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Ayurveda has a solution to every human problem, whether it is common cold or cancerous tumors. Today, we will introduce you to one such immensely powerful and extremely effective ayurvedic medicine- basant kusumakar ras. Basant kusumakar ras is used in dealing with the problems relating to your kidney, stomach, lungs or even brain. This is a complete package that when take alone or in combination with some other ayurvedic medicines can cure more than a dozen of health problems. And the best part about basant kusumakar ras is that- no matter for which disease you are taking it, it will take care of your overall health. Yes, you can say that basant kusumakar ras is not only a solution to so many health complications, but it is also the key a healthy body. By raising the immunity, basant kusumakar ras gives your body the gift of self healing. This eliminates the need of medicines and treatments in future. Isn’t it wonderful?

basant kusumakar rasYes, it indeed is unbelievable and you must be wondering how just one medicine can do so much for us? First of all, it is an ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic formulas have the capability of multiple healing. In addition to this, almost all the ayurvedic medicines are a storehouse of health enhancing components. So, any ayurvedic medicine you choose, it will have something in store that will act in favor of your body and health. So, let us try to understand one such ayurvedic formula- basant kusumakar ras. Starting with the ingredients we will see the cases in which we can use basant kusumakar ras. Then we will talk about the right method and some combinations in which we can use it to get best and fest results.

Ingredients and preparation of basant kusumakar ras

Basant kusumakar ras is extremely powerful and the source of its power is definitely some other very effective ayurvedic bhasma and natural ingredients. Vanga bhasma, loha bhasma, abhrak bhasma, nag bhasma and mukta bhasma are a few bhasma that are prepared ayurvedically and then combined to make basant kusumakar ras. All these bhasma are treatments for many problems individually and can you imagine how much effective this ayurvedic formula would be? And it contain not only these bhasma but also some liquids like cow’ milk and water decoction of many other herbal components. The ingredients in powdered form undergo trituration with all the liquids used separately. Once all of them are triturated, once again they are dried and a mixture is formed.

Uses and benefits of basant kusumakar ras

Basant kusumakar ras strengthens your body and improves immunity

The ingredients of basant kusumakar ras provide our body with all the necessary elements that are really essential for maintaining our health. This way it gives more strength to all of our body parts, and when the body parts are strong enough, they tend to serve us better and we can do more and more work even at the age of 50. The second important impact of regular consumption of basant kusumakar ras is enhancement in immunity. Immunity is the wall that guards our body from all the outsiders trying to enter in and create some kind of problem.

Basant kusumakar ras for improves immunity

The role of immunity is no doubt crucial, and we often do things to improve this as a good immunity eliminates the need of ayurvedic or any other medicine. It gives power of self healing to the body. But achieving this level of immunity is quite difficult today. Considering the quality of food we have, the pollutant in the environment and our lifestyle, you need some external help to strengthen you immunity as well. This help may be taken from allopathic medicines claiming to improve the immunity, but with these, you must expect many side effects. And improving your body, immunity as well as health without any ill effects is the real challenge. To meet this challenge, seeking help from ayurvedic basant kusumakar ras is the only option for you as ayurveda is the only science that heals without any ill effects.

Basant kusumakar ras is extremely helpful in diabetes

The word diabetes was coined for the first time in the year 1425, and the disease existed since 1552 BC. At that time, the people rarely had an idea of the disease becoming such a common words in the universe. Today, diabetes needs no explanation and even a child has some idea about it because he might have heard someone talking about it as in every home there is one diabetes patient. If you have diabetes, your day will start with medicines and will also end up in the evening with the same today. Do you really thing they can treat diabetes, and if the answer is yes, then why you have to take them lifelong? Don’t you think they are bit too expensive? Yes, medicines indeed cost a bit too much and are not effective in curing diabetes.

Basant kusumakar ras for diabetes

So, you can again look at ayurveda and it will definitely not disappoint you. Every now and then you must be thinking about how wonderful it would have been if there was a cure for this disease if you are recently diagnosed with diabetes. And now you can be glad that you something as amazing as ayurvedic basant kusumakar ras. Instead of spending your hard eared money on something that is least effective and also has a lots and lots of side effects, we have a much better choice for you in the form of basant kusumakar ras. You will get all the necessary information about the right dose of basant kusumakar ras in the coming sections. It is generally taken with either a pinch of turmeric and milk or is often mixed with some other anti diabetic medicine available in ayurveda.

Basant kusumakar ras improves the functioning of brain and fights with memory loss

Basant kusumakar ras for memory loss is a unique aid for memory loss, whether it is temporary loss of memory or some really big issues in remembering things. Basant kusumakar ras for memory loss has a reach to your brain and without disturbing any of its action, it simply enhancing the capacity of brain to memorize things. Also by sending a calming effect, it lets your brain focus and concentrate more efficiently.  So, you can use basant kusumakar ras for memory loss as it improves your memory and concentration.

