Basant kusumakar Ras (Sw.Mo.Am.Yu.)

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Basantkusumakar Ras (Sw.Mo.Am.Yu.)
A number of health issues can be prevented and controlled by Basant Kusumakar Ras. It is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine which can have the potential to deal with various reproductive complications in both male and female. It is comprehensively useful in strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system. It can alleviate the severe influence of hypertension, myocardial infarction, and angina. One can manage to deal with diabetes mellitus with the help of Basant Kusumakar Ras as it enhances the sensitivity of Insulin. This medicine can be administered for the management of various psychological issues. Basant Kusumakar Ras can act like a boon in strengthening the immune system. It also improves the memory power of the brain. Frequent memory power, liver and kidney disorder can be managed with the help of Basant Kusumakar Ras. It is also found to be highly beneficial in eliminating the issue of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Basantkusumakar ras is an ayurvedic remedy which is used to cure many diseases. According to Ayurveda, it is the remedy which has the potential to cure any disease of the roots.  It is an ayurvedic herbal medicine which is used as anti-hyperglycemic, aphrodisiac and cardioprotective agent. This is the remedy which is very famous and helpful in Ayurveda.  I know you must be thinking that what is different in this medicine that it can cure diseases so efficiently. Well, if you are curious to know the difference between Basantkusumakar ras and other medicines, you have to read this article carefully. If you read this, there are some possibilities that you use this astonishing remedy to cure your health complications. It has several benefits so, let us start our discussion. 

Ingredients and preparation process of Basantkusumakar ras

  • Praval Pishti- Praval Pishti is also known as coral calcium. It is extensively used for its therapeutic benefits and medicinal values in ayurvedic medicines. Praval Pishti is used to cure bleeding disorders, headache with burning sensation, acidity, and gastritis.
  • Ras Sindoor- Ras Sindoor is an herbal and mineral ingredient which comes in a tablet and powder form. This ayurvedic ingredient is used to boost immunity, cure cardiac diseases, urinary disorders and improving strength.
  • Mukta Pishti- Mukta Pishti is an important ayurvedic remedy. It reduces heat in the body and brings coolness in the digestive system. Mukta Pishti is made by processing and grinding pearl fine powder with rose water.
  • Abhrak bhasma- It is the ayurvedic remedy which is prepared from mica. This medicine is mainly used in the treatment of asthma, urinary disorders, and skin diseases. It has the ability to pacifying the all three doshas in the body.
  • Swarna bhasma- As its name defines that it is prepared from gold. Through this remedy, you can get rid of asthma, infertility, poisoning etc. It is also beneficial to cure many other diseases like heart diseases, respiratory diseases etc.
  • Rajata bhasma- Rajata bhasma is also known as raupya bhasma and silver ash. It is prepared with the technique of extensive oxidation under intense heat. Rajata bhasma can cure jaundice,Debility, anal fissure and cough with yellow sputum.
  • Loha bhasma- Loha bhasma is widely used in ayurvedic medicines and this is a product of calcined iron.  It strengthens the body and increases the production of RBSc. Via this remedy you can get rid of anemia, tuberculosis, worm infestations, skin ailments and obesity.
  • Vanga bhasama- Vanga bhasma is calcined to form a powder. It is the remedy which is prepared from the metal. This medicine is very effective in the treatment of mental fatigue, worm, infestation, and sexual disorders.
  • Naga bhasma- This is the medicine which is prepared from the lead. It works to cure frequent urination, spleen enlargement, bones and muscles related problems.

Other than these it also contains some decoctions or juices. It has Vasaka, Haldi, Ikshu, banana tree leaves, Kama, Chameli, and Shatavari Chandan. To make this ras you have to clean and finely grind all ingredients and triturate with each liquid separately. Then let it dry after that store it in a bottle away from heat, light, and moisture.

Medicinal properties of Basantkusumakar ras

Basantkusumakar ras has following healing and potent properties.

  • Anti-hyperglycemic & Anti-diabetic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Rejuvenative agent
  • Cardioprotective and cardio tonic
  • Analgesic
  • Androgenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-tussive
  • Haematinic
  • Immune- modulator
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Libido stimulant

So, these are the ingredients, preparation procedure and the medicinal properties of this astonishing remedy- Basantkusumakar ras. Now it’s time to see what the health benefits of using this ayurvedic remedy are?

