The word amrita means elixir, and amritarishta is next to elixir for those who want to bring down their body temperature. Amritarishta contain the goodness of a large number of herbs and all these herbs when mixed together in a certain proportion take the shape of a tonic that is extensively used to lower down fever due to various reasons. And not only fever, the large number of herbal ingredients makes this ayurvedic medicine a tonic for many other problems. Earlier, this ayurvedic formula was used by many simply because it was mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts. These ancient ayurvedic texts have solution to almost any health problem troubling human being, but if you still were waiting for scientific proofs, today we have detailed research on amritarishta and many other ayurvedic medicines. So, today we are going to talk about amritarishta- a tonic for fever and other health problems proposed by ayurveda and verified by scientific researches.

In an article published in world journal of pharmaceutical research, a detailed study on the efficacy and safety of amritarishta was conducted. In this study the medicinal properties of each one of the ingredient of amritarishta were studies for their medicinal properties. If you also get to know about the astonishing medicinal properties of the large number of herbal ingredients used, the effectiveness of amritarishta would sound obvious for you. But for that you have to be aware of not only the general benefits of amritarishta, but the ingredients and every other aspect of this ayurvedic medicine. In fact, the process of manufacturing of amritarishta is also very interesting. Hence moving on step by step, first we will see all the ingredients of amritarishta. With this we will see how these herbal ingredients are mixed and processed to make the end product and what makes amritarishta and all other ayurvedic medicines so much effective and safe.

Moving on we will try to see all the possible benefits of using amritarishta. And then we will talk about the precautiosn one needs to follow whiel using this elixir. Yes, amritarishta and all other ayurvedic medicines are free from side effects, but you have to be cautious about certain precautions. With this, you will have complete information about amritarishta. By the way, from where do you buy ayurvedic medicines online and offline? Do they offer any discount? In case not, we will also tell you from where to buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price. So, let us start with the ingredients of amritarishta.


The major ingredient based on which amritarishta also gets its name is the stem of Amrita (Giloya). Its main component is Amrita, also known by the name guduchi, which is natural immunity booster and also has antipyretic action. This has been proved again and again in thousands of experiments conducted by doctors and scientists. So, this is the key source of the effectiveness of amritarishta for fever. But as we have told you earlier as well, this is not all amritarishta is capable of.

GiloyThere are a lot of other health benefits of this ayurvedic medicine and they are inherited by the end product because of the presence of stem or bark of Bilva (Bae l- Aegle marmelos), shyonaka (Oroxylum indicum) and that of gambhari (gmelina arborea). With all these, the stem, bark or root of patala (stereospermum suaveolens) and agnimantha (premna mucronata) are also included. Whole plant or root of Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum), prishnaparni (uraria picta), brihati (solanum melongena var. indicum), kantakari (solanum surattense), gokshura- tribulus terrestris are also taken. Guda or jiggery is also an ingredient of amritarishta and water is also used for decoction.

If you have heard a few names from the list of primary ingredients of amritarishta, it is great, but even if all of them are new to you, don’t worry as it is not going to impact the effectiveness of amritarishta for you. But yes, if you have used any of the herbs, it would be really easy for you to trust this tonic. Anyways, apart from the primary ingredients, some other herbs are also taken to make prakshepa dravya. Ajaji (shweta jiraka), raktapushpaka (Fumaria parviflora), saptacchada ( Alstonia scholaris), shunti (ginger), Maricha (black pepper fruit), Pippali (Long pepper fruit), Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea), Abda (Cyperus rotundus), Katuki (Picrorrhriza kurroa), Prativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum) and vatsabeeja (holarrhena antidysenterica) is the list of herbs whose various parts are used in the making of amritarishta.

The process of manufacturing of amritarishta is not simple. First of all, the first 11 ingredients named in the list of primary ingredients are taken in powdered form. Appropriate amount of water is to the power thus formed and the solution is boiled until its volume is reduced to a quarter parts. After filtering this Kashayam, jaggery is powdered and added to it. After adding jiggery and filtering the entire solution just once, all the remaining ingredients are also added. The top of the vessel is sealed and kept undisturbed for fermentation for one month.
After one month long time, the contents are filtered and we get the clear liquid which we call amritarishta. Because no chemicals are added while manufacturing amritarishta, the process is quite slow, but this is why amritarishta and all other ayurvedic medicines are magically healthy and safe.


