Abhrak Bhasma

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Abhrak Bhasma

Abhrak is a powerful mineral holds numerous treating components which can have the adequate potential to heal severe to mild ailments. It carries many chemical properties like Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium which can be fruitful for managing various diseases. The strong anti-inflammatory agents exist in Abhrak Bhasma treat several inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). It is a potent immunomodulator holding the sufficient power to provide the sufficient strength to the immune system. Due to its antidepressant agents it is enormously helpful for obliterating general mental issues like Anxiety, Stress and Depression. Abhrak Bhasma also carries the Antacid that can eradicate the stomach complications like GERD, Heartburn, acidity & Hyperacidity. It may prove to be advantageous in annihilating the conditions such as Hepatitis B, Liver Enlargement, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Whooping cough, Myocardial Infarction, Palpitation & cardiovascular associated issues. The dose should not go beyond 500mg a day for adults and 250mg in children.

Have you ever got a foul weather friend for treating the ailment you are suffering from? If not yet, Abhrak Bhasma can be a soft option for you as it holds a variety of medicinal properties that don’t leave you in the lurch. Today, people are endlessly getting prone to various sorts of maladies and certain of them may cause severe well-being complications. Keeping in mind such fact, it is imperative to comprehend the necessity of being healthy and for achieving the healthy life Ayurveda can a lot help you. Abhrak Bhasma can be a vital Ayurvedic medicine for ameliorating entire well-being.  Let’s discuss what Abhrak Bhasma is and why it carries weight when it comes to treating certain sorts of diseases.

About Abhrak Bhasma

An Ayurvedic medicine this is what called Abhrak Bhasma. Abhrak Bhasma primary consists of Abhrak Ash (Bhasma) and is useful for alleviating various diseases wherever possible it cures certain diseases from the root. If you are using Abhrak Bhama appropriately, the ball is in your court which allows you to eradicate the disease you are suffering from. Dealing with certain diseases is kind of hard nut to crack and takes extra efforts to deal with, however, you can even deal with even those sorts of disease by utilizing Abhrak Bhasma. It is made by following the calcination technique along with incorporating the purified Mica in it. The formulation process of it adds essential medicinal agents in Abhrak Bhasma which enables it to show results you are expecting for. It holds various medicinal agents helpful for ameliorating entire health. It contains the promising influence of Antacid, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-depressant, Nervine tonic,Digestive supportive agents, Hematogenic and various other imperative agents.

Ingredients Used in Abhrak Bhasma

When it comes to discussing the ingredients found in Abhrak Bhasma, the primary name comes in mind is Mica ash {Abhrak Ash). It does hold about 72 herbs and natural ingredients, juices, and decoction. Mahayograj Guggul, Pranda Parpati, Abhrak Parpati, Swarna Bhupati Rasa and Panchamrita Rasa are the common ayurvedic medicines that are used to formulate such formulation.

How Far Is Abhrak Bhasma Beneficial?

Aforementioned question is a million dollar question for those who do want to incorporate it in their lives. It is imperative to accumulate every single detail of the medicine you are heading to because after all, it belongs to your health. By going through this article you will be able to understand the efficacy of Abhrak Bhasma and what are the diseases can be treated by Abhrak Bhasma. So, here we go.

You might have gone through the various sore points in your life and some of them could be in the form of Ailments. Typically, the traditional medicines cut no ice when it comes to obliterating the diseases and, some of such medicine may even worse the existing issue. Sometimes we do know that the medicine we are using is of no avail but, still, we continue to use the same medicine hoping that it might cause some fruitful effects. There are certain traditional medicines that create placebo effect where people think that the condition getting fruitful but, actually it is merely a false feeling. Abhrak Bhasma is a potent Ayurvedic Medicine that can’t be ignored under any circumstances especially when it comes to treating the disease which has just evolved. However, this doesn’t mean that an old disease can’t be managed by having utilization of such Ayurvedic formulation. It is equally fruitful for both types of Ailments. Abhrak Bhasma holds the sufficient potential to ameliorate the body’s strength. It is even beneficial for treating the diseases that make people’s flesh creep such as cancer and heart diseases.

