घी से हृदय का इलाज़ – Solve Your Heart Issues With Arjun Ghrit

Arjun ghrit

Can Arjun Ghrit (अर्जुन घृत), a Form of Ghee, Really Solve the Health Issues?

Whenever it comes to ghee, our brains run every direction proving it to be an unhealthy edible thing. Why? This is because we have created a perspective about ghee considering it same as butter (which is of course harmful for our health). But, the reality is something else. Every person who really wants to know about the astounding effects of ghee on our health must read this article till the end because here, I am today going to talk to you about a sort of ghee which can have immense effects on our body. The form of ghee I am today going to talk about is “Arjun Ghrit” which is really amazing ayurvedic ghee. Interesting! But, what are the effects it can show on our health? Above all, what makes ghee so potent? Yes, we are today going to talk about each and every fact in the following paragraphs. So, let’s start with what makes Arjun Ghrit a potent ayurvedic medicine.

Ingredients of Arjun Ghrit (अर्जुन घृत के घटक)

Yes, ingredients of Arjun Ghrit are one of the major factors contributing to the effectiveness of this ayurvedic medicine. So, let’s talk about the ingredients of Arjun Ghrit in detail.

Bark of Arjun Tree (अर्जुन की छाल)

This tree, native to India, is addressed with the botanical name, i.e. Arjuna Terminalia as well. Arjun tree grows on the dry river beds. The leaves of Arjun tree are long green colored with brown color on the edge. Moreover, it possesses the pale yellow colored flowers. Arjun tree bears the fruits between the September and November months, while, the flower bearing season of Arjun tree is from June to August.

Arjun consists of some very beneficial constituents like co-enzyme Q-10, tannins and flavonoids along with the minerals like magnesium, calcium, copper and zinc. These components altogether make Arjun very beneficial for dealing with a number of health issues. If we talk about the health ailments that can be dealt with using Arjun, these include:

Bark of Arjun Tree
  • This potent ayurvedic herb is very well-known to be a perfect cardiac tonic as well as the cardiac restorative. Arjun is very beneficial in dealing with a number of heart related issues. Everything is possible because it contains the mild diuretic, blood thinning, lipid lowering and prostaglandin properties.
  • Arjun is very beneficial in dealing with the asthma symptoms as well.
  • If you are dealing with the acne problem, arjun bark can be beneficial for you. For this, you need to mix powdered arjun bark with honey and apply it directly to the face.
  • Arjun protects our DNA from getting damaged by the toxins. The toxin mainly responsible for the DNA damage is adriamicin.
  • The Arjun bark contains some phytochemicals that assist lowering down the bad cholesterol levels and maintain the healthy cholesterol in the body.

So, it’s not any advertisement making Arjun bark and tree famous; instead the whole credit goes to the immense components and properties of Arjun.

Cow’s Ghee (गौ-घृत)

By its use in Ayurveda, this has already been proved that ghee is very beneficial for our overall health and body. This has been proved by the preparation process of Ghee as well. During the preparation process of ghee, at the very first, the butter is boiled, further followed by the process of pouring off the butterfat. Here, the proteins as well as the milk solids (which contain the lactose) are left behind. By this, the risk of people dealing with lactose intolerance to get ill by consuming ghee reduces from 100% to somewhere less than 50%. Moreover, ghee is known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and not to increase it like what butter do.

Cow’s Ghee

Ghee contains the various health benefiting nutrients like vitamins A, D, E & K along with the fatty acids like CLA and butyric acid. Due to the presence of CLA, ghee is known to protect the heart from the diseases like carcinogens, artery plaque etc. It’s not all done. You’ll be surprised to hear that ghee even helps women get beautiful children. Well, that true. The women who are just planning to conceive are recommended to consume ghee. This is because the vitamin K2 present in ghee tends to help their children possess a wide symmetrical face and healthy teeth in future. There are many other scopes as well where ghee can be really beneficial for us, but explaining each in single article will consume lots of time and space with no ending.

So, these are the major ingredients of Arjun Ghrit, but they are not the only ingredients of this brilliant ayurvedic medicine. There are many other ingredients as well contributing to the effectiveness of Arjun Ghrit. The list of other health benefiting ingredients includes:

  • Moorchhan Dravya (मूर्च्छन द्रव्य)
  • Harad (हरड़)
  • Baheda (बहेड़ा)
  • Anvla (आंवला)
  • Haldi (हल्दी)
  • Nagarmotha (नागरमोथा)
  • Bijoura Nimbu Ras (बिजौरा निम्बू का रस)

Although, all these ingredients are taken in a smaller amount each, they still contribute a lot to the effectiveness of Arjun Ghrit, hence, making it a potent ayurvedic ghrit. All these ingredients as well as the Preparation process of Arjun Ghrit (completely natural without any adulteration) make this ayurvedic ghrit capable of dealing with a number of health problems. Now, you must be feeling excited to know more in detail about the health benefits of Arjun Ghrit, right? So, let’s go with the flow, moving to that part.

