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Badam Pak

Badam Pak is a preparation of Ayurveda that has the capability to address umpteen health issues and helps in treating them. It contains Badam, Gau Ghrit, Vang Bhasma, Prawal Pishti, Ela, Dalchini, Kesar, Vidarikand, Javitri, Jaiphal and Safed Musli as its major ingredients. It is a general health tonic that effectively treats emaciation, general debility, nausea, dizziness, Fatigue, Recurrent infections and Cold. Healthcare professionals often indicate this Ayurvedic preparation for managing brain and psychological disorders. It is used to manage Anxiety, Stress, Mental fatigue, and Depression. It is also found to be effective in halting the progression of Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia. The weakness of eye and eye infection can be prevented with Badam Pak. Badam Pak also addresses the issue namely Anemia and its associated complications. It also benefits cardiovascular and heart system by improving its function. It precludes the issues such as Angina, accumulation of plaques in arteries, and improves the circulation of the blood. The prescription of the registered health care professional is highly recommended starting any regime else it may incorporate few adverse effects.  

Significance of Ayurveda in our modern life

Do you know the significance of Ayurveda in our modern life? Our modern life displays a lifestyle that is full of work, communication, business, travel etc.. All these things have become so easier with the invention of new gadgets, technologies, machines etc. These days, the invention of new technologies are making our work easier but still, in spite of these comforts, life has become more complex and competitive. Many a time, we find ourselves under stress,Depression, tension and physical pain and all these lead to a lassitude condition. Several diseases and infections are also taking its way to high due to the basic causes such as stress, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activities etc.  

Due to all these problems in our modern life, the necessity of Ayurveda can’t be denied. It has become imperative to adopt Ayurveda due to aforementioned complications which are rising day by day. Ayurveda is one of the ancient treatment options of the world which is really beneficial for the humans in today’s world. Although it was novice in ancient time but now is a master of the medical science and is applicable and relevant in today’s modern time. Ayurveda helps to make you aware of different ways of living a healthy life. Ayurveda helps to bring peace and helps in maintaining harmony in your life. This will not only cure your health issues from the roots but will also guide you to the causes behind the occurrence of particular diseases. It will also make you aware of the ways to the ultimate prevention of any diseases. This is a complete science of knowledge. So, today, we are going to tell you an amazing ayurvedic medicine that will keep you physically as well as mentally healthy for rest of your life. The medicine we are going to have in consultation is ‘Badam Pak’.

Badam Pak – an effective ayurvedic medicine for overall health

In Ayurveda, there are a number of medicines such as bhasma, churna, Pak, ghrit, natural herbs etc which will help you in several bodily aspects. Actually, they all help you in curing your various types of health problems from the roots. Badam Pak is also one such effective ayurvedic Pak. It is known as one of the impeccable ayurvedic paks in Ayurveda. The good thing is that this pak is beneficial for all people including children, old-age people, women and men. You might have been wondering how? Well, we will elaborate how this medicine is going to be beneficial for all aged people and will also tell you about the health benefits of Badam Pak later. First of all, we are going to discuss its composition and preperation process.

Composition and Preparation Process of Badam Pak

Badam Pak is an ayurvedic formulation prepared with almonds and several other natural herbs which are commonly used in Indian kitchen and safe to consume.

As the name itself reveals that one of the most important ingredients used in the preparation of Badam Pak is Badam. Badam is known as almond and you all might have nicely familiar with it. So, let’s see how salubrious this medicine could be for your health.

Almonds -: When it comes to nuts, almond comes at the top of the list as it is known as one of the healthiest nuts on the earth. Most of us love to eat almonds but do you know what potential benefits they are offering you? Almond or Badam has innumerable health benefits. Almonds contain a lot of healthy fibers, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats etc.

Almonds are really beneficial in dealing with bad cholesterol in the body, cancer,Diabetes, birth defects, mental health issues, heart issues, bone related issues,Digestion problems and issues related to muscles and nerves. The powerful medicinal properties of the almonds make them the healthiest nuts found on earth. In total, almonds are beneficial for your overall health in all aspects.

Apart from almonds, there are several other natural ingredients used in the preparation of Badam Pak. It also consists of sugar, cow’s ghee, vang bhasma, praval pisthi, jaiphal, javitri, safed mushli, clove, cinnamon,Dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper and saffron.  All these natural ingredients are useful and effective enough to cure a number of health issues from the roots. These natural herbs possess several potent medicinal properties which enhance their effectiveness.

