Amazing Natural Health Benefits of Amla Juice-THE AYURVEDIC ELIXIR

Amla juice benefits

If Hindu mythology is to be believed, amla juice originated from the drops of amrit (elixir) and it is worshipped on amalka ekadashi every year, but Ayurveda has more realistic reasons to call amla juice the real elixir of the century. Today we will tell you all the reasons you should use amla juice and all are backed by scientific proofs.

The Hindu culture gives tremendous respect to amla tree. If they are to be believed, the Gods and Demons once had a fight and the fight was followed by a few drops of elixir (amrit) accidentally reaching Earth. benefits of amla juiceWherever the elixir spilled, there grew a tree we today know as amla. In Indian civilization, amla juice is known for curing almost every disease and is also believed to increase the average age.

They used amla juice and other amla products under the pretext that it was born out of elixir, and today we use the same amla juice because thousands of studies have shown that amla really has the power. All of these studies carried out on this tree have raised its respect in our eyes. According to Ayurveda, amla juice is known to balance all the processes in the body and brings to equilibrium all three doshas – vata, kapha, pitta.

 We cannot be sure about the origin of the tree as their will be many contradicting statements, but one thing is clear that amla juice is nothing less than elixir for human health. It is like God’s help sent in the form of nature to save mankind from several day to day problems and chronic illnesses. You might feel I am exaggerating the facts, but once you what amla juice can do for human body, you also would definitely agree with me.

Components of amla juice

Amla juice is a storehouse for vitamin C, making it a great anti oxidant. It is famous for unbelievably high amounts of vitamin C, and people use it to fight aging, low immunity and allergies etc. vitamin cApart from this, amla juice also contain some very essential minerals, iron, calcium, amino acids, protein and phosphorous. All of these are required by the body for proper functioning, and the deficiency of any of them can lead to chronic health ailments. You can get them from different sources, but getting all these from a small fruit at once is not possible. Hence by drinking amla juice every morning, you can get most of what your body demands to work finely for the rest of the day. This is why amla juice is special and ancient yet modern healing sciences like Ayurveda recommend using amla juice daily.

From head to toe, every part of your body will gain something on consumption of amla juice. This is the beauty of the juice that makes it equivalent to elixir and this is the ability due to which we call amla juice a one man army. Let us see all the benefits of amla juice.

Benefits for amla juice for your skin

Your skin is very important for you start valuing it only when it starts loosening due to age. This is the first sign that warns you not of getting old, but to start using amla juice today. Amla juice is famous for the treatment of acne, acne scars and other infections troubling your wonderful skin.glowing skin It can also act as exfoliate and remove tanning from the skin. Amla juice is also used by many to lighten the complexion as it is good skin lightening as well. All this is just a fight with the normal and relatively weak opponents, but can you fight aging? Yes, amla juice can delay aging of your skin as well as on your body.

Any expensive, chemically loaded component can hide the wrinkles for some time, and while doing this, it will leave a long lasting impact on your skin, but amla juice will actually make you look and feel younger without leaving any side effects.

Benefits for amla juice for hair

Your hair too speaks of your age and hair turning grey one by one is actually a nightmare for all of us. Thankfully, we have amla juice that can help in this too. Regular consumption of amla juice can also helpful in the treatment of graying of hair, whether it is due to aging or it is premature aging.Benefits of Amla for Hair

Apart from this, amla juice is also effective in controlling hair fall. So, you don’t have to go bald neither sooner nor later if you are in love with what is in love with your body- amla juice. Amla juice is also capable of fighting with other hair and scalp issues like dandruff, roughness and dry hair etc. In all, we can say that amla juice is the tonic fro smooth, black, beautiful long hair.

Amla for bone health

Your bones also age with your body and minor wear and tear in the bones is normal, but many times result in unbearable pain. strong bonesYou might have heard about the loss of calcium resulting in problems in bones with age. Sometimes, we observed that even children are low in calcium. And many times it is not the deficiency of calcium that is the root cause of the problem, but its absorption is creating the imbalance.

In all these cases, seeking help from amla juice is a wise decision. It contain calcium, in fact, it contain calcium in a form that let it absorb in the body quickly. So, rather than taking supplements of calcium that are heavy not only for your body, but also for your pocket, you can relay on this natural Ayurvedic tonic for healthy bones.

Have a healthy heart with amla juice

Your heart is the organ that pumps blood all through day and night just to keep the other entire organs fine. It is working 24*7 just to keep things in order without taking rest even for a single second but do we really care? Forget about caring, we put so much of stress and eat unhealthy stuff, creating burden on the same heart everyday. heart health If you are also doing the same to this vital and innocent organ, drink amla juice from today onwards.