Health Benefits of Arjun Ghrit (अर्जुन घृत के लाभ)

As a Cardiac Tonic (हृदय टॉनिक)

arjun ghrit for cardic

Arjun ghrit can work as a perfect cardiac tonic for you because both the major components of it, i.e. Arjun bark as well as ghee, understand that your heart is one of those vital elements of the body that need extra care. Our lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits somewhere, directly or indirectly, affect our heart as well. And, we all know how much important it is for our survival. The heart pumps blood and oxygen to each and every cell and tissue of the body and it is, of course, necessary for our regular activities as well as survival. So, protecting the heart from the harmful diseases and infections becomes more mandatory. Arjun ghrit can assist you enhance your heart health and keep all the issues related to heart at a bay.

For Treating Angina (एनजाइना के इलाज़ के लिए)

Angina is a health condition related to our heart where a sudden discomfort, pain and tightness occur in the chest. This situation occurs when the heart muscles don’t find themselves capable of receiving the proper blood and oxygen supply. Angina is no doubt troublesome, but it is not a disease in itself. Angina is mainly considered to be a symptom of coronary artery disease which is said to be very common form of heart disease. Arjun ghrit understands your heart’s voice and that is why it is said to be the perfect friend of the heart. It can assist you treating the condition as well as preventing its occurrence in future.

For Treating Heart Palpitations (दिल की घबराहट का इलाज़)

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations or tachycardia is the health issue when your heartbeats become more than the normal rate, i.e. 72 beats per minute. It seems as if the heart is racing, bumping or pounding. It can sometimes even reach the level of 100 beats per minute. The excessive exercise, anxiety, caffeine, stress, hormonal changes, anemia etc. can be the reason behind you getting this problem. The heart palpitations are generally normal and nothing to worry about until and unless there is something critical hidden behind the walls. Arjun ghrit can be your true friend assisting you getting your normal heartbeats. The reason is again the same that it is a fabulous cardiac tonic.

Bleeding Disorders Treatment (रक्तस्त्राव विकार का इलाज़)

If your cuts and wounds are not getting healed in the normal healing time and you are noticing your blood not getting clotted in the meantime, you are suffering from bleeding disorder. Blood clotting is the process by which your body creates a clot or wall on the wound to stop the further bleeding which can lead to excess blood loss from the body. This process is fulfilled with the help of platelets and certain proteins found in the blood. The bleeding disorders can be either due to some liver problem, or the lack of vitamin K. You might feel shocked, but the problem of bleeding disorder can be even inherited as well. But, no worries! Arjun ghrit can effectively solve this health issue as well.

For Treating Breathlessness (सांस फूलने का इलाज़)

Arjun Ghrit for Breathlessness

The shortness of breath is the symptom of breathlessness problem. This can occur due to many different reasons. In this problem, the airways become inflamed and narrowed due to which the air finds it difficult to pass in and out of the lungs. Breathlessness, like angina, is not itself a disease; instead is a symptom of some other underlying health problem. Some of the diseases that include breathlessness as a symptom include COPD, asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis etc. All of these health problems demand the treatment on urgent basis otherwise they can trouble you a lot in future life.

No worries! Arjun ghrit can be your friend on the way to solve the problem of breathlessness as well.

These are a few names out of the wide list of health benefits of Arjun Ghrit and numerous more are there in the pending list. But, I believe the mentioned above are sufficient enough to help you understand the health benefits of Arjun Ghrit. And by now, you must have got that “ghee” and “butter” are two different things with various different properties and purposes. One can have negative impact on the body, while the other works as a perfect tonic to enhance all the body functions.

But, gaining every benefit out of the ayurvedic ghrit is possible only if you are truly familiar with the dosage of Arjun Ghrit. Yes, dosage plays a vital role in determining the amount of benefit you are going to achieve from a medicine. Just an over-dose and you’ll be at the risk of getting a number of ill-effects into your body. So, let’s talk about the adequate dosage of Arjun Ghrit.

Dosage of Arjun Ghrit (अर्जुन घृत की सेवन विधि)

dosage of arjun ghrit

If we talk about the dosage of Arjun Ghrit, it can be taken twice a day with misri and milk or lukewarm water. As the dosages of an ayurvedic medicine are not same in every case and vary from person to person depending upon his age, strength, digestive power, current medical situation, medical history etc., it is always better to consult the ayurvedic doctor for the same.

Arjun ghrit is purely safe to use and it can blindly be followed for many months, you just need to take care of the dosage part. Taking care of this aspect strictly will assist you gaining only the maximum benefits of the medicine and keeping all the ill-effects at a bay.

This is the real Ayurveda. You can gain all the benefits of an ayurvedic medicine without having even a single chance of getting the ill-effects if you take care of all the factors related to the ayurvedic medicine and your own body. But, the case is not same in the case of modern medical science. Even if you intake the allopathic medicines under the strict medical supervision, you’ll be, in most of the cases, still become a victim of the side-effects.


Moreover, the 250 years old research of modern medical science has yet been able to prove just a single thing, i.e. you can get instant relief from the pain by these medicines and nothing else. But, in exchange of providing the instant relief, these medicines insert a number of side-effects in your body. On the other hand, Ayurveda just gives you a good health and doesn’t ask for anything in exchange.

I know, for those who completely rely on the allopathic medicines, it is quite difficult to digest that they are themselves inviting a chronic disease by making their body a host with every dosage they are taking. But, truth is truth!

So, what are you thinking now? It is completely upto you whether you want to accept the reality or not. But, I’ll simply say that no treatment method is better than Ayurveda. Just with the sacrifices of your unhealthy eating habits and laziness, you can achieve your dream of having fit and disease-free life with Ayurveda. Try yourself!

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