The term autism was first popped in the year 1943. Since then, the disease that was once rarely seen is showing its presence everywhere today. The rate of growth in the number of autistic patients in U.S. children has increased by 119.4% in a decade (from 2000 to 2010). In the year 2000, only one in 150 people suffered from this mental disability. Today, the figure has gone up to 3 in 150 people. This raises a concern to understand the disease better and efforts are being done to spread awareness about the problem and its symptoms. All this ensures early detection and detecting the problem early can help managing the symptoms at a lower cost. So, it is important that you are aware of what autism is. But, what about the solution? Who is going to talk about how to make the condition of autistic children better? As a parent, you must be concerned about it, but do you think medicinal aid has much to offer? If you have lived a life with medicines for about a year, you very well know the role of medicines in treating autism. So, today, we will see the role of ayurveda in autism and some amazing ways the parents of every autistic child should know.

Parents with autistic children often never give up and try to find out the ways they can improve their child’s cognitive and mental development. As medicines cannot help much, there are many myths being circulated than real facts. However, there is something reliable and trustworthy you can bank upon. Ayurveda is an ancient healing science. Although the magnificent healer has answer to everything from cold and headache to all types of cancers, it is particularly famous for diseases that have no cure in allopathy. Autism is also one such complicated problem. Kaumaram or pediatrics, a separate science in ayurveda deals with all sort of problems in children. According to ayurveda, it is believed that increased vata dosha is the common reason behind autism. Hence, ayurveda treats autism in children simply by bringing back the vata dosha in balance. Yes, it is not that simple, but, with the right combination of therapies and ayurvedic herbs, it is actually possible to improve the cognitive abilities and memory retaining capabilities etc. Let us have a look at the symptoms of autism and then we will see how ayurveda treats autism in children.


Symptoms of autism vary depending on age, genetic combination leading to autism and the measures taken to manage the problem. Here is the list of some common symptoms of autism.

  • Anxiety
  • Attention deficit
  • Distractibility
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Rhythmic rocking
  • Repetitive acts or thoughts
  • Abnormal eye movement
  • Apparent lack of awareness to danger
  • Language and communication problems
  • Seems uninterested in people
  • Unresponsive to verbal cues
  • Allergies
  • Poor appetite
  • Low immunity
  • Frequent colds
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Hypersensitivity to sound/light/touch/smell/toxins. 

Every autistic patient may not have all of them at once, but a few are more than enough to make their life hell. It is time we see some actually effective ways to combat these solutions. So, let us see the role of ayurveda in autism.

As discussed earlier, addressing the vata dosha will help the child in autism. This has been mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts as well as modern scientific texts as well. Many of those who have experienced the magic of ayurveda would also tell you the same. However, how it is done is also equally important. Let us see how ayurveda treated autism in children.

With the help of a few herbal ayurvedic medicines, ayurveda helps in organization, apprehension, and anxiety. Apart from medicines, there are therapies that can help in physical movements as well. In fact, a normal massage also offers great results for autistic patients that have the problem at a minor level. Many children have difficulties with a change in routine, getting ready in the morning, and going to school. A daily Ayurvedic massage can be soothing for such a child. Oil nourishes the tissues and keeps the mind stress free. And when it is an ayurvedic oil, you can expect some other benefits too. This is actually giving a glimpse of role of ayurveda in autism. Otherwise too, oil massage is perfect for a child that has excess vata or their vata dosha is out of balance. And a fusion of two- massage with herbal oil and intake of ayurvedic medicines can actually prove to be magical. In fact, many ayurvedic doctors believe that this combination is an answer to how ayurveda treats autism in children. So, we will first see the medicines that help ayurveda in autism treatment. After this, we will also see the therapies that would improve the blood circulation, reduce fatigue, calms down the nervous system and fight with the mental deficiencies too.

Medicines that assist ayurveda in autism treatment

  • Mahakalyanaka Ghritam: It is a medicated ghee that affects the vata and pitta doshas. By doing so, the herbal ghee is effective in many nervous system disorders. Many ayurvedic doctors use it in panchkarma and snehpanam. But, expert ayurvedic professionals also prescribe to autistic children.
  • Saraswatarishtam: It is a liquid that can potentially address all the mind related problems. From improving memory to increasing attention span, concentration, intelligence, mental stamina, this is one answer to all problems that originate from mind.
  • Brahmi Ghritam and Brahmi Vati: Brahmi ghritam is the ghee that is treated with brahmi and brahmi vati are the tablets that have the goodness and healing abilities of brahmi. Scientifically known as bacopa, the herb is one of the most famous herbs in ayurveda for mental problems. In fact, researchers tested the role of ayurveda in autism by using brahmi on autistic patients. The results of this study showed that Bacopa significantly improved performance of the working memory, more specifically the spatial working memory.
  • Rudraksha Churanam: The restlessness that children experience is often addressed with Rudraksha Churanam. It calms down their minds without giving a sleep inducing effect. This is what most of the drugs related to nervous problem do- they just slow down the working of your brain or make you sleepy. The hazardous drugs are not only harmful for the brain of child, but also have adverse effects on physical health. This is the reason that people seeking help in mind related problems always turn towards ayurveda. And this is why you need to look towards ayurveda.

Shankhpushpi, manomitram, and ashwagandha are some other medicines often prescribed in ayurveda in autism treatment. Apart from these powerful medicines, there are many other ayurvedic formulas that can help your child. Depending on the intensity of problem, the type of body and symptoms, ayurveda in autism has slightly varying solutions. And to get the exact medicines, all this must be analyzed by an ayurvedic doctor. After going through your child’s medical history and present condition, the ayurvedic doctor would prescribe you the most suitable medicines. The best part about using ayurveda is- the medicines are exclusively made up of herbs and hence are both- safe and healthy. So, the patients don’t have to worry much before taking any ayurvedic medicines. However, there are cases when only ayurvedic medicines don’t give desired results. This is because ayurvedic herbal medicines act slowly. To get instant relief in any condition, there are certain ayurvedic therapies. Ayurveda in autism too has several beneficial therapies that actually work.

It starts from a normal massage with an ayurvedic oil. An herbal oil massage with ayurvedic oil can boost your child’s energy levels. It rejuvenates the tissues, improves the blood circulation and also improves the working of the nervous system. This is great for a child who is physically or mentally weak. However, children with autism need something much more than this. Abhyangam or panchkarma can be a solution. But, for this, you need to talk to an ayurvedic doctor.

Apart from taking ayurvedic medicines and therapies, diet too has a crucial role to play in autism. The diet of an autistic child should be prepared with an aim to lower down the vata dosha. In fact, the entire lifestyle should revolve around the minimization of aggravated vata levels. For all this information and complete guidance, you should talk to a good ayurvedic doctor today. In case you don’t have any near your place, just dial the number- 9990005395/ 9990004674. Here, the team of doctors at paramanand ayurveda will guide you for free. Yes, getting free online consultation over a phone call is really easy now. Not only free consultation, but you can also place order for pure ayurvedic medicines you want.

In short, it is a one stop solution for all your ayurvedic needs. So, now you know how ayurveda treats autism in children, just take the next step and it will change the life of your child. Because you now know why you need to look towards ayurveda in autism, there is no point in delaying it. If ayurveda is to be believed there is something common in our food chain or environment that is causing an unbelievable increase in autism in children. Till the time we figure it out, it is better we rely on holistic solutions like ayurveda in autism. Yes, it is true that ayurveda treats autism in children better than any other healing science. So, there is no point in wasting our time and hard earned money on  

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