Benefits of mrigank ras
Swrana bhasma in itself is an extremely powerful ayurevdic solution to many of your health issues, and when we mix a few other beneficial herbal and metallic compounds in swarna bhasma, what we get is an extremely healthy mixture containing the power of gold and the goodness of herbs. This is what mrigank ras is- a golden treatment to diseases like tuberculosis and definitely something immensely healthy and beneficial for human body. Ayurveda has so many surprises for us and mrigank ras is just one gem that makes this science shine with proud. Those who have used swarna bhasma or any other ayurevdic medicine may need no introduction to the power and capabilities of ayurveda, but those who are new definitely need to think about using this unbelievably magical healing science. Ayurveda is the science of life, and we would call it the most ancient, yet modern science of healing.

MRIGANK RASThe formulas of ayurveda were written centuries ago, and the entire medicinal effort was drafted based on natural ways of healing, yet it has solutions to the problems that we face today. In fact, ayurveda delivers cure to problems that are still incurable in the allopathic science. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it indeed is unbelievable, but ayurveda really can do magical changes in your life if you give it just one chance. And in case you are suffering from tuberculosis, this is the right time to give ayurveda an opportunity to prove itself by trying mirgank ras. Mrigank ras is mainly used for tuberculosis, but its capability is not limited to just one disease. As it is comprised of so many herbal components and ayurvedic mixtures, it can do much more for your body. So, today we will talk about everything you should know before using ayurvedic mrigank ras. Starting from the ingredients, we will also look into the method adopted for preparing mrigank ras. Followed by this will be a list of diseases and health problems that can be addressed ayurvedically with mrigank ras.


swarn bhasmaMrigank ras contain everything that is required by your body to perform all its functions well. Apart from these essential compounds, mrigank ras also contains a few components that make in anti bacterial and anti viral in nature. Let use first see the most important component or ingredient of mrigank ras. It is none other than swarna bhasma. Yes, mrigank ras not only contain gold bhasma, but it also has traces of diamond. This might raise the price of the product, but never forget the effect it has on your health. Apart from these two expensive components, mrigank ras also contain Ras sindoor  and Shuddha tankan in the amount exactly twice of gold bhasma. Moti bhasma is also taken while preparing mrigank ras in three parts if we measure gold bhasma as one part. Pure gandhak, Raupy bhasma, and Swarna makshik bhasma are some other ayurvedic preparations that are included to make what we know as mrigank ras. Prawal bhasma also contributes to the healing properties of mrigank ras, in fact, it is taken in amount 7 times higher than that of gold bhasma. The last but necessary ingredient of mrigank ras is lemon juice- the liquid required to prepare a mixture.

These were all the ingredients and now we will see the general method adopted to manufacture mrigank ras.


lemon juiceAll the above stated ingredients are mixed together leaving diamond aside. As you know by now, prawal bhasma is taken in a very high amount, you will also see in what amount diamond has to be taken in a short while. After mixing all these ingredients, they are mashed up nicely with lemon juice. The process of mixing up the ingredients with lemon juice is repeated three times in the duration of three days. The resulting mixture is then exposed to extreme sunlight to get a dried powder. There are many other mechanical as well as chemical methods available for drying the mixture. All of them are fast and quite effective, but since ayurveda believes in nature and natural methods, it is dried in intense sunlight only. Yes, this takes some time, but according to ayurveda, nature is the only way to preserve the healing properties of the constituents and we get a really healthy medicine.

Once the mixture is perfectly dry, we need to keep it in a pot. The pot is closed carefully and again heated for up to a day. This was the last step, and the mixture is taken out to mix diamond in it. If you measure the amount of swarna bhasma as one part, diamond needed is only 64th portion of this amount. Finally after all this natural processing we get in hand mrigank ras- a beautiful and magical ayurvedic cure for tuberculosis and many other health complications. Yes, the list of diseases is quite long , and this is understood as the list of ingredients of mrigank ras is also not too small. And each one of them is a medicine alone, imagine how much powerful mrigank ras is? Don’t worry; the following list of diseases will help you in assessing the power of mrigank ras, as well as the power of ayurveda.


Mrigank ras usually is prescribed in diseases which are caused due to imbalance in the pitta levels in your body. According to ayurveda, there are three essential elements in your body- vata, pitta and kapha. If any one of this is not in proper sync, the entire body gets disturbs and you need to visit your doctor for one reason or the other.  The doctor gives you medicines to treat the synptoms of the disease, but the root cause is the imbalance in the essential factors. Ayurveda aims at leveling the balance of these three, and this is the key behind the effectiveness of ayurveda. In fact, this is what makes ayurveda a holistic science. Coming back to mrigank ras, out of all the three elements, it heals the disturbances created by any sort of imbalance in pitta.

