Bilva Patra Powder

बिल्वा पत्र चूर्ण

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From:  180

Benefits:Effective in Female Reproductive Health Problems, Leucorrhea, Menstrual Irregularities, Vaginal Hemorrhages, Effect on Tridoshas, Aggravates Pitta Dosha, Pacify Vata and Kapha Doshas, Improves Digestion Strength, Relieves Vomiting, Anti-Fungal, Anthelmintic, Anti-Diarrheal



Bilva is considered to be one of the most sacred trees in the Hindu mythology. It is also called Shivdrum and the leaves are offered in prayers to Lord Shiva. Apart from the mythological beliefs, there are a lot of medicinal facts attached to the herbal tree. The botanical name of Bael patra or bilva patra is Aegel marmelos, and the herb gained attention from all over the world once the scientific studies pointed out to its amazing natural healing ability and health benefits of bilva patra powder. Since that very day, the entire world wants to utilize the goodness of bilva patra powder. Yes, it is true that bilva patra powder benefits in many problems. However, to get the best out of it, you have to be sure that you are using natural and best quality bilva patra powder.

With increase in demand, the market has flooded with adulterated bilva patra powder and many other such ayurvedic products. It is sad that such products are actually keeping you away from the magic of natural healing. Those who try the ayurvedic powders and medicines for the first time lose hope from such a powerful healing science and get back to the harmful allopathic drugs not because ayurveda in ineffective, but because they had the wrong product in hand. Till the last decade, people argued on the effectiveness of ayurveda. Now when it is established as a concrete and scientific method of healing humans, this is another challenge. Everyone wants to use ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, but make sure what you have is pure and prepared according to the principles of ayurveda. You don’t have to test the product, but make sure you buy it from authentic and trustworthy shops. If you plan to order it online, you must try We will throw light on the advantages of trying this one stop ayurvedic solution, but, let us first see the health benefits of bilva patra powder.

  • Bilva patra powder depicts unmatchable antimicrobial and antifungal activities. With these two abilities, the herbal powder is used in curing various infections. The powder is also astringent in nature and hence can very easily avoid the chances of secondary infection.
  • The antidiarrhoeal and antidysenteric properties of the herbal powder makes it the best prescription in case of diarrhea and diarrhea with mucus.
  • In several research findings, it has been recorded that bilva patra powder beenfits in infammaltion and irritation on skin with its emulcent nature.
  • If you have fever and want to cure it naturally, bilva patra powder is a must try. Bilva patra powder is also a great antipyretic agent that helps in bringing down your body temperature to normal.
  • Being a good haemostatic, bilva patra powder can be used to stop any unusual bleeding in human body. Be it internal or external bleeding, you can control it naturally with bilva patra powder. The herbal powder is also known to be antiscourbutic, and hence given to diabetic patients who struggle with wound healing etc.
  • It was once traditionally used and an antidote to snake bite and today even researchers are claiming the same.
  • Bilva patra powder benefits are not just confined to its role in infections and fever. The herbal powder also helps in maintaining the right lipid level of the blood to promote healthy weight management. In simpler words, if you want to lose weight healthily, just grab the pack of bilva patra powder right now.
  • People who have used it and are aware of the health benefits of bilva patra powder swear on its advantages for improving stomach and digestion. It prevents constipation and help to support healthy digestion to remove toxins from the body. Ayurvedic doctors recommend it as a tonic for stomach and digestion.
  • Furthermore, the bilva patra churna is also given to patients of cardiac problems. In fact, people in Asian countries with a genetic history of heart problems also take help from the herbal powder. So, bilva patra benefits not only in digestion, but, it can also be given as a heart tonic.

These were some of the amazing health benefits of bilva patra powder. To cut it short, if you have any digestive problem, skin issue, heart disease, or struggling with any infection, just try bilva patra churna benefits and see the changes. All the bilva patra churna benefits discussed above have been proved in various experimental studies and scientific reviews. So, apart from the traditional beliefs, we also have scientific proofs that would help us count on this natural healer. Now the biggest question left is- how to get pure and natural bilva patra churna without spending much money. See, if you follow the conventional way, you will first have to book an appointment with a ayurvedic doctor. Take off from work, visit the doctor, pay quite high consultation fee and then struggle finding the medicines prescribed.

If you are lucky enough, you may get your prescription and then you buy it at MRP without any discount. However, all this can also be done while sitting at home, saving your days off, travel money as well as consultation charges. How? Just dial the toll free number 18001030318. Here, you can get all types of assistance from Consult ayurvedic doctors for free at this number, order your ayurvedic medicine online or over a phone call, and just get the best offers too. As you can see, you just have to get up to receive your medicines at your doorstep. What can be better than this? Don’t lose the chance and make a call to place your order right now!

2 reviews for Bilva Patra Powder

  1. Manmohan

    Hello mam, my age is 25 years and I am pregnant. Is it safe for me to take this supplement? If yes how can I consume it? What are the foods that I should not eat during this supplementation.

  2. somya

    My grandfather used to have a gas problem, I started giving him Bilva Patra Powder, now he has benefited a lot.

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