Health benefits of Basantkusumakar ras

Basantkusumakar ras provides nourishment and strength to the organs like pancreas, ovaries, brain, reproductive organs and lungs. Generally, this is the remedy which is used to cure these types of health issues. However, nowadays it becomes famous for treating many other diseases like diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus

There are many studies which show that this remedy has anti-diabetic and hyperglycemic properties which can efficiently reduce the levels of blood glucose. This remedy can be used for both type1 and type2 conditions of diabetes. If you are thinking that this remedy can also lower your blood glucose levels like allopathic medicines do, you are wrong. This is different because Basantkusumakar ras contains haldi decoction. Haldi has an active compound “curcumin”. This is the compound which can reduce the blood glucose levels easily.

Weight gain and physical strength

If you are thinking that you can use this remedy for weight gain, you are wrong. You can only use this remedy if you are suffering from unintentional weight loss due to diabetes. Basantkusumakar ras provides strength to the body and muscle. It does not increase fatness in the body.  If you are a Vata body type person and want to increase physical strength, you can use this remedy with ashwagandha churna. Pitta type of a person can consume this remedy with Shatvatri and yasthtimadhu.

Memory enhancer

Yes, there is no doubt that through this remedy you can improve your memory and can also get rid of many neurological disorders. Basantkusumakar ras can help you to increase concentration power, cure memory loss and also promotes better sleep.

Other than these it has many other benefits. It is an excellent rejeuvative and anti-aging agent. This remedy can be used to cure diseases which are related to urinary tract. It is the ideal remedy to improve skin complexion. You can use this to cure frequent urination. Via this, you can get rid of breathing troubles, fatigue, heart diseases, liver disorders and dry cough. Women can also use this if they are suffering from debility after excessive uterine bleeding.

If you are suffering from a headache due to Nervine weakness, this is the ideal remedy for that. Alzheimer’s diseases can also be cured with this remedy. Diseases of heart and blood vessels are the conditions which can be cure with the help of this.

This is an Ayurvedic remedy and ayurvedic remedies never cause any kind of side effect if you use this in an appropriate amount. So, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before you take this or any other ayurvedic remedy.


According to studies adults and old age people can consume 125mg to 4 tablets in a day. The maximum dosage of this ras is 500mg per day. You can consume this daily with water.  As I mentioned above that it is safe because this is made of many constructive and potent herbal ingredients but still there are some cautionary points which you all have to be taken care of.

Vital points

Now, come to the most crucial part of this article yes, you guessed it right, side effects. According to studies, there are no side effects of Basantkusumakar ras until you take its overdoses.

This is the reason that I am suggesting you consult with your doctor before taking this medicine. Pregnant and lactating mothers can’t consume this remedy. If they consume, there are some possibilities that they can make difficulties for their babies and their health. Here, one more thing which I want to tell you and that is if you are suffering from kidney diseases,Do not consume this medicine. You cannot consume this remedy more than three months.

Do you know why I am saying to use this remedy? Yeah, I know this is quite a silly question to ask here but still,Do you know why? Yes, benefits are one of the reasons but there is one more reason which I want to tell and that is Ayurveda.

Some points about Ayurveda and paramanand Ayurveda

Yes, Ayurveda is the treatment which has the potential to cure many diseases so efficiently. Ayurveda has been serving good health for 2500 years. Ayurveda has no limitations when it comes to curing. Ayurveda is native to India but still, people are unaware of the power of this astonishing treatment.

Ayurveda and life are connected together this is the treatment which can heal almost all conditions. It is said that the reason of not using ayurvedic remedies is the lack of ayurvedic medicines. But now you don’t have to worry because paramanand Ayurveda is the company which provides all types of ayurvedic remedies at a reasonable price.

Paramanand Ayurveda is the company which is trying to make you understand that Ayurveda is the best way by which you can live healthy and long life. This is the company which has medicines of all the famous companies at reasonable prices and with good quality.

All in all, I can say that you can buy this or any kind of ayurvedic medicine now online from paramanand Ayurveda. Try to use always natural and ayurvedic remedies rather than allopathic medicines. I am telling you about paramanand because this is the company who is initiating to assist Ayurveda to get its place. So, use Ayurvedic remedies and make yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Basantkusumakar ras is the best remedy for many diseases and I think after reading this article there is no need to tell you that how much this medicine can help you to stay healthy and disease free. Health is wealth and if you want to live healthy, Ayurvedic remedies are the best options for you.

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