B-Gangadhar Churna

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B-Gangadhar Churna
Brihat Gangadhar Churna is a very prominent Ayurvedic formulation consisted of Bilva giri,Dadima Patti, Bhrangraja, Nimba Chaal and several other potent contents. It is a very useful medicine for abdominal issues. Sprue is a prolonged autoimmune condition that typically influences the smile intestine. It can cause huge discomfort in the stomach which can be unbearable. Gangadhar Churna (Brihat) does allow patient to assail such issue and alleviate the severe complications associated with it. It is a medicine generally used to treat Diarrhea. It works by binding the stool together and enhancing the quality of stool. It is enormously capable of balancing the Vatta, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. If an individual is suffering from malabsorption syndrome, the patient can consume Brihat Gangadhar Churna for getting the instant relief. Ulcerative colitis is another abdominal issue which needs the proper care and that care can be possible with Brihat Gangadhar Churna. It can be given 3 to 5 grams once or twice a day after meal.
B-Gangadhar Churna
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