Abhrak Bhasma (sahastraputi)

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Abhrak Bhasma (sahastraputi)

Abhrak (Mica) is the main active ingredient found in Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi). Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi) does hold various medicinal constituent which can ultimately prove to be extremely fruitful for assailing numerous diseases. Abhrak contains the high amount of Iron, Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, and Oxygen. We do aware that the Iron content found in Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi) assist our body in the formation of new red blood cells (RBC). Iron can do wonder when it comes to healing the issue of Anemia. The anti-hypertensive content found in Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi) mitigates the severe influence of hypertension and reinstate the damage associated with it. One can also deal appropriately with stomach issues as it holds Antacid. An antacid is known to be influential when it comes to governing the acid production. It does not allow heartburn, constipation,Diarrhea, indigestion and stomach pain to take place. Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi) can be also helpful for the improvement of the immune system. Heart and Cardiovascular diseases have shown less detrimental in the patients who have been using Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi). It can also act like brain tonic as it can annihilate the brain issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Asthma, Cough and Chronic cough has no existence in front of Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi). The recommended dose of Abhrak Bhasma (Sahastraputi) is 125mg twice a day.

How abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) can cure health woes

What do you think about Ayurveda? Do you think that it is the treatment which has the potential to cure your health woes? I know you are not here to read about Ayurveda but, it is good to know by which treatment or remedy you can stay healthy and disease free. See, it is said that balanced diet and daily exercise routine are essential to get healthy mind and body. This is not the only thing which you have to do to get healthy body. This is just the beginning when it comes to optimum health. Ayurveda is the correct and best treatment method to cure your health woes easily from the roots.

Ayurveda is the treatment method which can help you to cure health complications like weight loss,Detoxifying the body and improving you overall mind, body or your spirit connection. Ayurvedic medicines are powerful and it is because of their constituents. Yes, Ayurveda medicines are made of many natural herbs which can make them more constructive.

I am here to tell you about one of those ayurvedic medicines and the name of that medicine is abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). Many of you might be aware of this astounding medicine but have you ever used it? If no, I am sure that after reading thing article, you will at least think once to use this medicine. So, without wasting more time let me throw some light on ingredients of abhrak bhasma.

Ingredients of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) for health

Abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) is the medicine which contains abhrak as the main constituent. Abhrak is the calcined mica ash and mainly used to cure respiratory disorders. Along with that, it can cure abdominal colic, liver diseases and many more. Abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) for health is the best medicine because it is made through the process of calcination by using mica as a main ingredient along with plant sap, juices or decoctions. The calcination process of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) is called PUTA in Ayurveda.

The number of PUTA decides the quality of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) as per Ayurveda. It is said that it varies from 7 PUTA abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) to 1000 PUTA abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). Means, if abhrak bhasma is 1000 PUTA then the preparation process involves 100 times repeated calcination of raw abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) after mixing in plant, juices and then drying in sunlight.

Apart from these, the properties are also one of those points which I think you all should know about. Curious to know about those, read below!

Properties of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi)

  • Anti- atherosclerosis
  • Anta-acid
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Cardio tonic
  • Powerful cellular regenerator
  • Heart tonic
  • General body tonic
  • Hepato-protective
  • Digestive stimulant

So, this is all about the ingredients and properties of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). Now, let me tell you the health benefits of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). Below mentioned are some of the diseases that can be cured with the help of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi).

Health benefits of abhrak bhasma

Abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) is the medicine which contains umpteen health benefits. Abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) is the medicine which is full of various salient features for health. So, read carefully and increase your knowledge about Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine.

Nervous system

  • Chronic headache- Nearly everyone experiences headache. Chronic headache is the condition which is defined as chronic tension type headache as well. It is the condition in which you may have headache for 15 days every month or consistently 3 months. Chronic headache can be depressing condition and this can make you feel more uncomfortable if you get it constantly.
  • Memory loss- It is said that there are a number of people who face the music of brain complications at some of point of their life. I know there is no one who wants to become forgetful person but, still, a number of people are going through with this disease.  There are no specific causes of this disease. You can get this disease because of medical condition, emotional problems, aging, mild cognitive impairment and many more.

