Shothari lauh, as it is suggested by the name, contains the goodness of iron. But this ayurvedic medicine is indeed a bit more than the typical ayurvedic source of iron. Yes, it is used widely in the treatment of anemia and lauh bhasma is the primary ingredient of shothari lauh, but you can expect some other magnificent benefits on using this ayurvedic medicine because of the presence of some other herbal ingredients. From healing respiratory disorder bronchitis, to dealing with extreme pain in arthritis and improving your overall health by improving your digestion, shothari lauh can be used in a variety of problems. Today, we will talk about how you can use shothari lauh in arthritis and how you can replace a set of allopathic medicines with just one ayurvedic medicine. Yes, you might have been taking separate pills for indigestion, arthritis and other such issues. But it is time you think what these medicines are bringing to your body. There is no cure for arthritis in allopathy, but you still trust the temporary pain killers given to you when ayurveda offers holistic healing for arthritis and all other problems that allopathy still has no answer for. What is the reason behind it?

Allopathy vs. ayurveda was a topic of debate since the discovery of allopathy till the last decade. But with modernization in every field, the world is choosing to believe the ancient most science, why? How come suddenly ayurveda has emerged out as a winner of the fight between allopathy vs. ayurveda? Simply because gradually the world is getting to know the side effects of allopathic medicines and on the other hand, ayurveda is being backed up by research evidences every day. Today, scientists believe that ayurveda is not only the most effective but also the safest healing science possible. Looking at this, more and more people are looking forward to buy ayurvedic medicines online as well as offline. And once you use ayurveda, you yourself realize the beauty and capacity of the healing science. So, now you can also assess what your body deserves out of allopathy vs. ayurveda, right? So, let us move on to know an ayurvedic tool to deal with pain, infections, weakness and other such issues.
Have a look at the ingredients of shothari lauh and in the following sections, we will also tell you how you can use shothari lauh in arthritis and other such problems. Apart from arthritis, there are many other uses of shothari lauh, hence we will also tell you all of those benefits you can receive if you choose shothari lauh over a set of allopathic medicines. In the end you will see a few money saving deals that you can use if you are planning to buy ayurvedic medicines online.


Ayoraja (Loha Bhasma – Iron Bhasma), Trayushana (A combination of Pepper, long pepper and ginger and Yavakshara (Kshara of barley or Hordeum vulgare) are the primary ingredients of shothari lauh. It is because of these ingredients shothari lauh can be used in a wide variety of diseases. You can trust it because it is made up of all natural ingredients and just like all other ayurvedic medicines; the method of preparation is also kept natural. The policy of no chemicals or artificially synthesized drugs also makes ayurveda stand out in the debate between allopathy vs. ayurveda. As far as the only heavy metallic ingredients involved in the preparation of shothari lauh is concerned, you can stay calm because not one or two, but many research articles have been published on the safety profile of lauh bhasma. It is just that while you buy ayurvedic medicines online, be careful about the brand you choose because the purification method adopted vary from company to company. There are no ill effects of the purified metals involved in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines until they are purified strictly according to the ayurvedic texts.

Don’t worry, we will tell you about a place to buy ayurvedic medicines online from where you can also get the complete guidance about quality of shothari lauh as well as other ayurvedic medicines. But before that, let us see the benefits of using shothari lauh in arthritis and other such problems.


Shothari lauh works by balancing all three essential elements of human body- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In case you aren’t aware about the basic healing principle of ayurveda, here you can get an idea about what vata, pitta and kapha are. These are nothing but three important factors that govern the individual’s psychology and physiology. They are called the three doshas in ayurveda and also known as three organizations. One is vata which is seen as the principle of movement; second one is pitta, the energy of transformation; and the last but not the least is kapha, the cementing material of the body. By bringing these back in balance, ayurveda works towards holistic healing. Shothari lauh also works in the same manner and this ayurvedic medicine has impact on all three of them. By balancing the levels of three basic elements of life, shothari lauh can treat the following diseases.

Shothari lauh for anemia: Anemia is a condition when your blood doesn’t contain enough of hemoglobin. This one condition can be a call of a dozen of problems including weakness, jaundice and many other infections. Because of the lack of proper levels of red blood cells, your body becomes weaker day by day and your body becomes more susceptible to diseases. To avoid all this, either you can use an allopathic source of iron or use ayurvedic shothari lauh. After looking at the discussion in the above sections, it will not be a difficult decision, right?

Shothari lauh and Bronchitis: When some virus or other particles enter bronchial tube, they can cause infection in there and even swelling between the nose and lung. Sometimes it is just a cold that gave a call to other symptoms leading to bronchitis, and many other times it is due to a seasonal allergy. Apart from smoking, environmental pollution is also blamed for increasing cases of bronchitis these days. Shothari lauh can be an answer to all your respiratory illnesses, and bronchitis too is one of them. So, consult an ayurvedic doctor to use shothari lauh in bronchitis

Shothari lauh in arthritis: Stiffness caused in the joints due to inflammation is called arthritis. It is a very painful condition. Initially you start feeling extreme pain in your knee or hips and hands for no good reason and the disease progresses with age if not treated properly. Rather than bearing the pain, or killing your inner body by using a pain killer every other day, you can opt for a more holistic healing approach provided by ayurveda. This can be done by simply using shothari lauh in arthritis.

By now you know that shothari lauh increases hemoglobin level and treat bronchitis, but it is also known for its ability to improve digestive power and assimilation of nutrients. So, shothari lauh is a complete health package and it is highly likely that you need it, let us see how you can use shothari lauh in arthritis and all other problems.


125 mg to 250 mg of shothari lauh or 1 – 2 tablets of the medicine are enough to act and give you desired results in ideal case. But because every human body is different, and you also might have specific medical history, the disease may vary from person to person. So, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor first and only then start using shothari lauh or any other ayurvedic medicine. In the end we will tell you how you can buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest prices and also how you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free, but before that, we will make you aware of the possible side effects of shothari lauh.


There are no permanent side effects of shothari lauh provided you select the ayurvedic medicine from a trustworthy brand. Also, it should not be given to children and pregnant ladies because the safety of this ayurvedic medicine is not yet well established for these two groups. Also, in addition to children and pregnant ladies, male who are undergoing treatment for infertility should avoid it because of the presence of some ingredients.
Apart from these, there are no side effects of shothari lauh and you can use it without worrying about any negative impact. Now, if you are in a dilemma about using shothari lauh, and also in case you have made up your mind to use shothari lauh, you can just call the ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda. The doctors at paramanand ayurveda can guide you on how to use shothari lauh and also on whether you should shothari lauh or not. Here you can talk to a team of highly experienced ayurvedic doctors for free and also can buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest prices. So, go ahead and make a call to a healthy future and a long life with ayurveda.

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