Ayurveda and nature – Does the connection work for us?


No matter how advanced the world would be in the future, the relevance of Ayurveda and nature is not going to be decreased. Ayurveda has managed to increase its prominence globally at snail’s pace and the root has deeply rooted in India. Though, no one precisely knows that when the origin of Ayurveda has happened but it is for sure, it is deeply rooted in ancient time. Ayurveda can be considered as an open book for all human being and anyone can easily get the holy benefits of it.  Both terms play a considerable role in ameliorating the entire well-being of the human being. The innumerable salient features Ayurveda has to offer can significantly display impeccable health advantages. It not only puts you up with fatal afflictions but also can allow you to inhibit the innumerable life-threatening diseases.

Mentioning the title of this content “Does the Connection of Ayurveda and Nature Work for us?” we would like to tell you that to know the relevant answer of the mentioned question it is imperative for us to consider various aspects of Ayurveda and Nature. As we know that nature is everywhere and every aspect of our lives is straightly influenced by nature. What we eat is a part of nature, what we breathe is part of nature, what we drink is a part of nature, what we take from the sun is also a part of nature. Taking into account aforementioned facts what we have to say that Ayurveda is not an exception to that. Actually, if we say that Ayurveda has no existence without nature than no one is going to be denied. You can find a considerable number of people who have thought that pursuit of Ayurveda is not more than a wild goose chase. Does it really true? Well, I don’t know what the thing is going on in your mind but, according to me, Ayurveda deserves a little gush of gratitude. Allowing a free hand to Ayurveda in your life can prove to be a life-transforming move for you. It is comprehensively believed that the complete cessation of any disease is only feasible with Ayurveda and I do personally believe that the notion has something to do with reality. Let’s see how the connection of Ayurveda and Nature does work for us.

Ayurveda and Nature improve Our Entire Body Function 

Body Function – A better function of the entire body does enormously matter for us as it is associated with paving the path of a sickness free life. Nature provides the fresh air for our body that deeply comforts our entire body organs and also provides the required strength to them. It allows body organs to keep themselves away from various notorious diseases. Fresh air acts like an elixir for our brain as it strengthens the bone tissues which are responsible for a sound brain. Ayurvedic Diet contains various nutrients that also help your body to function in an appropriate manner.

Ayurveda And Nature Ameliorate The Immune System

Ayurveda as Enhances ImmunityWhat immune system works for us? How important is it for us? What if there is a compromised immune system? Above questions about the immune system have great relevance in anyone’s life. The immune system is like a security guard for our internal body that works by fortifying our body and at the same time inhibiting the invasion of disease-causing pathogens. The immune system asks hard questions about everything which is deleterious to our health. One can find it extraordinarily difficult to deal with even minor health issues if there compromised immune system has taken place. Such patient desperately needs some immune-boosting agents to make the immune system healthier. For making the immune system strong nothing could be better than utilizing Ayurveda and Nature. One can find a wide range of immune-boosting Ayurvedic medicines formed by a natural ingredient that can comprehensively boost the immune system. Not only Ayurvedic medicines but also Ayurvedic diet has the sufficient ability to improve the function of the immune system. The immune system also makes disease-causing pathogen fragile to death and does not allow them to proliferate.

It Is Far Better than Modern Medicines 

allopathy medicineToday a wide number of people have unbreakable faith in modern medicines. They see modern medicines as trusted healing option despite knowing the fact that modern medicines have enormous negative influences throughout the body. When it comes to the modern medicines one thing we need to take into account that modern medicines may show some cold comfort on your body but this doesn’t mean that your health is getting better. Most of the allopathic medicines may provide you the instant relief but once you stop consuming medicines you are going to face the music of the same disease again. One doesn’t have to face aforementioned issues if the patient considers using Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines do allow people to eradicate any disease from its root, unlike modern medicines. It is a wide known fact that modern medicines do not cure the disease but only suppress the existing ailment, but Ayurveda and nature both together work on the root causes of the disease and by doing this it completely flushes out the existing ailment. Ayurvedic medicines also annihilate nearly entire toxins which have accumulated due to the excess modern medicine consumption.