Amla juice is an excellent blood purifier, and it also strengthens the muscles of the heart to ensure it works without fail. Apart from this, amla juice is also known for it cholesterol lowering properties and acts as a magic potion by taking care of not only the heart, but also the blood. Numerous studies have conducted on amla juice and its potential role in lowering blood pressure. And this is not all; every other part of your body too is going to receive something magical from the healing fruit. Read ahead for other such potential benefits and you will end up falling in love with the magnificent tree.

Benefits of amla juice for immune system

Why treat minor problems one by one, when you can build a strong wall that will Immune Systemprotect your body from any invaders trying to enter. Yes, we are born with such a system and we call it immune system. Excess use of medicines and not so healthy lifestyle suppresses the disease fighting capabilities of human body. Adding to it is the food which is not at all nourishing and is full of preservatives.

To undo the effect of all these factors, you just need to grab amla juice and drink it regularly. Your hampered immune system will gradually wake up and your body will become safe from all threats. You will hence need less of medicines and you would feel healthier day by day. This is the beauty of nature and natural treatments used in Ayurveda.

Improve your digestion with amla juice

Amla contains a lot of fiber and fibrous diet is what you need in order to settle down the improper digestion. The food we eat today is full of preservatives and the nutritional value is decreasing gradually. It is good for our tongue, but unimaginably bad for our body as well as digestive system. We gain very little with such food, and over and above this, if the digestion is improper, where our body will get energy and nutrition from?amla juice for Digestion

Thus we are in a need of a digestion enhancer like amla juice because of the weakened digestive system and the food that is not at all easy for the stomach to digest. Using amla juice will solve half of the problem and modifying your diet will take care of the remaining half. Amla juice will help you get rid of all kinds of digestive issues like gas, bloating, constipation, infection and even ulcers in the stomach.

Benefits of amla juice for women

Women have some issues that arise out of their biological structure. Amla juice although works well fro both men and women, it can be used to address some of the issues that generally bothers every women once in her life time. womenAmla juice is helpful in women who have really bad cramps during menstruation. It also makes the menstrual cycle a bit smoother by reducing the pain and discomfort. This juice is famous in India to give a perfectly healthy reproductive cycle. Some women use the fruit directly while other find juice a more suitable method.

Apart from this, the biggest enemy of a woman is wrinkles, and you would be glad to know that you will have absolutely flawless skin once you start using amla juice. This magnificent juice is also very useful in the treatment of leucorrhea and urinary tract infections. So, if you are a woman, it is must that you spend some time taking care of yourself too, and the first step to do it is grab the glass of amla juice as the first thing in the morning.

Benefits of amla juice in treating infections

virus cellsAmla juice is anti bacterial and anti viral in nature. This means if you take in amla juice daily, the juice will not allow any type of infection from dwelling in almost any part of your body. The most common site which the bacteria and virus love to attack is your skin and stomach. You can prevent any type of infection in stomach and even treat the present infection if there is any with amla juice. Apart from this, urinary tract infection (an infection in the urinary passage occurring out of the imbalance between bacteria at the site) can also treat easily with regular use of amla juice.

Medicines can also treat Urinary tract infections, but they tend to reoccur again and again with varying frequency. The only way to avoid this situation is using amla juice.

How to use amla juice

We can use any part of the plant, and it will be beneficial for our body and health, but amla juice suits the needs and also is convenient to take. You can drink amla juice during anytime of the day, but it is best to have it as a first thing in the morning. dringing amla juiceGrab a glass and mix one teaspoon or 5 ml of amla juice with equal amount of water. Sip it down fast. It may not be that tasty, but keep in mind- the bitter is sometimes better.

Do not drink tea of coffee or any caffeinated beverage for 45 minutes after drinking amla juice and don’t forget to dilute it with water. With these two precautions, amla juice is the safest and the most effective fruit juice on this planet.

Amla juice is one man army because if you religiously use amla juice in the right and necessary manner, only a tablespoon of this juice can replace a dozen of medicines lying in your cupboard. In fact, it can prevent your body from demanding any medicine at first place if you start using it when you don’t have any health issue. Yes, there are many people all around the country who have wisely chosen amla juice. And it is there choice not a necessity arising out of any medical condition. By doing so, these wise and health freaks have not only ensured a long life for themselves, but that life is going to be healthier than those who are still thinking of using amla juice.

Now, it’s your turn to think about yourself, your health and your body. Nobody is going to live forever, but whatever your life span is, make sure it is healthy and disease free with the elixir of the century- amla juice.

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