mukta panchamrit ras
Smog, a mixture of smoke and fog is in news these days because it has captured most of the part of north India. With low visibility, severely polluted air and difficult of breathe in environment comes the risk of many respiratory diseases. Starting from cough and cold to asthma and chronic bronchitis, the cases of these respiratory tract issues are on rise these days. The government is busy finding a solution to smog in Delhi and its neighboring states, but we cannot rely on their speed of finding solution because it is a matter of our health. We need something that can protect our respiratory system from the outside poison and let our respiratory system work finely defeating the hazardous conditions outside. And this solution is definitely not in the form of antibiotics because we are already inhaling poison from air and taking pills also will be just another form of poison for our long term health. What is the answer then? Today we will tell you the best way to deal with all respiratory tract issues- mukta panchamrit ras. This ayurvedic formula is capable of dealing with all such issues and you can stay healthy despite so much of pollution outside.

Mukta panchamrit ras-2Mukta panchamrit ras is a unique combination of five rare ayurvedic formulas including mukta bhasma that are equivalent to elixir (amrit) and hence it is named as mukta panchamrit ras. It is an ayurvedic medicine which is used to deal with respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, and sometimes chronically high fever. These are some very common respiratory tract ailments, and we have so many other alternatives to deal with them. You also might have used some or the other antibiotic to tackle the cough and other such symptoms. But these antibiotics are not only harmful because of so many inevitable side effects, but they also are not a permanent solution. So, let us now see the permanent and holistic cure in the form of mukta panchamrit ras. Starting with the discussion, we will first give you an idea of the ingredients which make the final mukta panchamrit ras, and moving on we will tell you in what problems you can use this ayurvedic formula and how to use it in order to get the desired results.

Ingredients of mukta panchamrit ras

Mukta Bhasma

Ingredients of mukta panchamrit rasMukta bhasma, the major ingredient of mukta panchamrit ras and an effective ayurvedic medicine is a natural coolant by nature, undergoes digestion and assimilation very fast. This bhasma is prepared by mixing several herbal and mineral ingredients and hence alone is powerful enough to treat many diseases. It is used in treatment of cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma, toxic conditions, dyspepsia, gastritis and anorexia. But when combined with the other four main ingredients of mukta panchamrti ras, you get a tremendously powerful product that is the ultimate solution to not only respiratory tract problems, but also to several other health issues.

Pravala Bhasma

The major ingredients of pravala bhasma are purified coral pieces. These pieces of coral are further reduced to make fine powder by grinding it. Pravala bhasma is used in various types of diseases, but particularly, it is used in the health complications that arise due to imbalance in Kapha and Vata. It is used for cough and cold treatment and is tremendously effective. The ayurvedic medicine can be used in conditions like painful micturition and leucorrhoea. You can also raise you immunity- the disease fighting capability of human body with regular and right use of pravala bhasma only.

Vanga Bhasma

Vang bhasma is primarily made up of tin and is used in the treatment of problems like vomiting, anorexia, non healing wounds, helminthiasis, premature ejaculation, noctural emission, cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma, emaciation, weight loss, and chronic bronchial diseases. Yes, this bhasma is capable of dealing with a variety of health problems and mukta panchamrit ras hence also use it as a minor component.

Shankha Bhasma and shukti bhasma are also taken in relatively lower amounts, but the final product contains the goodness of these two as well. These were the five primary bhasma which are combined in a well defined ratio to make mukta panchamrit ras, and apart from these, Ikshurasa(Sugarcane juice) and Godudghda (Cow’s milk) are also taken in necessary quantities. Juice extract of vidari, extract of kumari, extract of shatavari, juice of tulasi (holy basil) and juice extract of hamsapadi are some other liquids that are used while preparing mukta panchamrit ras. Let us now see how the final product is formed and what the steps for manufacturing the ayurvedic medicine are.

All the five powerful bhasma are mixed together. Mukta bhasma, praval bhasma, vang bhasma, shankha bhasma and shukti bhasma all are taken in the ration of 8: 4: 2: 1: 1. These are mixed and ground well with the liquids described above. The entire mixture is then heated at a high temperature of almost 400 degree Celsius for one hour in a closed container. It is then converted into powder which finally is named as mukta panchamrit ras.

Benefits of mukta panchamrit ras

Mukta panchamrit ras is made up of five unbelievably magical bhasma and some extremely healthy liquid extract of medicinal herbs. All these when combined forms the ultimate solution to any respiratory tract issue and some other diseases too. Due to the presence of the five bhasma, mukta panchamrit ras also has an impact on the immune system of human body, but before talking about it, let us see the list of diseases which can be cured with mukta panchamrit ras.

