Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera, fam. Solanaceae) is commonly known as “Indian Winter cherry” or “Indian Ginseng”. Ashwagandha means ‘Smell of Horse,’ and it refers to the distinct horsey smell of the fresh root of ashwagandha. It is a traditional belief that ingesting ashwagandha herb will confer the strength and virility of a horse into human being. But we are here to discuss what has been scientifically proven and well accepted fact by medical field in regard with ashwagandhadi ghrit. It is an ayurvedic preparation prepared by not only ashwagandha, but many other healthy and medicinal ingredients. We all are aware of the health benefits and healing capabilities of ashwagandha as it is widely used for different reasons in India. In Ayurveda too, this herb has a special place, but what are the properties of ashwagandhadi ghrit? Although the primary ingredient of ashwagandhadi ghrit is ashwagandha only, but how does the former differs from the later one? What should one expect if he is using ashwagandha ghrit and why should one choose ashwagandhadi ghrit in place of ashwagandha? These are some of the questions which must be rising in your mind every now and then.

healthy familyWe will today try to know another ayurvedic formulation ashwagandhadi ghrit, sometimes used as a medicine and the other times as a health enhancer. Most of us believe all the ayurvedic products for safety, but from the effectiveness of the product to its safety and amazing healing properties, we will today what all favor can ashwagandhadi ghrit do for human beings and out of all the claims made by ayurveda, how many have been proved with research. Not only in India, but in many parts of the world, research is being carried out on one or the other formula proposed by ayurveda. We will see what the entire world has to say about ashwagandhadi ghrit and all other ayurvedic medicines too. In all, we will see the complete picture of where ayurveda is and where it is going to take your health if you rely on its creations like ashwagandhadi ghrit.

Starting with the ingredients of ashwagandhadi ghrit, we will move on to see all the benefits of this magnificent and powerful ayurvedic formula. You might all the benefits at any other site also, but we will try to see how it is beneficial in a particular disease scientifically. Also, not other website is going to tell you about the precautions and possible side effects of ashwagandhadi ghrit. But, if you really want to know an ayurvedic medicine well, it is must that you know the other side of the coin. So, we will also try to explore the side effects of ashwagandhadi ghrit if any. And in the end, after knowing every bit of detail about ashwagandhadi ghrit, we will tell you how you can buy this ayurvedic product and all other ayurvedic medicines online. So, let us see what the ingredients of ashwagandhadi ghrit are.


The major component of ashwagandhadi ghrit is ashwagandha. Yes, it is the main source of power of this ayurvedic medicine, but to enhance its effectiveness and to make it even more powerful, it is added with cow’s milk and cow’s ghee. Ashwagandha is commonly used in emaciation of children (when given with milk, it is the best tonic for children), debility from old age, rheumatism, vitiated conditions of vata, leucoderma, constipation, insomnia, nervous breakdown, goiter etc. but after mixing appropriately with the other two ingredients, it takes a new form we call ashwagandhadi ghrit.

AshwagandhaAccording to a leading research journal, “Ashwagandha is a well known Ayurvedic Rasayana, and belongs to a sub-group of Rasayanas known as Medhyarasayanas. Medhya typically refers to the mind and mental/intellectual capacity. Thus, Medhya Rasayana like Ashwagandha, is used to promote intellect and memory”. This report studies ashwagandha for its impact on memory and mind. Yet another study published in African journal of traditional, complementary and alternative medicines studied all the aspects of the herb. In his publication “An Overview on Ashwagandha: A Rasayana (Rejuvenator) of Ayurveda”, the author tries to validate the traditional and ayurvedic beliefs with scientific proofs. So, enough of study has been carried out on the base of ashwagandhadi ghrit.

Apart from this, we have been using cow’s ghee and milk since ages and there is no need of a proof that these two are extremely healthy and carry medicinal properties. But, considering the benefits of the two products, the government has launched an initiative to accelerate the research on the products we get from cow. Following this, Indian scientists have just discovered that cow ghee could protect us from cancer. In addition to this, National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) have also reported several benefits of cow’s ghee and milk in the latest issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Research.

