Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice For Your Health


Out of the four indispensable vegetables listed by Christopher Columbus, aloe vera was the curing one. He considered aloe vera to be a source of healing, and today we are here because the world after so many centuries is finally accepting what the great explorer claimed during one of his journeys. And this was not the first time aloe vera or aloe vera juice was brought to notice in history.

Approximately 6000 years ago, aloe vera juice was documented by the Egyptians as the blood of the plant “aloe vera” and this blood was believed to be the secret of immortality. This was not all as many great people promoted the use of aloe vera. One such king was Alexander the great. People believe that he was so much after aloe vera that he captured the island Socotra only to acquire the precious aloe vera grooves in that place. He even managed to arrange the moving carts of planted aloe so that his warriors get a fresh supply of the same.

benefits of aloe vera These evidences are enough for anyone to assess the curing power of the herbal aloe vera juice. It has been used for thousands of years, but then came the era of medicines. People were astonished at the tempting offerings as the instant action of the new medicinal science. All of a sudden, pharmaceutical companies took over the world and claimed of making the world healthy. No doubt, medicines are helpful in many chronic health issues.

But the problem started arising when the health index of common people started deteriorating. At this stage, everyone was so much into medicines that they took help of supplements even to meet the daily requirements of the body. With appropriate advertisements, nature and natural products like aloe vera were shifted to the background and the pharmaceutical companies started making millions. With time, people started looking at their health critically and then came into the picture the side effects of medicines and drugs.

Every day a new eye opening study reveals a new side effect of the prolonged use or excessive dependency on chemically synthesized drugs. This is making a shift of the interest of mankind to a science of healing which is ancient but safe and much more effective- ayurveda. Today we are desperate about knowing more about what our ancestors used for their better health. We have realized that there are some amazing natural herbs like aloe vera that cannot be replaced by any other product on this earth. Aloe vera, aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice have today become a new way to stay healthy, fit and happy. But there are many doubts about this natural product since we do not see it in any advertisements.

aloe vera juiceAt some places aloe vera juice is termed as the wonder drug of the century and at many other places it is seen as an elixir, but what is aloe vera juice? Aloe vera juice is the thick liquid made from fresh aloe vera leaves. The thick leaves of aloe vera are crushed to extract the juice. And then this juice has to be processed and filtered before it becomes drinkable.

The process is simple but It is better if the juice is extracted via natural method and no chemicals are used. This will preserve the natural healing properties of the juice and you will get maximum benefits. This was aloe vera juice, but what makes it medicinally beneficial? Why the renowned people in the history were so much after the use of aloe vera? Is it really magical? Yes, it indeed is magical, but that magic has scientific facts backing it up. According to Greek scientists, it was a universal panacea and today after so many years, scientists from every corner of the world are again proving the same.

Everyone is busy singing the tone of aloe vera juice, but it is important to know what makes aloe vera such a wonderful and beneficial plant. Aloe vera juice contains almost 240 active constituents. Out of these 240 components, some are vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of human body, other are health and immunity enhancing enzymes, hormones and fatty acids. Let us see some of the most beneficial components:

  • vitaminsAloe vera contains over seven different antioxidants and reduces inflammation. It is a store house of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folate. It will take time to digest the facts that a normally growing plant like aloe vera contains all this. But this is not all, and aloe vera has many more surprises like this for you.
  • Aloe contains substances called polysaccharides, such as acemannan, amino acids, which help in the growth and repair of body tissues, as well as zinc and the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E. Apart from this, our body needs 22 amino acids and our body does not produce some of them (essential amino acids). So, you don’t have worry about the lack of amino acids if you are using aloe vera juice regularly.
  • It is full of minerals, enzymes and hormones that regulate your mood swings, anxiety, and stress levels.

And what magnificent changes these crucial components can bring into your body are even more unbelievable. Without wasting much time, we give you some major reasons for which you should start using aloe vera juice as a part of your diet. It will increase your overall health to an unbelievable level, and will also help you in solving some specific health ailments. We will start with the most common benefits of aloe vera for hair and health, and then we will talk about some serious internal problems that this amazing aloe vera juice can solve.

Aloe vera juice is extremely amazing for your skin and hair problems

Aloe vera for hairAs far as skin related issues are concerned, aloe is a blessing to mankind. From a small pimple to major skin disorder like psoriasis, aloe vera is helpful in al the skin ailments. if your do not have any type of skin problem, applying aloe vera juice prevents wrinkles that comes along with age. Aloe vera juice or gel has excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, making your scalp favorable to support beautiful hair. Nice and beautiful hair can do magical improvement in your personality and aloe vera juice can get you that.

