Understanding of Ayurveda and Allopathy

When it comes to understanding Ayurveda one thing we need to keep in mind that the concept of Ayurveda possesses significant area and its practice has deeply rooted in ancient time. It can be a herculean task to perform for anyone to completely understand the concept of Ayurveda. Despite, Ayurveda holds significant area it can be simply defined as an ancient holistic healing practice which deeply rooted in India. A long time before when there were no allopathic medicines present to heal ailments the sages have decided to develop the concept of Ayurveda. For fulfilling their aim they have attentively comprehended the nature of nearly all the existed natural ingredients thus at snail’s pace Ayurveda has come into existence.

ayurvedic vs allopathy medicineAllopathy denotes a concept of treatment where conventional treatment method is followed to heal different ailments. It often uses treatment methods such as drugs, surgeries and other forms of conventional methods that provide instant relief. Allopathy has shorter existence if we compare it to Ayurveda however somehow Allopathic medicines have managed to get more limelight than Ayurveda. The primary reason can be defined as – Allopathic medicines work faster than Ayurveda. Now, we are approaching to our major topic – What deserves more attention, Allopathy or Ayurveda?

Allopathy VS Ayurveda is a hot potato at present scenario as more and more people want to talk about it. Every individual has different notion and point of view. Some people don’t want to hear anything wrong against Ayurveda and some praise the efficacy of Allopathy. Actually, both healing methods are associated with pros and cons and we will try to find out the pros and cons in both of them.  To find the specific answer to the same we need to take into account various things only then we will be able to determine what deserves more attention.

Allopathic V/s Ayurveda


The term Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words “Ayur” which indicative means Life and “Veda” which means knowledge. Together it makes the word “life-knowledge” which has very deep meaning. It can be also defined as a gist of life as it allows entire body and mind to detoxify itself. It is a natural way of treatment that typically emphasizes more on precluding the disease than curing it. It is believed by scholars that Ayurveda is one of the ancient healing systems probably 5000-years-old. People have been blindly using Ayurveda for preventing the different sorts of diseases as well as ameliorating the entire health. Some people do believe that Ayurveda is the only thing that has the solution for every issue. They also have managed to convince themselves that the cessation of even complicated issues can be achieved by Ayurveda.

Apparently, Ayurveda has the solution for many of the health issues but admitting that it can cure every disease is not completely true. Keep in mind that Ayurveda is completely depended on natural ingredients so it will definitely provide you extensive health benefits. Ayurveda is prominently hailed for its potential to alleviate nearly every sort of health declination and so it is practiced for centuries. If we say that Ayurveda and Health interrelate to each other then I don’t think it would be wrong by any mean. Numerous clinical trials have found Ayurveda extensively fruitful for providing the strength to the immune system. Immunity is an internal defense mechanism that possesses the adequate potential to fight off better with disease-causing microbes.


Some people have made strong notion about Ayurveda that it works at snail’s pace that is the reason why in the circumstance where an emergency case has occurred, there is no relevancy of Ayurveda. I do also believe that the notion has something to do with reality. In most of the emergency case, Ayurveda cut no ice. This is the only area where Allopathy medicine is a lot ahead than Ayurveda. For instance, a person has got fatal injuries by an accident then no Ayurvedic medicine will provide life-saving treatment. Another example can be given as – A person has been bitten by the venomous snake and he\she needs instant action against the venom the only allopathic treatment are there and no one will look for the Ayurvedic medicine. One more drawback can be found against Ayurveda is that Ayurvedic Medicines are not scientifically proven. However aforementioned facts don’t mean that Ayurvedic treatment is complete of no avail. There are certain circumstances where Ayurveda is the best option to take into account. Any disease that needs long-term care can be ameliorated by the appropriate use of Ayurveda. Even Ayurveda provides the calmness of the mind and heals conditions without any side effects. It is entirely safe and does not cause any toxic reaction to your body. If a person wants to give a little gush of gratitude for the treatment that does not associate with side effects then Ayurveda is the only candidate that will stand high on the list. If appropriately used, Ayurveda is considered safe to use for treating any diseases.


Typically, people preferably choose allopathic medicines for getting rid of even minor health declination such as a headache, cough, and runny nose. Have you ever pondered the reason behind it? Not yet? Let me explain. The typical reason is that the allopathic medicines don’t work at snail’s pace but works by leaps and bounds. In general, it provides the instant relief from severe complications. This is the mere factor that forces people to aim first at Allopathic medicines. There are many cases every day occur where people need emergency assistance to be alive and in this situation, No one can beat Allopathy even Ayurveda does not have that capability.

allopathy medicine

Apparently, Allopathy can have invincible influence in emergency condition but, it is also a bitter truth that it is associated various drawbacks more than Ayurveda has. The concept of Allopathy merely suppresses the issue that is the reason why once a person stops taking the Allopathy medicines the resurgence of diseases again happens. Various studies have warned us by proclaiming that Allopathic medicines comprehensively associated with a compromised immune system. A compromised internal defense mechanism (Immune system) apparently allows your body to be vulnerable to various complicated well-being issues. Allopathic medicines are endlessly depended on steroids (A type of medicine) that have immense adverse influences. Today, most of the people use paracetamol for alleviating the issues related to colds such as fever, cough and associated pain. Very few people know that paracetamol extensively behaves badly in front of our liver which eventually causes severe damage to the liver. There is another medicine that may be extensively harmful to your body is Salmeterol. The medicine is used to alleviate the severe attack of Asthma. Though, it is a medicine that mitigates the severity of Asthma it may be the reason for asthmatic death. I know it might seem creepy to you but it is true. I am not intended here to horrify you but to aware you that how detrimental it could be for you. It is often believed that Allopathy doesn’t provide the complete cure as it doesn’t obliterate the root cause of it.  As I have already Aforementioned that Ayurveda VS Allopathy is a huge matter of discussion.

What is More Relevant to You?

The answer to this question is a hot matter of discussion and so I did above. I believe that you might have understood that which one is appropriate for you and which one needs huge ignorance. Actually, the relevance of these two medicines entirely falls under the severity of circumstances. You can’t use Ayurvedic medicines for dealing with an emergency situation such Myocardial infarction, stroke and in the severe bleeding cause of the accident, conversely, there is no use of Allopathic medicines for treating the minor health complications. Both concepts of the treatment have pros and cons, therefore, you wisdom may help you to choose the treatment that suits you best.

benefits of ayurveda

Here a thing we want to quote that Ayurveda is typically safe if we compare to Allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicines every time generate adverse effects in the body that gradually cause severe complications to the entire health.  Yes, I know Ayurveda does cause certain side effects but the severity comparatively lower than Allopathic Medicines. There is one more thing you need to take into account that Adulterated Ayurvedic medicine may cut no ice in treating any sort of diseases. Purest form is Ayurvedic medicines are always necessary to better cope with the disease you are suffering from. We have the solution for your mentioned need. ParamAnand has aimed for providing the purest form of Ayurveda to every individual. You can buy any medicine from here at reasonable rate. ParamAnand Ayurveda only sells the Ayurvedic medicines that are in their purest form.