With so many beneficial ingredients, it is obvious that ashwagandhadi ghrit is going to give magical results. Let us see all the benefits of ashwagandhadi ghrit and then we will see who all can use this ayurvedic preparation and how.


Some people use ashwagandhadi ghrit as a medicine to address a particular problem, while others take it to avoid future problems. With so many beneficial ingredients, it would be interesting to see exactly what ashwagandhadi ghrit for health can do. Yes, some people take it often as a tonic for body even when they do not have any specific health problem. Do they get the desired results? Let us see the list of benefit of using ashwagandhadi ghrit for health and diseases and then we will talk about the effectiveness also.

Ashwagandhadi for low immunity

Ashwagandhadi for low immunityLow immunity is not a disease, but this condition is an open invitation to all the possible health problems. Living with lower immunity makes you vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and hence we can say that immunity is something that determines your health. This is one of the most crucial roles of ashwagandhadi ghrit for health improvement. A good health means less problems and diseases, and this can be achieved with the help of ashwagandhadi ghrit. Taking this ayurvedic medicine for enhancing the immune system is equivalent to using ashwagandhadi ghrit for health enhancement. By making your immunity strong, you are actually ensuring that no disease is capable enough of entering into your body easily.

Dealing with stress and anxiety using ashwagandhadi ghrit

Ashwagandhadi ghrit is one of the very few ayurvedic medicines which have a reach to the brain. From doing some favors for your memory, to elevating excess of stress and anxiety from it, ashwagandhadi ghrit for health improvement also works towards the improvement of mental health. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. And because of the presence of this magnificent herbal ingredient, ashwagandhadi ghrit can improve the formation of memories, and may be able to treat Alzheimer’s disease. In a study with fifty-two healthy subjects experiencing stress for a long period of time, ashwagandha (300 mg twice daily) not only decreased stress (as measured by the perceived stress scale), but also food cravings and overall body weights. Several other studies were carried out to see the impact of ashwagandhadi ghrit on brain health and physical health. Most of them concluded with a green signal for the use of ashwagandhadi ghrit for health and mind related problems.

Osteoarthritis with ashwagandhadi ghrit

OsteoarthritisThe most common medications prescribed for osteoarthritis are, at best, moderately effective. This means even if you take the best possible medicine for osteoarthritis, you are only going to get temporary relief. In addition to the high cost, the side effects of these treatments can be quite significant, and at times life-threatening. On the other hand, we have solutions like ashwagandhadi ghrit which has all the potential to cure osteoarthritis, but due to lack of promotion, it is not much used. But those who use it agree that it is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for osteoarthritis. In a study published in 2007, the extract of this herb was found to suppress the production of pro-inflammatory molecules (TNF-alpha and two interleukin subtypes. In another study on ashwagandha, the anti-inflammatory effect of ashwagandha was found to be comparable to taking the steroid hydrocortisone. All these studies give us scientific proofs too. So what are you waiting for? If you have osteoarthritis, go consult and ayurvedic doctor and ask him about ashwagandhadi ghrit.

Apart from these major health benefits, ashwagandhadi ghrit is also an excellent aphrodisiac and anti oxidant. Since it contains the power of the herb ashwagandha and in addition to this, the goodness of cow’s ghee and cow’s milk, it is a potential solution to ageing and all other problems that hit human body due to increasing age. Let us now see how we can use ashwagandhadi ghrit for health improvement and for fighting with diseases.


consult with doctorUsually the dose of the ayurvedic doctors prescribe and what is safe and effective in dealing with all the problems listed above is given here. You can take a teaspoon or two of this medicine along with sugar and milk. But again, self medication can lead to several problems and hence you should seek guidance from an expert ayurvedic doctor. He or she will provide you the best guidance regarding the doses and also might recommend appropriate adjuvants. So, if you want to get rid of any problem fast, better consult an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, we agree that reaching a good ayurvedic doctor was not easy sometime back, but today, an ayurvedic company in Delhi is offering free online consultation to everyone over phone. You just have to make a call to this ayurvedic company in Delhi and a team of highly experienced ayurvedic doctors would assist you with no consultation fee.

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