Abdominal diseases

  • Acidity- Acidity in the stomach is the result of excess gastric production that may cause heartburn and some other problems. This is not a serious health issue. You can cure this condition with the help of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi).
  • Ulcer- Stomach ulcer is the condition which is also known as gastric ulcer. These ulcers are painful sores of stomach lining. Stomach ulcers are a type of peptic ulcer disease. You can get this disease due to bacterial infection and certain kinds of medicines. But, you do not need to worry because; via abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) you can cure this disease easily.

Respiratory diseases

  • Trouble breathing- This is the condition from which many of you might be suffering. Actually, the term “breathing difficulties” describes the discomfort that a person has to face while breathing. If you know any person who is suffering from this, suggest him/her to use abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi).
  • Whooping cough- It is known as pertussis also. Whooping cough is caused by bacterial infection. It is highly contagious illness that spreads easily from person to person through airborne germs. It is said that children are more likely to get this infection than adults. If your child is also suffering from this, give him/her abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi).

Apart from these there are some other health benefits of abhrak bhasma. Actually, these are the benefits which make abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) one of the most prominent medicines of Ayurveda. So, read below to know more about the health benefits of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi).

  • Heart diseases- Our heart is the most important organ of our body but sadly, many of us do nothing to prevent heart related problems. I think this is the reason that a number of people die every year in the states of America according to studies. But if you consume abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) along with healthy diet or exercise, it provides strength to the muscles, improves blood supply to other parts of your body. Moreover, if you consume abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) along with pushkarmool, guggul and arjun it dissolves blood clots easily.
  • Impotency- According to studies this is a condition which consistently affects a person’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection. There can be several causes of this disease. You can get this due to emotional and physical disorders. It is also known as erectile dysfunction.  If you are suffering from this, I think you should start consuming this medicine.

So, this is all about the health benefits of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). See, ayurvedic medicines are not merely beneficial to cure disease but also to prevent those. I think, we can say that abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) can be a good friend to get healthy life. The reason I have elaborated about abhrak bhasma’s (Sahastraputi) health benefits is to make you understand that there is a substitute of allopathic medicines.

Frankly speaking, there are a number of medicines that you can use as a substitute of allopathic medicines. I know it is hard for you to accept that allopathic medicines are not safe but it is true. Allopathic medicines are made of chemicals and chemicals can make your condition from bad to worse. All an all we can say that the consumption of allopathic medicine can be a sore point of your life.

So, this is the time when you should clear your dilemma of which medicine is safe for you and which is not. There is nothing which can cure your health woes better than the ayurvedic medicines. Use ayurvedic medicines and make yourself healthy. It is said that like allopathy, ayurvedic medicines can also cause side effects. See, you can get side effect if you consume any of the ayurvedic medicine more than the recommendation. Read below to know the recommended doses of abhrak bhasma.

Doses of abhrak bhasma for health

As per Ayurveda you should not consume this medicine more than 125-250 milligrams twice in a day. If you want to give this medicine to your child, you can give 30mg two times in a day if your child’s age is below one year. If you child’s age is below ten years, you can give 125mg twice a day. There are many co-ingredient of this medicine but one of the best co-ingredients is honey.

Points to be taken care of

Abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) is safe to use for those diseases which I have mentioned in this article. Although, the amount of abhrak bhasma can cure palpitation and arrhythmia but, if you consume this medicine more than the recommendation, it can increase you heartbeats. As per the records, the side effects of abhrak bhasma only appear in very few people and it occurs due to excess daily consumption.  

If you feel that your heartbeats are increased, you should stop consuming abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi) for at least 2 weeks. To avoid the side effects of abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi), you should consult with your doctor. Now, you might be thinking that from where we can buy ayurvedic medicines, right?

Well, from now onward you don’t have to pressurize yourself to think about this question. Yes, if you can’t find any of the ayurvedic medicines offline, you can buy that online. There is a company “Paramanand Ayurveda” which provides all types of ayurvedic medicines at affordable prices. If you are thinking that to buy ayurvedic medicine online you have to give some extra amount in the form of shipment charge, no.

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So, this is all about abhrak bhasma (Sahastraputi). I know after reading this article you might think that I am the biggest supporter of Ayurveda, right? But, it is not as it seems. My aim is just to provide you the correct and accurate information. As we know that Ayurveda is an essence of life, which has the ability to cure almost every disease from the roots. This is one of the reasons that many people have used ayurvedic medicines to cure their illness because they found that ayurvedic medicines are safer than allopathic medicines. 

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