When it comes to the preparation method of Badam Pak, first of all, you need to rub the badam mingis with the help of a neat cloth to make them neat and pound them in a thick pounder. Put ghee in it and heat it for sometime in a dim flame. Now, make a decoction of sugar (chashni). After this, grind kesar in water and put it into decoction of sugar. When the chashni is viscous enough, put the badam in it. Now, put the grinded and mixed powder of all aforementioned ingredients in it. Keep shaking the entire solution and heat it for some time. Your Badam Pak is now ready.  

Now, you might have been wanted to know the health benefits of Badam Pak. So, let’s get started with it.

Health Benefits of Badam Pak

Badam Pak has a number of health benefits. You cannot even imagine the health benefits, it has to offer you. Badam Pak is an ayurvedic food supplement. The formulation of Badam Pak is prepared in such a way that it is beneficial for both mind and body. As a general tonic, it helps to stay energetic and fresh all the day. It helps to improve your physical as well as mental endurance, provide strength and energy as well as cure common viral and bacterial infection.

In ayurvedic medicine, Badam Pak helps to treat headache, mental fatigue, exhaustion with a little work, eye fatigue and strain due to computer work, eyesight weakness, memory loss,Depression, mental stress, mild constipation, anemia and men’s health problems etc.

Do you know the reasons behind the effectiveness of Badam Pak? Well, the natural ingredients used in its preparation and the potent medicinal properties of Badam Pak help to make it an impeccable ayurvedic medicine. Badam Pak has powerful anti-stress, memory booster, antioxidant, adaptogenic, neuroprotective, mild anti-depressant, potential prebiotic, anxiolytic and antihypercholoestrolemic properties that make it an effective ayurvedic medicine.  

For mental health

Badam Pak is one of the best and efficient ayurvedic medicines for dealing with mental health disorders or health issues related to brain. Regular consumption of Badam Pak helps to improve the memory and concentration power. It significantly improves the memory and reduces forgetfulness. It enhances the learning capacity and increases the memory intention. All these health benefits are due to the presence of almonds in it.

Have you ever heard of Alzheimer’s disease? This is a type of dementia which causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Some new studies have found that taking Badam Pak regularly acts as a memory-restorative agent by preventing and reducing the development of amyloid plaques. Almonds help to deal with Alzheimer’s disease effectively in facile way.

Badam Pak is also effective in treating mental fatigue. It helps to reduce mental stress, improve mental tolerability and enhance the alertness and concentration. It is a miraculous remedy for school going children and the people who use their mind in excess such as working on computer or engaging in excessive thinking. Along with these benefits, Badam Pak also helps to treat headache, morning fatigue, stress,Depression and several other mental health issues.

For Physical Health

Badam Pak is not only good for your mental health. It is also effective in dealing with physical health issues too. Due to our hectic lifestyle, we often complain about general weakness, fatigue or physical debility etc. Well, Badam Pak is the best option in all these health issues.

It is a nutritive food supplement which provides good nutrients to the body and improves the strength. It is really common in Ayurveda prescriptions for physical debility. It will make your body healthy and strong by boosting your stamina and energy. It helps in the nourishment of the body.

For Heart health

Badam Pak is also beneficial for your heart. It helps to strengthen your heart. It is also beneficial in dealing with several types of heart related health issues. Constituents of vitamin E in Badam Pak act as an antioxidant agent that reduces the number of fatty plaques in the arteries. Heart patients can get a lot of benefits by taking Badam Pak regularly.

For skin and hair

Badam Pak is also effective or you can say useful for both cutaneous and hair related problems. It helps to remove the wrinkles, anti-aging signs, marks, acne etc. from your skin. The folic acid present in Badam Pak helps to improve skin complexion to a great extent. It also makes your hair healthier, stronger and shinier.

Now, you can envisage the effectiveness of the Badam Pak. This is a miraculous remedy for all age groups that is full of nutrition and health benefits. So, let’s see its dosage.

Dosage of Badam Pak

The recommended dosage of Badam Pak is 1-2 teaspoons 1-2 times a day with milk. You can take this for a very long period of time for better results. This ayurvedic medicine is considerably safe for the health if taken under strict medical supervision. By fits and starts consumption of any ayurvedic medicine can give you adverse effects. So, it is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor before start taking any ayurvedic medicine.

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