It also acts as a great conditioner when used alone or in combination with lemon and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny for a long duration. Apart from using aloe vera gel as a replacement to shampoo, you must try drinking aloe vera juice. External applications have their benefits, but the best results can be seen only when you combine the intake and application both.

Drinking aloe vera juice will detoxify your body

You cannot even imagine how many harmful substances we take in everyday. Some of these get out of our body through the excretory system, but many other components start accumulating in various parts. This accumulation will lead to some major health issues over time. But with the help of aloe vera juice, you can avoid this problem. Aloe vera juice makes it the most amazing cleanser to detoxify your body. It’s not just the beauty industry that’s obsessing over the benefits of aloe vera, the health industry can’t stop raving about it either. Not only it cleanses your stomach, aloe vera juice can act as blood purifier also. So, why not use this simple filter and keep only the good inside your body.

Aloe vera juice is a tonic for healthy bones

gout footGout, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia etc, might be causing a great deal of trouble in your life after certain age. Joint pain is the common symptom of all these diseases. Aloe vera juice can very well take care of joint pain caused due to any of the above stated bone disease. All of them are very painful bone related issues, and equally common also. They can be dealt with this amazing pain reliever and anti inflammatory agent available in Aloe vera juice.

Due to the side effects medicines introduce in our body, natural products becomes more popular. Aloe vera can also use as a pain reliever. It is becoming more popular among patients going through bad bone health. Rubbing aloe vera gel can stop things from going to the next dreadful step. And drinking aloe vera juice can help you have a good, healthy and strong bones.

Benefits of aloe vera juice for stomach

Aloe vera juice helps in improving the strength of your digestive system. No matter what the problem with your digestive system is, us aloe vera juice regularly and get rid of it. Being a laxative, aloe vera juice is extremely effective in relieving conditions such as constipation. In addition to this you can control acidity by drinking aloe vera juice. Also it can benefit your digestive process by increasing the god bacteria inside the gut. And all this it can do without inducing even a single side effect. This is the charisma of aloe vera juice and all other Ayurvedic products. And we already know that aloe vera is capable of flushing out toxins from your body. Stomach is the part which generally has most of the waste and harmful substances.

Aloe vera juice is also an anti- infecting agent  

It is the best natural way to fight off all kinds of infections. Aloe vera juice has unbelievable anti fungal and anti- bacterial properties which make it a promising alternative to treat infections. The most common problem a woman in her reproductive age suffers from is vaginal infections. Aloe vera juice contains compounds that help in killing the germs. These compounds kill the germs that causes vaginal infections. Aloe vera extract soothes the burning, itching and reduce the inflammation due to the infection around your vaginal area. Apart from this, drinking aloe vera juice will save you from developing any type of stomach infection too. Thanks to the anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of aloe vera juice.

You can have a strong immunity with aloe vera juice

Boost ImmunityThis is yet another irreplaceable benefit of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera contains some amino acids, polysaccharides, and vitamins like vitamin C and K. These vitamins helps in raising the immunity. Even when you do not have any health issue you should have aloe vera juice regularly. It minimize the probability of catching any disease. Just two tablespoons of this juice can save you from many medical complications as well as minor infections. Be it you skin, stomach or heart, everything will be safe if you build the wall named immunity stronger. And this is possible naturally with aloe vera juice only.

Why Should We Choose Natural Cure?

Conventional medicines have a long list of side effects, some of which are seriously life threatening. The awareness of these ill effects has created repulsion from conventional medications among the people living all around the world. Your body gives best results with natural healers which Ayurveda works on. All medicinal treatments come packed with the side effects associated with them. But Ayurvedic medicines, being 100% natural are completely free of any side effects and far more effective than conventional healers. no medicineAyurved can not only heal the symptoms faster but it is also very safe. Your body has very fewer side effects even when it used repeatedly. This is the reason why people are shifting to natural health products. People are choosing natural products like aloe vera in place of the ineffective conventional medications.

It took us centuries to accept what our forefathers were quite sure of, but thankfully it happened. We are glad that Ayurveda is still being practiced in many corners of the world. The believers of this science are gradually increasing. This increase is not because this also has been extensively advertised, not because it is a million dollars business, but simply because people find it more safe, effective and trustworthy. Ayurveda and aloe vera are finally gaining popularity not only in India but all around the world. Over time, aloe vera has seamlessly integrated itself into each and everything we use. Do you still have a reason to delay the use of aloe vera as a day to day health tonic and as a solution to all kinds of health ailments?

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