Cough and cold

shukti bhasma for common coldCough and cold are the two most common problems rising due to infection or some other reasons. Whatever is the reason, these are quite disturbing and it is alright if you have them once in a year only. But if the frequency of cough and cold is higher than this, there are chances that your low immunity is a cause for this. And in this case taking antibiotics will suppress the symptoms for some time and anytime in near future the same problem may hit your again. This is where you need ayurvedic mukta panchamrit ras. This ayurvedic medicine is the perfect and complete solution to cough and cold due to any reason because it helps you by eliminating the need of medicines again and again. So, you can say good bye to cough and cold forever with mukta panchamrit ras.


shukti bhasma for BronchitisWhen some virus or other particles enter bronchial tube, they can cause infection in there and even swelling between the nose and lung. Sometimes it is just a cold that gave a call to other symptoms leading to bronchitis, and many other times it is due to a seasonal allergy. This too just like cold and cough is fine if it attacks once in lifetime, but what if again and again you have to go though the same pain? Yes, there are some unlucky people who suffer from bronchitis every now and then. There is no medicine that can effectively help them live a peaceful life and make them breathe with ease, but there is one such solution- mukta panchamrit ras for bronchitis. This ayurvedic remedy is the one stop solution to all the bronchial tube blockages and infections and trusting mukta panchamrit ras for bronchitis treatment is definitely going to help you.


Mukta panchamrit ras for PthisisPulmonary tuberculosis is another common name for the disease and it is generally caused by bacterial infection. The common symptoms are nothing but disturbances in the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes in the form of cough and cold. Sometimes blood is also seen along with acute cough and this shouldn’t be ignored in any case. If your cough and cold persist for more than two weeks despite taking treatment, you must consult a doctor today. In case this is your present situation, do call the doctors at parmanand ayurveda to get the right advice without paying even a single penny. Ayurvedic doctors usually prescribe mukta panchamrit ras for faster recovery in pthisis.


Mukta panchamrit ras for AsthmaThe bronchial tubes which allow the air to enter into the lungs and leave through the nose when get blocked with mucus causes asthma. The blockage soon causes inflammation, and inflammation is followed by acute pain and breathlessness. Like bronchitis, for asthma too there is only one solution that is safe as well as permanent- mukta panchamrit ras. Those who have used mukta panchamrit ras for bronchitis needs no explanation for this, and if you haven’t yet tried it, go ahead to get rid of breathlessness soon.

Chronic fever is also sometimes treated with this powerful ayurvedic medicine, but you must consult an ayurvedic doctor before using it. Till now, you have seen the use of mukta panchamrit ras for bronchitis treatment, asthma, cough and cold cure. In all we can conclude that it can treat almost all the commonly occurring diseases in the respiratory tract and lungs. This is a big help since the pollution the air is at rise, especially in cities like Delhi. In the coming sections, we will tell you some other details necessary for you if you are keen to use mukta panchamrit ras.

Doses of mukta panchamrit ras

For problems like bronchitis, asthma and cough 250 mg of mukta panchamrit ras taken once or twice a day is both effective and safe. You can take it before or after food with honey, milk or hot water. It is best here also you follow the ayurvedic doctor’s advice as the duration for which you have to take mukta panchamrit ras may vary according to your condition. Usually it is prescribed for a month or two.

Precautions to be taken while using mukta panchamrit ras

consult with doctorMost of the ayurvedic medicines are free from any side effects, and the same can be said about mukta panchamrti ras as well until you take it strictly according to the prescription. We have introduced you to all the ingredients of mukta panchamrit ras and with that you might have an idea about the power of this ayurvedic medicine. So, it won’t be difficult for you to understand that even a slight overdose may cause severe poisonous effect. So, care must be taken while using mukta panchamrit ras. In case you have a doubt, immediately consult a doctor as talking to ayurvedic doctors is now made easy with companies like parmanand ayurveda providing free online consultation and free home delivery for all the ayurvedic medicines.

Since it is strong and contains metallic ingredients, it is best you avoid it in pregnancy, lactation and in children. These three classes are considered special and no medicine should be taken or given without consulting a good doctor.

Using mukta panchamrit ras is always beneficial for your health as it is ayurvedic. Ayurveda has always been with us since centuries now, and it has always given astonishing results for diseases which are incurable by any other science. In this difficult time when the pollution is at its peak in India ayurveda is the only solution. Especially in Delhi, the condition is really pathetic and the only way to survive is wear mask. Since wearing a mask all the time is unrealistic, there are chances that you catch any infection like cough and cold. For treating this on time and healthily, you can just buy ayurvedic medicines online, including mukta panchamrit ras. Without even stepping out of your house, and also by paying only for the product, you can get ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep with companies like parmanand ayurveda offering free home delivery. Why miss such a golden chance when you can get the key to a health respiration and hence a healthy body at home?  Let ayurveda heal your body once and you won’t look back to those harmful medicines ever. Buy ayurvedic medicines online or offline from a store near your house, what is more important is you decide and give a chance to ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like mukta panchamrit ras.

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