Prevents Being Obese

ayurveda for ObesityObesity is a worldwide epidemic which is associated with the innumerable well-being complications. It denotes a condition where people experience abnormal body weight which makes it hard to perform even day to day physical activities. It encourages various health complications to take places such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Constipation, Stomach distention, Hypertension, Cancer, Heart diseases, Impotence and various other complications. Excess consumption of certain modern medicines may force you to be fat. Living a life where there is no physical activity (Sedentary Lifestyle) can bring you at a very prone risk of Obesity. Unhealthy eating and too much sleeping can be a reason for obesity. Frankly speaking, dealing with obesity often proves to be a hard nut to crack especially if you are living a sedentary life. In this circumstance, it becomes highly imperative to give up a sedentary way of life. Studies have found that early rising birds cut their vulnerability to obesity by 95 percent and this is a huge number. Paying attention to nature and embracing the diet of Ayurveda does not allow you to be obese. It has certain noble ingredients which have the potential to burn the excess fat. It also does not support the excess accumulation of additional fat.

Ayurveda and Nature Strengthen Cardiovascular and Heart System

Ayurveda for cardiac tonicCardiovascular and heart system both are the vital parts of the body. Whatever we eat straightly has the influence over these two systems. If we eat healthy foods, we simply facilitate the function of cardiovascular and heart systems but, if we eat harsh diet we may have to face the music of the various heart and cardiovascular-related issues. Coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, congenital heart disease, angina, heart palpitation, cardiomyopathy, valvular heart disease, and peripheral artery disease are the common issues which take place. Various modern medicines are present there claiming to manage aforementioned problems but they also have the certain adverse influence on these two systems. Most of the aforementioned diseases have life-threatening influence and at the same time it cannot be treated for good, not even Ayurveda does the same. There is a noble saying that “prevention is better than cure” especially if it comes to the diseases which have no permanent cure. Apparently, neither Ayurvedic nor Allopathic medicines have the potential to cure certain diseases but, embracing Ayurveda has far greater and positive influence than Allopathic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines and nature both can easily manage to control heart and cardiovascular system. Remember, Ayurveda recommends every individual to quit the sedentary lifestyle and embrace the active lifestyle. Doing just adequate physical activities on daily basis can easily help you prevent nearly all sorts of heart and cardiovascular linked diseases. Embracing Ayurvedic diet along with active lifestyle inhibits the accumulation of plaques in the heart arteries that prevents the formation of coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, and congenital heart diseases.

Ayurveda and Nature Both Improves the Circulation of Blood 

Improved Blood CirculationAyurveda uses various natural herbs that are found to be vastly beneficial in improving the blood circulation. We do know that a well functioned blood circulation is essential for us to get optimum health as well as to prevent the heart diseases so there are things which can be done to improve the blood circulation. Making efforts in physical activity can help you to improve the blood circulation. Chamomile, Coriander, Fennel, Basil, Sweet flag, Spearmint, Ajwain, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, and Garlic are the very common herbs which are associated with a better circulation of blood.

Ayurveda and Nature Prevents the Formation of Skeletal Disorders 

ayurveda for Skeletal DisordersIf you are living your life with Ayurveda then one thing is for sure you have made a smart move. Ayurveda and Nature both add various positive influences in your body as we have mentioned above but, have you ever pondered the influence of Ayurveda on your Skeletal? If yes it is a good thing but if you don’t know, you should know the facts of it. We are going to provide you some information which can help you to understand how Ayurveda and nature provide the optimum skeletal health. There are a large number of Ayurvedic medicines out which can eliminate nearly all the skeletal disorders such Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rickets, Bone Fracture, Bone Pain, Deformity, and gout. Calcium is a very important nutrient for our bone health, therefore, consuming calcium enriched food can improve the bone strength. Asthiposhak is an Ayurvedic medicine which is enormously beneficial in healing above-mentioned bone-related complications. Ayurvedic Diet provides a large number of anti-inflammatory agents that alleviate the inflammation of the bone and provide the instant relief from severe pain.

Both Are Tridosha Shamak  

Treat Vata Related ProblemsAs stated by Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and, Kapha are the three energies which comprehensively influence the entire function of the body. The imbalance among them is the only cause of the formation of any sorts of well-being issues therefore, all the aforementioned diseases have only one reason and that is Tridosha. Therefore, it becomes extremely imperative for many people to better deal with Tridosha. Ayurveda has the appropriate solution for Tridosha. Ayurveda and nature both work by providing the essential nutrients to the body that ameliorate Tridosha issue.

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