Honey is a natural product we are using in medicine or as a natural cure for over 5,000 years now. It is a natural sweetener that adds taste to dishes while making them healthier. Today, we will see the benefits of pure honey and some other crucial details that you should know before using the wonder product. Honey has numerous advantages for human health and one should not think much before using the sweet natural healer. However, during the last decade, the rise in demand for honey has led to adulterated and impure honey being circulated in the market. Imagine you buy a pack of honey under the pretext of getting a natural healer and start using it. You don’t even know what is going into your body and how much harmful it can be. Honey is beneficial and there is no doubt about it. But, let us clarify that we are talking about the benefits of pure honey. The honey that is manufactured by bees through a natural process is what we mean by pure honey. So, along with the benefits of pure honey, we will also throw light on how to get pure honey at reasonable price.

Let us first see the 10 most influential benefits of pure honey and then we will see how types of honey effects the end results and from where you can get 100% pure honey without spending too much.

1. Honey is good for skin: Many cosmetic products claim to have honey as an ingredient these days. Yes, honey is good for human skin. It fights with the most stubborn skin problem we call acne. One can also get a glowing skin with the use of honey. But, the honey used in cosmetics is not of any use for your skin. It is either a lie that honey is present or even when it is present in negligible percentage, its healing properties are all ruined due to mixing with chemicals. So, it is a fact that honey can bring magical changes to your life. But, to bring in this magical improvement, you need to use only pure honey.

2. Healthy and health go hand in hand: Pure honey can bring in revolutionary changes in your health. It is nutritious and rich in antioxidants and the combination enriches your body with essential nutrients it requires for proper functioning. Thus, you can see improvement in your health naturally. This makes it clear that honey can be used as a natural health supplement too. However, to make it even stronger, you can take it with hot mill or dry fruits etc.

3. Cough and cold: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends honey as a natural solution for cough. This is why it is the best supplement to take in winters. It is completely safe as well as tasty, hence can also be given to children. This would help them stay immune from frequent cough and cold during winters. Here too, your child would gain honey benefits for health only when you what you are giving him or her is pure honey.

4. Wound-healing properties and antibacterial action: In ancient times, it was believed that honey can heal wounds faster. It was applied to skin affected with any kind of infection or on wounds after mixing with turmeric powder. Later on, when researched for mechanism of action, it was observed that honey’s ability to kill bacteria lies in a protein called defensin-1. Out of the several reports published after that, one from The Scientific World Journal also confirmed that benefits of pure honey were as effective as a eusol antiseptic solution in reducing wound infections. So, applying it on skin is beneficial in more than just acne.

5. Honey in prevention of diseases: With a strong immuno- modulatory action, honey can strengthen your immune system. A stronger immune system means lesser diseases and least medicines. By now, you also know that the less allopathic medicines you take, the healthier you will be. In fact, the drugs you take under the pretext of treating diseases actually suppress and weaken your immune system. And honey does just the opposite of this. Hence, improved immunity is one of the most important honey benefits for health.

6. Benefits of pure honey in diarrhea: Honey helps regularizing bowel movements and also controls diarrheal infection. It not only heals your intestine of infection, but also ensures a speedy recovery. Diarrhea makes you extremely weak and it not only is needed to be stopped as soon as possible, but the damage also needs to be reversed naturally. Here, you can use honey wisely.

7. Honey benefits for health of digestive system: Many herbal doctors recommend the use of honey in indigestion too. Acidity, bloating and the problem of acid reflux can be tackled with a teaspoon of honey. People use this natural product as an aid in weight loss because honey also improves metabolism. By improving the digestion and metabolism, one can shed the extra fat accumulated.

8. Honey heals infections: The anti infectant properties of honey are quite famous. The list of benefits of pure honey would be incomplete without mentioning its natural anti bacterial abilities. With this, it can heal almost all the infections troubling human body. And this is the reason many rely on honey for fighting with acne too. Apart from this, honey benefits for health also works against fungal infections.

9. Lower blood pressure: If you have a problem of high blood pressure, try using honey and you will never have to go through the extreme symptoms of the problem. Yes, it will take some time, but honey can regularize the blood pressure. Several studies concerning both rats and humans have shown reductions in the elevated blood pressure. This too was one of the significant benefits of pure honey.

10. Honey is good for heart: Heart is the central organ of human body and we live till it beats. It is hence our duty to take care of the most crucial and sophisticated organ. But, the kind of food we eat today is not at all good for the health of heart. Lack of physical activities also contributes to burden on heart. And all these factors are making people die of heart problems in no time. In this time, we need something like benefits of pure honey. It is a rich source of phenols and other antioxidant compounds. Many of these have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. Additionally, it reduces total and bad LDL cholesterol while significantly raising “good” HDL cholesterol. It is a proven fact that there are numerous benefits of pure honey for human health. For instance, a study conducted on rats showed that honey protected the heart from oxidative stress.

These were 10 important benefits of pure honey. These indicate the prominent role of honey in taking care of day to day problems, as well as dealing with chronic problems. It is also said that honey is less bad than sugar for diabetic people. It adds sweetness to food while keeping the sugar levels in your body relatively low. Who would not want to take honey as a natural health enhancer after reading all this? Yes, it definitely is worth trying and once you try it, you would never stop using it. At least during the winters, a teaspoon of pure honey must be there in your diet.

We have discussed almost all the crucial and research proven honey benefits for health, but you should pay attention to the fact that all these are available only with pure honey. Honey is available at almost every food store. There are many options to choose from online as well. You may get difference in price and variants of honey too. But, if you want to have pure honey, place your order at paramanandayurveda.com. It is an ayurvedic company dealing with ayurvedic products and hence values the preservation of natural healing abilities. Since ayurvedic medicines are made up of all natural herbs, the manufacturers at paramanand ayurveda know very well how to preserve and filter honey without any chemicals. And keeping the natural honey strictly natural is what makes all the difference in the honey benefits for health.

So, in case you want 100% pure, natural and healthy honey, place your order at paramanandayurveda.com or dial the number- 9990005395/ 9990004674. You will get your order at your doorstep within a few days. Start using it as soon as you receive your pack of pure honey from paramanand ayurveda. In case you have any doubt, or still have some health problem after utilizing the benefits of pure honey, you can also consult the ayurvedic doctors for free over the same number. Yes, getting free online consultation from the team of best ayurvedic doctors in India is as easy as making a phone call. So, make a call to get pure honey at your doorstep or to treat your body with ayurveda under the guidance of ayurvedic experts.

You would definitely see some magical changes happening in your body after using pure honey for a couple of days. It may take two weeks to show some improvement in immunity and overall health. But, conditions like acne and infections will soon vanish. In certain problems like cough, it will give immediate results. While some other benefits of pure honey will be received by your body only when you use it regularly for a long time. So, don’t expect the changes to happen overnight as natural products take their time to fix things, but when they do, they do it permanently.

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