Amritarishta for fever

Amritarishta for feverAmritarishta is extensively recommended by ayurvedic doctors and use by many for dealing with fever. Fever is a condition in which your body temperature rises above normal and it is a response to something wrong going on inside your body. if you want to deal with chronic fever resulting due to malaria or dengue, or any other such critical disease without accumulating side effects in your body, amritarishta for fever is the best choice. As you have seen the ingredients and the process of manufacturing, there is no need to remind that the herbs from which amritarishta is made up of are all health enhancing herbs. So, while curing your fever, you are going to boost your overall health too.

Rheumatoid arthritis can be cured with amritarishta

Rheumatoid arthritis can be cured with amritarishtaAccording to a research conducted by Sisodia and laxminarayan in 1966, it was proved that amritarishta contain antirheumatic properties. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disorder in which you own immune system attacks a particular joint. This is very complicated problem and has no solution in allopathic medicines till date. Yes, if you call those temporary pain killers a solution, only then allopathy has solution for everything. Anyways, you can use amritarishta for rheumatoid arthritis because the ingredients of the same have anti inflammatory, anti rheumatic and pain relieving properties.

Liver and spleen disorders

Amritarishta FOR LIVERThe hepatoprotective properties of amritarishta have been proved in several researches. A few of them were conducted in the decade of 1980’s. So, you can use it to cure your liver and spleen disorders. But before that, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor. Many people take amritarishta for fever management and indigestion. Yes, it is effective in both, but taking it for a problem that is as chronic as spleen disorder requires consultation from an expert in this field. The ayurvedic doctor according to the need may prescribe the right adjuvants.

These are some major benefits of using amritarishta. You can use amritarishta for fever treatment and also for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. But, you can also use this as a general tonic which will enhance your overall health by boosting your immunity with its unique Immunomodulatory properties. Amritarishta also contain many antioxidants because of which it acts as a natural rejuvenator. Apart from all these medicinal properties, the ingredients present in amritarishta also make it excellent detoxifier and natural digestive stimulant. These were some of the benefits and an ayurvedic doctor might tell a few more benefits. But to avail all those benefits, you have to it right. Let us see some other important aspects related to amritarishta and then we will tell you how can you get free ayurvedic doctor’s consultation and save your money by getting ayurvedic medicines at lowest prices.


Amritarishta for fever is usually given in a dose lying between 12 to 24 ml. This much amount of the ayurvedic medicine is not only safe but also extremely effective. You can take it once or twice a day as per the requirement of your body. The ayurvedic doctor would more precisely guide you on the exact dose your body would need. If needed, equal quantity of water can be added before consumption. In fact, if you don’t like the taste of this tonic, adding water may help you take it in. Since amritarishta contain so many herbal ingredients, taking it for a long time is not recommended because of the strong nature of the medicine. You can take it for a month or two, but the doctors also usually don’t prescribe it for too long.


Amritarishta contain only herbal ingredients and hence we can be sure of its safety. In fact, it can also be given to children above the age of 3 years. But if you are giving the tonic to children, you have to adjust the dose according to their age. Accidental over-dosage in case of children as well as adult should be strictly avoided. Overdose in case of adult can lead to stomach irritation, while in case of children it can prove to be fatal.

The only precautions you have to take are regarding the dose of amritarishta. Also, you should avoid it during pregnancy and lactation as there are no evidences proving the safety of the ayurvedic medicine during these two stages. Apart from these two conditions, we have more than sufficient research evidences proving again and again the safety and efficacy of amritarishta in case of fever as well as many other problems.

Amritarishta is the liquid that contains in itself the goodness of tremendously beneficial herbs, and it is not possible to gain benefit of all of them using any other medicine. This is one of the ayurvedic medicines which contain so many herbs that the effectiveness isn’t doubtful in any case. Primarily people use amritarishta for fever, but ayurvedic doctors also recommend it in several other problems like liver and spleen disorders. You too can gain benefit from this ayurvedic formula, but before starting the use of amritarishta and any other ayurvedic medicine, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor. In case you don’t have any trustworthy ayurvedic doctor near you house, you can simply call paramanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company in Delhi provides free online consultation from the best team of ayurvedic doctors. So, in case you are too busy to visit the doctor personally, this ayurvedic company in Delhi has the solution for your problem.

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