Today, Hypertension is a sore point for numbers of people where people do experience persistently elevated blood sugar which makes them highly prone to various heart ailments. The proper care of hypertension is extremely necessary otherwise it can be accounted for various fatal health declines. Ayurvedic scientists do believe that Abhrak Bhasma carries certain medicinal agents that are fruitful for decreasing the intensity of hypertension. The abundance of Potassium and Magnesium in such medicine can be hailed for maintaining the better blood flow in your blood vessels. When a person suffers from hypertension the blood vessels get damaged to some extent which may eventually accountable for certain health complications. However, appropriate use of Abhrak Bhasma can pave the path of a healthy blood vessel even if you are having Hypertension. The antacid is another a prominent medicinal property exists in Abhrak Bhasma. Do you know how Antacid is Beneficial for our body? Here is the answer to this question. Antacid can be considered as a boon for the patient with stomach issues. It is a fact that stomach issues often take place when ungoverned acid production takes place within the stomach. The antacid is specialized in regulating the stomach acid production which lowers your receptiveness to stomach issues. The antacid is not only beneficial for governing the acid production but, also has the powerful influence over all stomach issues. The antacid is comprehensively useful for obliterating as well as alleviating the issue of heartburn. Antacid needs a little gush of gratitude as it is greatly beneficial for treating Acid Reflux Disease, Indigestion, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and many other health issues.

Though, Abhrak Bhasma isn’t a potent aphrodisiac, but, the mild aphrodisiac influence it strengthens the entire tissues through ameliorating metabolism. The influences of Abhrak Bhasma in erectile dysfunction (ED) treats nearly all the issues associated with it. It is an effective medicine for long-term benefits. The potent anti-inflammatory agents found in Abhrak Bhasma put you up with various sorts of inflammatory linked issues. It is believed that anti-inflammatory substance found in Abhrak Bhasma can have great influence over the Asthmatic issue, Colitis, Osteoporosis, and, Arthritis. It is often seen that every inflammatory disease typically incorporates pain however the intensity of pain may vary person to person. Some people can easily endure the pain while others may find it difficult to tolerate. Abhrak Bhasma also gives power to heart and its muscles, maintains proper size of the heart, normalizes blood circulation to the heart and artery & is fruitful for treating angina pectoris. Moreover, it is in combination with Arjuna, Guggul & Pushkarmool liquefy blood clots, alleviates the swelling of the blood vessels and at the same time precludes the progression of atherosclerosis. Various clinical trials have done on Abhrak Bhasma to determine whether it has influence over a chronic cough or not found some hope giving facts.  Ayurveda entirely works on neutralizing the Vatta, Pitta and Kapha Dosha which do allow your body to fight tooth and nail. It decreases the recurrent outbreaks of a cough provides the strength to lungs. It assists you to ameliorate your immunity by powering the thymus gland to stimulate the secretion of healthy cells antiviral, antibacterial agents. If someone is dealing with the autoimmune disease the appropriate utilization of the Abhrak Bhasma can have sufficient potential to treat various sorts of autoimmune disease. It is blessed with the capability of tissue restoration & also performs as a nervine tonic. Abhrak Bhasma is comprehensively fruitful for its penetrating & spreading property in the whole body & several tiny-tissues. The person with breathing associated issues can be easily managed by such medicine. The Haematinic substance exist in Abhrak Bhasma can have great influence to develop the number of red blood cells (RBCs) thus increases the oxygen count in the blood. By improving the red blood cells in the body it is fruitful in ailments such as anemia & jaundice.


When it comes to taking into account the dosage of Abhrak Bhasma, it is necessary to understand that the dosage often varies person to person. However, the dosage should not be taken beyond 750 Mg per day for adults and 250 Mg for the adolescent. You can take it two to three times in a day or as directed by the physician. It can be administered by Honey, pure Ghee, Cow’s milk, or by various decoction.

What Are the Adverse Effects of Such Ayurvedic Medicine?

As we all know that everything is blessed with pros and cons and Abhrak Bhasma is not an exception of it. However, it is often stated that the appropriate utilization of Abhrak Bhasma is substantially safe and doesn’t cause any of adverse effects. Inappropriate follow-up of the same Ayurvedic medicine may outcome in rapid heart rate that may aggravate restlessness. The mentioned adverse effects don’t typically take place and are rare. An overdose of such medicine may cause severe complications and may prove to be very dangerous so self-medication should be avoided. It is highly advised that children under 5 and pregnant woman should not prefer to use the same unless prescribed by the Physician. If you experience a rapid heartbeat cause of Abhrak Bhasma, you require discontinuing Abhrak Bhasma.

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