Our Oldest Medical Science Has Recognized the Health benefits of Karela Jamun Juice (करेला जामुन जूस)

Our oldest and most effective medical science, Ayurveda, knows and uses the abundant fruits, herbs, minerals and all the available elements in the best effective manner. According to Ayurveda, whenever it comes to the healthy drinks, Karela jamun juice is among the topmost names that can’t be skipped even by mistake.

Karela jamun juice is one of the most popular healthy herbal drinks that can not only assist you stay fit and health, but can eradicate a number of health issues also. There are a variety of mild as well as chronic health issues that can be easily taken care of with the help of karela jamun juice. It is because of the ingredients of karela jamun juice, i.e. karela and jamun that add to the effectiveness of this amazing healthy drink. Karela and jamun are, even individually, very beneficial in dealing with a number of health issues, hence, gifting us a healthy and disease-free future. So, let’s first talk about these ingredients of karela jamun juice in detail.

Ingredients of Karela Jamun Juice (करेला जामुन जूस)

Karela (करेला)

This green vegetable is so bitter in taste that its taste denies it to be a part of our regular diet. But, the one conscious about the health can easily ignore this factor in order to gain the maximum from karela or squash or bitter guard. And it is those people who tend to consume this nutrient powerful to achieve the good health.

Let’s today talk about the factors that make karela, a brilliant food to eat and love to. It is actually the nutrients of karela making it so potent vegetable. And these nutrients include:


  • Phytonutrients like dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.
  • Low calories
  • B-complex vitamins like niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine
  • Polypeptide-P, plant insulin which is responsible for lowering down the blood sugar level
  • Folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Hypoglacemic agent – charantin
  • Minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, manganese and magnesium

All these nutrients including the varieties of vitamins, minerals and other elements dedicatedly contribute their part to the effectiveness of Karela jamun juice. And, it is these ingredients only that make this vegetable so potent. Let’s, before moving forward, have a glimpse on the health benefits that karela can gift us.


  • The availability of vitamin C in karela makes it a potent natural element to prevent our body from the harmful toxic elements and the free radicals.
  • The consumption of karela by a pregnant woman will assist her protect the baby from the neural tube defects that occur in the new born babies at the time of birth.
  • The flavonoids and vitamin A present in karela protect our body from the attacks of certain types of cancers and early aging effects like wrinkles, blemishes etc. and numerous other sorts of health issues.
  • If you are tired of regularly facing the indigestion and the constipation issues, karela will be one of the best options for you to get rid of these symptoms.
  • There are certain phytochemicals also available in karela that can even work to fight against the HIV infection.
  • The nutrient polypeptide- P assists lowering down the blood sugar level in the body. Further, it is assisted by the hypoglycemic agent, charantin, which works to enhance the increase of the glucose uptake and glucose synthesis in the liver cells, fatty tissues and muscles. This makes bitter guard capable of treating one of the top global killers, diabetes.

This was not all and the health benefits of karela are huge in number. But, of course, counting on all of them one by one is not that possible because it’ll go for long without any end. Till here, by going through the above mentioned precise details, I believe you must have got the idea about how much beneficial is karela or bitter guard for all of us. But, only those who are ready to compromise over the taste can gain the magnificent benefits of karela and then taste lovers will only remain devoid of such a golden opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

Here, you got to know about why karela became an ingredient of this wonderful healthy drink and now, it’s the turn to move to the next ingredient, i.e. jamun.

Jamun (जामुन)

Jamun or black plum or blackberry must be in the favorite list of a number of people. The credit goes to its sweet taste loaded with lots of health benefits. Well, it hardly matters whether it is in your wish list or not because, of course, it is not going to show any impact on its effectiveness. This well-known summer fruit is full of loads of nutritional benefits packed for us. The properties that jamun possesses include carminative, astringent, coolent, anti-scorbutic and diuretic properties. Apart from these health benefiting properties, jamun or blackberry consists of various health benefiting nutrients as well. So, we should have a look on the nutrients of jamun as well. If we talk about the beneficial nutrients of jamun, these include:

  • Glucose and fructose with low calories
  • Vital minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and sodium
  • Other elements like carbohydrates, fats, fiber, folic acid, protein and water
  • Vitamins like vitamin C, B6, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin
  • Various bio-chemical compounds like flavonoids, essential oils, gallic acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, betulinic acid etc.

jamunSo, this was about the healthy nutrients of jamun. All these nutrients of jamun make it a potent and holistic remedy for dealing with the various health ailments. Let’s have a brief detail about the health ailments that can be treated using jamun or black plum.


  • Jamun possesses the anti-diabetic properties, hence, becoming a potent remedy for dealing with the symptoms of diabetes. The various parts of jamun plant that can be used for the diabetes treatment include fruit, seeds, bark and leaves. Jamun has the tendency to convert the starch we get from food into energy and hence, keep a regular check on the blood sugar level.
  • The dream of achieving a beautiful and fair skin can also be achieved via using jamun. Jamun is a very well-known remedy for dealing with acne. To achieve the purpose, jamun is crushed and mixed in cow’s milk and then applied to the face. It is considered to be very effective in dealing with acne, blemishes, wrinkles and pimples. Apart from this, jamun is effective in dealing with leucoderma after stimulating melanin as well.
  • Jamun is considered to be beneficial in increasing the RBCs count in the blood due to the availability of iron in it.
  • Jamun is very beneficial in keeping the heart healthy and free from the ailments like high blood pressure, stroke, hardening of arteries, palpitations etc.
  • The consumption of jamun on regular basis can prevent the ulcer formation in your body along with taking care of the oral health and preventing the diseases related to it.

Of course, like karela, the health benefits of jamun are also vast and counting on them thoroughly is quite impossible kind of thing. Still, I believe it was sufficient enough to make you understand the importance of this sweet and delicious fruit for our health.