Basant kusumakar ras for brain

Some people use it to sharpen the brain and they say this is an ayurvedic remedy to gain intelligence. Well, we have a doubt on this, but yes, basant kusumakar ras for getting the lost memory back and improving concentration is definitely effective. To tackle with brain related problems, you can take basant kusumakar ras in usual dose, but it is often prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor along with other ayurvedic formulas like kooshmanda rasayana and saraswatarishta. Saraswatarishta is yet another amazing ayurvedic medicine which has a major role to treat lack of concentration and all other brain or memory related malfunctioning. Combining these two improves the speed and effectiveness of recovery, which are really required in case of memory loss. Since it is related to your brain, it is best to have combination of medicines as all of them are side effects free.

Basant kusumakar ras in stomach disorders

Yes, you can deal with all the major problems like diabetes and memory loss, but there are some day to day issues also that needs equal attention. Stomach disorders are many times not chronic or life threatening, but they indeed are great deal of trouble as they have a significant impact on your everyday routine. Not only this, your overall health also suffers a lot due to minor issues of indigestion etc. And of course, if you leave them untreated, you never know when these minor problems can take the shape of a major complication. So, if it is related to your stomach, it needs and deserves immediate attention.

stomach disorders for stomach disorders

One way is to go to the doctor and get a prescription of allopathic medicines. But as soon as you complete the course of the specified duration, the same symptoms are highly likely to hit you again. This is because allopathic medicines do not cure the problem from root and they just play with the symptoms for a few days. We have a better, healthier and trustworthy alternative for you. Basant kusumakar ras in stomach disorders is great at dealing with almost all the stomach related disorders and while doing so, it takes good care of your tender stomach. Rather than taking it alone, in problems like gastritis or hyper-acidity, basant kusumakar ras in stomach disorders is administered along with medicines like kamdugha ras, cow milk or sometimes with ayurvedic shatavari choorna. Some even take it simply with honey.

Basant kusumakar ras is widely used and not all using it have chronic health problems. Some trust it and use it to improve the immunity of their body, while others take it to deal with stomach problems and infections like cough. Yes, this is the beauty of ayurvedic basant kusumakar ras, it is a treatment for something as common as cough, and at the same time it is equally capable of curing something as complex and unpredictable as memory loss. Apart from all this, the same basant kusumakar ras is helpful in dealing with some types of cardiac disorders, liver problems and kidney malfunctioning. It can very well address all the major kidney problems and can easily treat many urinary tract issues like urinary tract infections and polyurea( the problem of frequent urination). Can you see the diversity of effects? By combining with some herbal products or some ayurvedic medicines, you can mould the effect of basant kusumakar ras the way you want. But only one thing will be constant- its effect on the overall health. Let us see how we should use basant kusumakar ras to deal with all sorts of problems.

How to use basant kusumakar ras

The generally taken and prescribed dose of basant kusumakar ras is something between 125 to 250 mg once in the morning. It can be taken either after having meals, or before food. For any particular instructions you should consult your doctor as he will guide you better according to the present needs of your body.  Usually it is recommended to be taken with some natural products like honey, sugar or ghee to enhance its speed of action, but in special cases where you need treatments in variety of dimensions for a chronic problem, the doctor might advice you to take some other medicines from ayurveda.

Precaution and possible side effects

Many ayurvedic medicines are mild and only contain herbal ingredients. You can take them for quite a long time, some are even safe if you take them for lifetime, but basant kusumakar ras is not the same. It contains heavy ingredients which make the nature of the medicines very strong. This helps in dealing with problems as some of the diseases require rigorous action. But at the same time, you are recommended to use basant kusumakar ras only for a month or two, that too after consulting the doctor.

cunsult a doctorThis was all about basant kusumakar ras and trust me, this was just one example and ayurveda has so many other equally effective medicines. Any problem of yours can be tackled with ayurveda and in fact can be best tackled with ayurveda. A decade ago there was a problem of availability and today, some companies like parmanand ayurveda are taking the initiative to help ayurveda reach your doorstep by taking no delivery charges. You can get any ayurvedic medicine online. It is a great effort to make the life of people healthy as introducing ayurveda in some or the other way is beneficial only. So, without thinking twice, try ayurvdic basant kusumakar ras and get rid of all your health issues naturally. Have you ever wondered why were we searching for cures in artificially synthesized medicines when nature has already given us so many natural healers?

Life with ayurveda is different and nd ayurveda tells us the right and scientific ways to combine all the goodness offered by nature so that it works strictly in favor of human health. So, nature gave us the raw material, and ayurveda gave us the science and techniques. The only thing left is the intent the live a healthy and long life. If you have the intent, we have the solutions in the form ayurvedic basant kusumakar ras and other ayurvedic formulas.

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