It is not only useful in pitta dosha, but it inherits the anti bacterial and anti viral properties from the ingredients it is made up of. Let us see the complete list of favors we can expect from mrigank ras.

Mrigank ras in tuberculosis

mrigank ras for TuberculosisAcute cough, pain in chest, fever and sometimes blood in the mucus or cough are some of the characteristic symptoms of tuberculosis. You can get rid of all the symptoms of tuberculosis, and also the causative organism with mrigank ras. Mrigank ras in tuberculosis is the perfect cure for tuberculosis as it can kill the bacteria causing the entire nuisance in your body. Tuberculosis is something that can be treated if you acknowledge the symptoms quite on time, and the same disease can prove to be fatal if you ignore it at the initial stage. Caused by bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis, the disease is pretty common in India. In fact, the ease with which it can be transmitted from on individual to another also contributes in making it a cause of concern. Anyways, the action of mrigank ras in tuberculosis treatment is appropriate and it can alone handle the mycobacterium and also the symptoms caused by it.

Immunity enhancing effect of mrigank ras

increase immuntiy with mrigank rasThis is how ayurveda has always gifted us with a healthy body and a calm mind. Ayurevdic mrigank ras aims at developing a body that can itself cure and heal. This is done by raising the strength of immune system to a level where it needs no antibiotics. Although many ayurvedic medicines have this benefit, but mrigank ras is special because of the special ingredients that are combined in an appropriate proportion. So, if you fall ill too often and visit to doctor are also frequent, try mrigank ras. Mrigank ras in immunity boosting is more than sufficient.

Mrigank ras can treat chronic fever naturally

mrigank ras for feverFever is nothing but a way of expressing that something is wrong in your body. If you were taking pills to bring your body temperature back to normal, you should know that in ayurveda as well, there is a treatment for fever. And this treatment is much better than the allopathic medicines because it leaves no side effects. As it has been told earlier as well, mrigank ras in immunity boosting has a role to play, apart from that dealing with chronic fever is also another favor that you can receive from ayurvedic mrigank ras.

Insomnia and mrigank ras

Many think that insomnia is a physical discomfort, while many others believe that it is just a mental issue. But the fact is that both your physical health as well as mental peace is affected by insomnia. To calm down your brain and have a regular pattern of sleep, seek help from ayurvedic mrigank ras and sleepless nights will no more be a problem.

Get rid of Indigestion and vomiting with mrigank ras

indigestionMrigank ras contain elements that facilitate a healthy digestion and preventing some common problems that arise due to poor digestion of food. Staying healthy is crucial, and to accomplish this goal, one needs to take care of the digestive system as it is the source of energy extraction from food. Mrigank ras helps in doing that. So, if you have any digestion related issue like bloating, gas, or vomiting, use mrigank ras and say good bye to all of them.

These were some of the specific benefits of using mrigank ras, and one general benefit- mrigank ras in immunity boosting has also been explained. But, in case you think this was all, you are wrong. Starting from the problem of sudden unconsciousness to gradually developed problems like jaundice, there are several other problems for which one can use mrigank ras. It can also treat weakness of skeletal system, irritations in nerves, some kidney diseases, and also the problem of low sperm count.


A healthy adult should take between 62.5 mg to 125 mg of mrigank ras every day. Usually it is prescribed with black pepper, honey and ghee. Taking it in right amount is important, but it is even more important to use it with a healthy diet that fills you with a lot of energy. Oils and salt should not be taken in high amount. Apart from this, karela, hing, brinjal should also be avoided while you are on the prescription of ayurvedic mrigank ras. Some of them are healthy, but they might interfere with the working of mrigank ras and hence it is best you avoid them for some time.

dosage of mrigank ras

This was all about mrigank ras- another tool from the natural factory of ayurveda. Now you are ready to use the brilliant cure and since it is ayurvedic, it will surely not disappoint you. A famous saying about ayurveda is- The more you let ayurveda becomes the basis of your life, the easier living gets. Those who regularly use ayurvedic products online and offline undoubtedly agree with this. Yes, you can now get all ayurvedic products online too. So, don’t wait and take the most crucial and much needed step in your life. Let ayurveda enter into your life by giving a try to mrigank ras and the changes will surprise you. Only then you would realize what wrong you were doing all this while with your health and your body.

You can energize your body, stimulate your mind and calm your soul with mrigank ras and other available ayurvedic products online and offline. In case you can get the ayurvedic medicine near your home, grab your pack now, and in case you can’t get it, try finding it online. With some companies like parmanand ayurveda, you don’t even have to pay the delivery charges. These small efforts actually remove the cost and reach ability barriers. Availability was the only major issue that stopped people from using ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, but with the presence of ayurvedic products online, this also is not a hurdle.

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