.  There are many more such surprising facts about leech therapy and ayurveda coming your way. Many of you might have heard only about the name while others were told that it is a painful procedure. However, with the gain in popularity and rise in demand, everyone wants to know the answer to- is leech therapy effective?

We can answer it straightaway, but you should know what exactly it is and how it is done. Then there are some benefits of leech therapy that everyone should be aware of. So, let us first understand what the entire process is all about and then we will see is leech therapy effective or is it just another painful thing with least benefits.

Leeches are hematophagous animals that possess biologically active compounds in their saliva. The process of attaching leeches to human skin is called leech therapy. The aim is to gain potential utilities of leech saliva that is secreted while the leeches are feeding on human blood. The area of body the leeches are attached to depends on the problem you want to get rid of and it will be decided by the ayurvedic doctors. Also, the sittings and the time for which leeches need to be there also vary greatly. All this is finalized by the ayurvedic doctor after going through your medical history, present problem and body type. So, one thing is clear- to gain all leech therapy benefits, you need an ayurvedic expert. We will talk about how you can get in touch with the best ayurvedic doctor over a phone call. Before that, let us see the benefits of leech therapy. With this, you would also get a clear answer to- “is leech therapy effective?”.


  • Leech therapy benefits are useful in giving natural relief in conditions like migraine. If you have severe headache, often confined to just one side of your head, it certainly is migraine. Migraine is a very common problem, but, it is not easy to treat. In most of the cases, some ayurvedic medicines heal the problem, but, in cases when nothing works, leech therapy can.
  • Atherosclerosis can also be treated with the benefits of leech therapy. Atherosclerosis is a condition related to arteries where the arteries become narrowed and hardened. It is due to a buildup of plaque around the artery wall. The disease often has no symptoms until a plaque ruptures or the build-up is severe enough to block blood flow. If there are symptoms, one can go for leech therapy. Even if there are no symptoms and you want to avoid any such condition in future, leech therapy is the answer. The therapy improves blood flow and hence helps in improving the symptoms of atherosclerosis.
  • Complicated diseases like Alzheimer’s disease also shows great results when treated with ayurvedic leech therapy. The organism has a reach to the brain and can help in the improvement of memory too. If you know any Alzheimer’s patient, recommend leech therapy as it would definitely help.
  • There are various benefits of leech therapy for women too. From issues like cystitis to dealing with infertility, the simple process gives relief in many problems related to female reproductive system.
  • The natural therapy also is good for the health of liver. Infections like hepatitis and chronic renal failure are some of the other benefits of leech therapy.
  • Several studies have shown the impact of leech therapy in sinusitis, glaucoma and even arthritis. Patients suffering from arthritis reported relief in pain and disability improvement with just one session of leech therapy. Not only minor cases of arthritis, but the therapy showed improvement even in patients with advanced osteoarthritis at the knee. In many cases, it was observed that leech therapy could effectively reduce the need for analgesic intake.
  • The benefits of leech therapy vary widely.  It can also help in the killer of the decade- cardiovascular diseases. The saliva secreted by leeches can improve blood flow naturally. The other leech therapy benefits in CVDs is because of the specific thrombin inhibitors, hirudin.
  • Not only in CVDs, but the ayurvedic procedure is also capable of preventing certain types of cancers. During the studies, it was observed that ghilanten, a compound secreted by leeches could suppress metastasis of melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. And there is no need to take how many lives these types are taking every year. So, if you know someone in need, just talk to a good ayurvedic doctor. In case you don’t have any good ayurvedic doctor near your place, we will tell you how you can consult one while sitting at home.
  • Diabetic patients also saw improvements in their condition with leech therapy benefits. The predicted burden of diabetes by 2030 worldwide would be around 366 million patients. In this scenario, ayurvedic medicines and therapies are the only hope. Leech application has been used traditionally for the treatment of diabetes, and even today, with substantial research proofs, it is a potent cure.
  • Leech therapy is used in treatment of some type of infections too. A protein named destabilase with a lysozyme-like activity present in medicinal leech extract is capable of warding off infections. This protein carries antibacterial activities against some bacterial strain. As it can destroy cellular components, the therapy is excellent in killing infections due to bacterial growth.

With so many proven benefits, you certainly have the answer to the question- “is leech therapy effective”. It is effective because of the enzymes and chemicals released from the saliva of the animals. There are many chemicals found in a leech’s saliva, including approximately 60 distinct proteins. So, if you think you should go for leech therapy to defeat any of the diseases listed above, here are some good options.

The process of leech therapy should start by finding a good ayurvedic doctor. If you know someone, just talk to him and go ahead for the treatment. In case you want to consult a good ayurvedic doctor for free, just dial the numbers-9990005395 or 9990004674. Here, the team of doctors at paramanand ayurveda will guide you further. Also, some surgeons have recently developed an artificial prototype of leeches termed as “mechanical leech”. However, there are not many studies that have tested the effectiveness. Yes, the mechanical leech can perform blood sucking for the treatment of venous congestion, but whether it is as effective as natural leech is doubtful. So, it is best if you can get the natural leech therapy done under the supervision of ayurvedic experts.

There are many benefits of leech therapy, and there is no doubt about it. However, the way it is conducted influences end results. So, in order to make sure the therapy is conducted as per the ancient ayurvedic texts, and is also supervised by some of the best ayurvedic experts, do make a call on the above mentioned numbers. Not only about leech therapy, but one can also get guidance on using ayurvedic medicines to improve their health over the same phone call. One can also place their order for pure ayurvedic medicines either online at or over phone. It is a renowned name in the field of ayurveda and is famous for delivering quality. So, if you want quality treatment with the holistic healing science, this is the one stop solution.

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