So, this was all about the health benefits of the ingredients of karela jamun juice, i.e. karela and jamun, individually. But, as we are talking about the juice over here, let’s now talk about their amazing combination which can do wonders to you.

 Health Benefits of Karela Jamun Juice (करेला जामुन जूस)

When the ingredients of karela jamun juice are so amazing, they will surely enhance its properties, hence, giving the astonishing results. So, let’s now talk about the health benefits of karela jamun juice.

Treats Diabetes (मधुमेह का इलाज)

karela jamun juice for diabetesDiabetes is a chronic disease that affects a number of people out there globally. But, does it influence you overnight? No! It is a complete six stage process, i.e.

  • Stage 1 – Imbalance in any one dosha and then the dosha accumulation
  • Stage 2 – getting into a state of agitation
  • Stage 3 – spreading to the whole body
  • Stage 4 – arriving a vulnerable area
  • Stage 5 – manifestation of the disease
  • Stage 6 – manifestation of the complications

This is something, we all must know but none of our doctors tells us about the same. Karela jamun juice is an ayurvedic solution that can work on treating your diabetes effectively due to the presence of charantin and polypeptide (named as gurmerin) in karela along with jamun having the capability to convert starch into sugar.

Improves Digestion (पाचन शक्ति में वृद्धि)

Karela jamun juice for digestionAll the organs of our digestive system work to convert the food we eat into energy, hence, assisting us in our regular activities. A healthy body can be obtained only with a good and healthy digestive system. So, we have a solution for you if you possess a weak digestive system. That perfect solution is karela jamun juice for health in which karela possesses certain active components that work to enhance the bile secretion, hence, facilitating the healthy digestion. Along with these components, karela possesses the natural anthelmintic properties that work to protect the gut from the harmful worms and bacteria along with enhancing the friendly bacteria to assist the digestion process. Jamun, here, also assists the process of enhancing the digestion due to the presence on flavonoids (combined with natural acids) in it by providing the gastro-defensive effects.

Along with enhancing the digestion, karela jamun juice is responsible for preventing the ulcers formation too.

Treats Cancer (कैंसर का इलाज)

karela jamun juice Cancer cellThe people out there deal with a variety of cancer issues just seeing their body part getting affected with it helplessly. Although, this is not a common disease, still is very chronic and dreadful. There are number of treatment methods that can work to suppress the symptoms of cancer, but, those treatment methods have to be followed for long and there is always a fear in the minds of the sufferers to get a side-effect as a return gift. Considering this aspect, Ayurveda has given the solution in the form of karela jamun juice for health that will, at least, not give any kind of side-effect even if used for the longer period of time. Moreover, karela and jamun carry the anti-cancer properties that, of course, work to discourage the formation of new cancer cells along with destroying the present ones.

Enhances Immunity (रोग-प्रतिरोधक क्षमता में वृद्धि)

Our immunity is the host defence system that works to prevent our body from the harmful and damaging elements and encourage the friendly bacteria in our body. A weak immunity can make you prone to every other health problem, while a strong immune system can protect you karela jamun juice Enhances Immunityfrom it. Karela jamun juice can assist you in the best possible manner enhancing your immunity. Both the karela and jamun are very well-known natural antioxidants that work to combat the harmful free radicals entering our body and prevent the oxidative process. This way, both of them enhance the body’s defense system.

So, karela jamun juice performs to protect the body from the chronic health issues especially related to the vital body organs like liver, heart, kidney and mind, further assisting us stay safe and healthy.

This was not all; there are so many other roles for karela jamun juice to play in order to give the best of it to our body and soul. These other tasks of karela jamun juice include enhancing the blood circulation, treating cholera, elevating eye problems, curing jaundice etc. Explaining a few in details was with the motive of making you understand that real meaning and health benefits of karela jamun juice as well as the other natural elements that Ayurveda has adopted.

But, this is not over yet. The pending point is also very vital as it determines about how much we are going to gain benefit from the ayurvedic medicines. This factor is dosage.

Dosage of Karela Jamun Juice (करेला जामुन जूस)

As you already know that excess of everything is bad, so, to protect you from this “bad”, we always mention the dosage of all the ayurvedic medicines. Here, let us now go through the dosage of karela jamun juice.

doasge of karela jamun juiceKarela jamun juice must be taken 10-15 ml twice a day half an hour before the meal both the times. Otherwise, you should better consult your ayurvedic doctor regarding the dosage of karela jamun juice as he’ll recommend you depending upon the various factors like age, body weight or any previous or current medical condition.

All the ayurvedic medicines are almost safe and secure to use, still there are always some factors that you need to take care of which include the dosage, duration as well as your hypersensitivity to any ingredient used in the medicine. So, one must always follow any ayurvedic medicine only under the strict medical supervision. Now you must be thinking that other treatment methods are then better than Ayurveda because you don’t require being that careful. Aren’t you?

Your Doctor Doesn’t Mention the Side-Effects

Well, let me tell you that you need to be careful in those cases too, it is just that your doctor Side-Effects of karela jamun juicedoesn’t mention those points and let you insert the side-effects with every dose. At least ayurvedic doctors mention you each and every point in the very initial period so that you can stay safe. Moreover, the ayurvedic medicines don’t ever gift you any side-effect in return.

We, generally, start our journey of being caught by one or the other disease and go with it for long trying to treat it with the pharmaceutical medicines or some surgeries or some other treatment methods. But, we don’t even think about trying the natural elements and treatment methods, which is our biggest mistake. We forget that we too are the creations of nature and it is only nature that can heal us from roots. Actually, our biggest mistake is the perspective we carry. We need to change our perspective regarding things and then only we can accept the reality.