Agastya Haritaki Rasayan

अगस्त्य हरीतकी रसायन

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From:  160

From:  160

Benefits:Respiratory problems and Illness, Asthma, Cold & Cough, Weakness in Lungs, Allergies in Respiratory Organs, T.B

4 reviews for Agastya Haritaki Rasayan

  1. Vikram gupta

    I have been coughing mucus for a long time, and having trouble breathing, so I have been using Agastya Haritaki Rasayan ever since I don’t have any problem now👍

  2. Atul

    मुझे काफी समय से कफ की परेशानी थी तो मेने इस ओषिधि का सेवन जब से किया है मुझे 80 % आराम है में धन्यावाद करना चाहता हु परमांनद आयुर्वेद का

  3. CK Ramachandran

    I have been suffering from breathing problems
    and nose itching and ear itching, running nose sleeping trouble etc . Understand Agasthya harithagi rasayanam is the best remedy for it.

  4. Poonam

    It’s great👍

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